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  1. Official thread of Patrol Operations for Arma 3 A mission Game mode developed for the RV engine, Patrol Operations is a dynamic, random mission generator that is great for both mass public play and clan tactical gaming. Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriately. Version 3.1 03/2014 Download: roy86.com.au Supported Languages: Czech, German, English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish Patrol Ops 3 is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Version 4.0 Nov 2017 Status: Beta Supported Languages: English Credits & Special thanks: Online Combat Battalion Australia (OCB.net.au), their support and testing has been vital to the success. Australian & New Zealand Tactical Community (ANZTAC.com Bohemia Interactive Studios for the Arma Series, code and functions BON_Inf for Code and Inspiration from his missions and scripts KillZoneKid for Code and Inspiration from his tutorials Shuko for Code and Inspiration from his awesome Task System and Position Scripts Kegety for his spectator scripting XENO for Code and Inspiration from Domination and setting such a high standard R3F for Inspiration from their Arma 2 Logistics Scripts Tonic for the Virtual Ammobox System Tajin for the Helmet Camera Scripting aeroson for his detailed loadout scripts cobra4v320 for his HALO scripting Kronzky for his string function library SaMatra for help with UI Resources Dslyecxi for his Paper doll giving insight on how to detect item types. Tankbuster for his code and Inspiration from Domination [TcB]-Psycho- for his adaptation of Bon_Inf Injury System IGI_PL for his IGILoad Logistics Scripts Language translations: EvroMalarkey, Senshi, GranolaBar, Ophelian, Rydgier, Caico1983, BIG (Armaholic) Any and All ArmA community members for support, inspiration and solutions that have helped build this
  2. I always try and not have dependancies but I think for the Enfusion/Reforged look of things, everything is a mod so while I won't have any intermod dependancies, PO will be technically a mod. (I was toying with that idea when I created the precursor MPSF mod)
  3. Need to learn how enfusion works first 😉
  4. Still on my backlog of things to do. Haven't left ARMA yet 😉
  5. Sadly, have not had any time to implement the updates and test. I will notify once the time is possible.
  6. Useful tip To spawn the new Jets DLC carrier via a script is the same as creating any other vehicle. However, to orientate or reposition it, the object will not update once spawned like other standard vehicles as the carrier is multiple objects. To update the position, direction and pitchbank, there is a new function: BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate; To spawn the carrier: private _carrier = createVehicle ["Land_Carrier_01_base_F",<position>,[],0,"None"]; To set its direction or to shift the carrier's position via a script, update the original object's attributes then run the function BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate: _carrier setPosWorld <position>; _carrier setDir <degree>; [_carrier] call BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate; The carrier will now be aligned to its base. Example Singleplayer Example Multiplayer - Working Catapults Tested!! Cheers,
  7. ah yes, that is a bug when i was porting some code over from the Altis version. Will have that fixed shortly.
  8. Not an easy job. Either create a script to reposition the objects each frame slowly OR attach them to a boat that can move.
  9. Go to your "intel Docuements" and Tab 2 (F2) is your squad management. There you can have them join your squad and on Tab 3 (f3) you can assign them ranks and roles.
  10. To Celebrate the release of SOG DLC, Patrol Ops 4 is launching with a specific version for the DLC adapted to support the UI and features operations tailored to the map. Bother versions are now available for PAVN and US Army MACV. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2479717868 https://www.roy86.com.au/arma/patrol-operations/ More enhancements will follow as new tasks, operations and features will be upgraded and added. I hope you enjoy and please stand by as the rest of the versions are released for Altis, Malden and Tanoa editions including Blufor and Opfor playable factions.
  11. PO4 Released for S.O.G. Prairie Fire To Celebrate the release of SOG DLC, Patrol Ops 4 is launching with a specific version for the DLC adapted to support the UI and features operations tailored to the map. The initial version release is putting the player in the OPFOR PAVN vs US Army MACV. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2475615371 People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) https://www.roy86.com.au/arma/patrol-operations/ The year is 1968 and the Vietnam War is reaching its peak. The elite MACV-SOG reconnaissance team is attempting to stop the flow of materials down the Ho Chi Minh Trail by hunting and destroying the PAVN 559th Transportation Group. As the PAVN, locate targets of opportunity, gather intel to complete key operations and push back the MACV-SOG forces. A dynamic mission generator with random objectives designed for combined-arms co-operative tactical gameplay by larger groups of players. Patrol Operations is a co-operative mission set on various maps, configured for different sides, with diverse, randomly-generated tasks. Players must work as a team to engage in tactical missions scaled in difficulty with player count. Task locations, enemy forces and scenarios are randomised to ensure players have an interesting experience every time the mission is replayed. I hope you enjoy and please stand by as the rest of the versions are released for Altis, Malden and Tanoa editions including Blufor and Opfor playable factions.
  12. The front end mission making and task making is pretty straight forward for those looking to dabble in missions. I'm documenting the process here: Multi-Player Scripted Framework The backend of the framework is more complex and not for the inexperienced but you would only go there for heavy customisation.
  13. Testing feedback is complete, looks like we have a stable version that seems fun to play. I am busy the next two weeks so after I will send a final update to the testers for them to host publicly in recognition of their assistance. A little while later, I’ll update steam and Armaholic with all map variants including blufor and opfor sides.
  14. Go for it mate. Also, check Discord! I've messaged you for some testing.
  15. Lol nice. Someone wrote me a msg a while ago which said:
  16. 😐 nice sig... this is more accurate. error undefined variable in the expression: PO4releaseDate = date + _soon;
  17. Aww I thought I made every version pretty patch resistant... 😛
  18. all good, I got it 😉 and appreciate all the support you've shown too
  19. Love you mate, though i need to update the resume with you. Working on ML applications now 😉 I'm still working on it but due to current situation this year, my work and family are the important focus in an increasingly poor economic environment. There are 2 principle bugs I'm fixing which, in the last few Arma updates, has caused performance issues in the mission. Once these are resolved, we're good to go.
  20. We used to have this issue in A2 as well. This often relates to the terrain under the object. If it is practically rough, we would see some mis-alignment in the deck. Try it on relatively flat areas.
  21. this is useful, thanks!
  22. After that last session, yes. I had to reimplement a logistics process for some of the operation types that require the movement of objects on trucks. Now that it is working, the final check is some MP tests to ensure this version is stable and an update will be published. There are some small dependencies like addActions and event handler framework. I wrote them in the current form so I can go back and build stand-alone versions easily. And thank you for the support. Building so it is SP+MP compatible, scalable, variable and stable takes time so I appreciate everyone's patience and support as we go. Cheers,
  23. Did another session (quiet one) going through the Logistics scripts for the trucks to support some of the operation types that require transport of shipping containers and supplies
  24. Dev session covering off how to port Patrol Ops 4 to other maps and set up some custom config for your communities
  25. Dev session live on youtube going through the design and configuation of the HVT Dealer task