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  1. 6 hours ago, reyhard said:

    Not yet but I will think about it so people without PiP can also enjoy less realistic representation of PNVS. Note, that AH64 is using thermal imaging for low light/night operation


    Sorry, somehow I inverted you affirmation and thought PIP should be desabled for PNVS to work. I'll enable PIP and test again.

  2. 22 hours ago, CUP said:


    So what's next you may ask? Well we've already shown a brand new vehicle (Boxer IFV) that will be featured soon, but on top of this we're planning to make a revamp of the US/USMC factions and add a brand new, never before seen, faction. More details to come later!


    Wow that's exciting! Awesome work guys, thanks a lot for CUP!

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  3. 2 hours ago, colosseum said:

    That's a shame about the FAL reload - the current one is atrocious. It would almost be better to sub it with the default arma 2 reload animation of old!


    Especially disappointing as the NIArms pack includes a good FAL reload for its SA-58 OSW, but inexplicably uses the same old/bad reloads for its regular FALs. Seems we will never get a perfect FAL addon 🙂


    I completely disagree, CUP reload is quite good.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, jcalvert said:

    I don't know if its the right place for such suggestions, but - would it be possible to add some semiauto only civilian AR-15s?   M-4 semiauto clones  are extremely common in US,  they can be also bought by civilians in most european countries other than UK,   and are pretty popular with all kinds of sport shooters, paramilitaries,  pmcs,  law enforcement and all kind of other users.

    It seems like straightforward modification, since all models,  textures and animations  are already in the mod and don't need to be changed.  


    Whats the point? Is it for complaining that you can't have a full auto even on arma? LOL


    Did you know that you can switch between semi and full-auto by pressing 'F'?


    Also, I think NIArms has a semi-auto Ar-15 IIRC

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