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  1. definitely is. You can use "forest" to identify concealed areas with tree cover and we could create locations in the metadata to identify viable locations outlined as described.
  2. Setting up new operation types and multistage operations in PO4. For those interested, I created a playlist of the dev streams from the twitch feed. Plan is I'm trying to complete at least one per week to make sure progress is still going and to allow others realtime input into the ideas.
  3. Here is how to create new tasks in the MPSF framework, either for Patrol Ops or your TAC mission Patrol Ops 4 - Twitch Dev Session #3 - Task Config
  4. Another dev session about map config and fixing the task positions
  5. Thanks mate, I will take you up on that when the time comes. Combat was an interesting game mode but never really played it much other than the launch. PO/MPSF would definitely be a good tool to create something more. Thanks mate, a lot of effort went into PO and at the time I tried hard to make it as universal as possible for that exact reason. I'm glad to see it still holds up. Cheers!
  6. I’ll update the beta once more as I update the position functions for the operations. Then it’s released. I aim to do more of these sessions as 1. It’s motivating me to keep going and 2. I hope people can use the info. once PO4 is out, I may do this on demand if people want to learn how to use the framework to develop TAC missions for their community.
  7. Just for fun, testing streaming the development on twitch
  8. Interesting, thanks for running those, I'll tweak the equations to build a calculation based on distance. I've tested with the cruise missile which is simulated to be launched from 71km away with flight time based on 880km/hr to impact. Much more interesting dynamic waiting a couple of mins with anticipation.
  9. If anyone can point me to it, I'll adopt the calculations, just don;t have the time to go fishing myself 🙂
  10. Thanks Black, That is very useful. Can't use the arma algo as when using "AI" it is simply a sleep timer with ordnance created above the target area. But if someone can run a bunch of tests, I'd be happy to take the timings based on the distance from the origin as a calculation of delay. I"ll set the CAS/CAP on a few minutes 😉 Also note, if there are players in these support platforms IE in artillery or in a plane, they will appear in that list and be issued the tasking so timing is completely on them to get on point.
  11. Those videos are tests so the timers and cool downs are short or turned off. ordnance flight times are configurable but can be within 40secs for artillery or a few mins for cruise missiles. I haven’t actually landed on how long the various ordnance should take. i welcome input on the various options for wait times.
  12. and the full CAS/Artillery support test. Note the restrictions and cooldowns were turned off in the test.
  13. Wrapping up the last of the key features Conduct precision strikes or area bombardment when assigning request to AI or Players using the support screens in Patrol Ops 4. Video demonstrating the function of the support available to squad leaders for either AI Artillery/CAS or Player tasked Firemissions integrated into a UI on an Amrel Tablet. Players operating in support platforms must be in the vehicle and active in the AO to appear in the request list.
  14. Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback. It does not play with difficulty settings, only the scale of the mission. Small Player numbers = smaller OPFOR where as Larger Player numbers = more OPFOR + Vehicles. I left out any difficulty settings as groups like to play with AI mods and that would increase chance of conflicts with the mission.
  15. For PO4, try walking/driving, speaking with Civs etc. Plus it is only Beta and prone to breaks atm. Final build is underway.
  16. If you track back through this thread or jump on the Discord channel, there are all the steps to disable it.
  17. Lol, yeah... part of my job is doing that sort of stuff so thought I should at least lead by example.
  18. Thanks mate, currently working on version 4 which you can get a copy of the beta through steam. Depending on the changes, it may not be an easy thing to port your changes
  19. Lol thanks for the support. I can assure you I'm making progress with the release build. RL as always has thrown curveballs which is eating up my time but I'm still committed to getting this done, properly.
  20. LOL Thanks mate, I hear you but RL has to come first 😉
  21. Yes this is still very active. I took a break over christmas to be with family and now putting together the final build ready for release.