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  1. good news, my textures work now, it was the wrong Sattelite Size in the Visitor3 setting!!! but what have the Sattelite Size to do with the texture? thx for all who help me!!!
  2. i think yes, i have the "Visitor3 Personal Edition for ArmA II" Snake Man have try to help me, but i do not find the problem. When i put more than 4 Textures on my ArmA2 Map the 5 and 6 Textur have the same detail textur like one from the 4.
  3. small question: it is possible to represent 6 textures on the ARMA2 Map, and how i can make this? in my Visitor3 for ArmAII i have only 4 Textur on the Map! (sorry for my bad english)