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  1. I'll add it to the existing MHQ system due to popular request ;)
  2. Answers in Red This is the first Beta and is primarily around the fundamentals of the mission. About two major updates will add the rest of the features and also few minor updates to flesh out the gameplay before going "released". Cheers for the support!
  3. First stage of Open Beta released :D Available by direct download (source included) or the steam workshop. Download: http://roy86.com.au/patrol-operations/ Bugs & Feature Requests: http://feedback.roy86.com.au
  4. This part: http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/#6 BUT, I do not want this thread to descend into a discussion about the Steam Workshop, there are other threads for that. I will decide when it comes time to publish the missions. PO3 does not react to what vehicle type you are in, only the numbers of players connected so I can't recommend a fix for that. In PO4 it will be in the configuration of the encounters. Cheers,
  5. after reading the workshop/subscriber agreement, I have my reservations.
  6. I'm undecided at this time. I have not used it before. Cheers,
  7. Quick update, testing is going well albeit a bit slow because of RL. Current checklist progress below Closed Beta MPSF stability (Passed) Mission Encounters (Passed*) Needs further optimising Virtual Armoury (Passed*) Needs squad role assignments implemented Virtual Depot (Passed) ReviveMP (Next Update) RespawnMP (Next Update) Mission Tasks (Future Update) Then... OPEN BETA Squad Mod RecruitMP Mission Tasks Updates Environment Updates Then... 4.0 released. Great video shot by AWGs BigBrad during their testing of the beta. Cheers
  8. Nope. Original plan went out the window with the last computer.
  9. Update: Feedback Tracker is active: http://feedback.roy86.com.au Patrol Ops discussion on Discord at https://discord.gg/XDHek8b Cheers,
  10. Update!! Beta has begun being tested with selected communities. More invites as each iteration improves. In prep for questions/bugs/suggestions, my discord channel is open : https://discord.gg/XDHek8b Cheers,
  11. Yep, I think it deserves it's own thread. GTX760 model GV-N760WF2OC-2GD Did well but had to balance the settings to get a FPS over 20. Cheers,
  12. I don't know why i waited so long to upgrade the GPU. before I had to decide on either render shadows vs a 20+FPS. Now i can have both! Also updated the website and forum first post in prep, enjoy.
  13. PC rebuilt, everything appears to be working! i7+16GBDDR5+6GBGTX1060+512GBSSD+1TBHDD+ARMA3...(+Fallout4) PO4 Beta first round begins this week! I'll be contacting contributors and go from there. Thank you for your patience.
  14. Will be back online soon to go through all the questions/feedback. I'll also post up the discord channel for MPSF/PO dev so we can discuss this there instead of the PO thread. Cheers,
  15. :( Had one, seemed to have no effect. I do want to shout out to all the people who offered to assist. I've had offers of cash, parts and even a whole machine. I cannot say enough how humbled I am to have such support from the community and I really appreciate all the offers. I have already ordered all the parts for the new machine and I should be up and running by next week or so. Cheers,
  16. That too with a portable copy of poseidon ;)
  17. Benefit of cloud and BitBucket/Git. Everything is safe and accessible. Thanks for the advice mate... there was never a firm date or "time" because of exactly that. Generally referred as "Soon" or very recently "June is the target". The "teasing" of the content & framework will not be in vain as it will be released anyway, just not the full mission. Cheers,
  18. Yes, all is backed up and nothing lost, only a time setback. for the framework, yes, I am planning on soft release anyway as it is ready. Just have to package and upload on the weekend. Several months is a bit pesemistic :p. Hoping to get a new rig set up much sooner so I'm back up and running. Just working out the budget as this couldn't have come at a worse time. cheers,
  19. Well... I'm gutted and sorry to disappoint, but there will be a delay. Come home to find the computer PSU, MB and GPU all fried from a short or surge. Please be patient while I work around another f%@$ing obstacle in the saga that is PO4. Cheers,
  20. June was the target (with a caveat) and I'm finalising an updated map data config for Malden (for Beta), Tanoa and Altis. Once done, the plan will be: Offers to test the closed beta will go out and test will go for 1 week. Any fixes will be done and additional suggestions/features are road mapped. If the mission does not hold up, critical flaws will be addressed first before moving to point 3. If the mission holds up, I'll post a download link to the open beta and continue tweaks for 3 weeks before official release. Cheers,
  21. Lol, you're not going to like my code then. U's everywhere. I'm yet to write the tutorial part for the armoury. The class "Armoury" is available weapons to select from in the UI so it is "Weapons","Gear","Magazines","Items" and "Uniforms" as arrays of class names. To set the default loadout for the role, that i've yet to write that but it will probably be under class "Loadout" similar to a standard unit config. Cheers,
  22. Hi Blackheart_Six, for the random marker, use position or positionOffset to specify. Search parameters look into the map metadata for location area data so will not function like that. class My_Task_1 { position[] = {"Marker_1","Marker_2","Marker_3"}; }; For structures, I have not specifically created those but I've catered for "Office" area types that can be used. The more detailed the map data generated, the more variety and range of available areas you can have. Cheers,
  23. Yes, 3rd Person restrictions are in place including permitting 3rd person for certain vehicle types. Earplugs I've not done as my assumption was those who like that feature generally have ACE anyway but I could whip something up. Cheers,