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  1. Hi Odin, not sure if you are still around but im interested in your 'Marker patrol zone script' you mentioned here

    Anyway ive spent the whole weekend trying to figure out how to achieve this, can you provide some direction if you still on the planet.

    Cheers :)

  2. Hi Ice,

    I would really be interested in your simple flat terrain offered in a thread, ive been at this for months and have only been past the Binarize stage once, and im unfortunately unable to repeat that success. i have triple checked all URLs for the .RVMATs etc so think im failing at the setup in visitor?

    Anyway a working flat terrain or any help would be awesome..


  3. Hey man,

    Sorry for the 3 part rant, theres a cap... anyway slightly embarrassed that i couldn't get it to work how i wanted, what i did was copy all the components of WICT.Utes onto a new map, and copy all files into mission folder, i used triggers from the utes mission... what i was wanting to see was wict default? I know seems dumb but what i wanted to see was a wict utes example at its most basic form if there is one?

    I dont MP yet, just SP and the AAS had AI enabled, sorry i probably didnt read the Sandbox Chernarus fully properly and just wanted to share my maybe not so brilliant idea :D

    But clear objectives along with dynamic objectives sounds like a winning formula.... and sounds like its covered most of what i was on about anyway

  4. (part 3)

    (cont)Im probably not explaining it properly but heres what im thinking about sandbox/free roam... there is no goal or incentive maybe, you can capture a town etc but where does that lie in the bigger picture? do you then wonder off until stumbling upon another mission?

    With a zone capture mission you have clear objectives, or maybe all zones are hidden and the next one or the next two are only revealed when you capture a zone, or one side mission could be to capture intel to reveal more zones.

    Sorry man, im going off on a tangent here but i thought id share that with you as an idea for the future maybe.

    I still cant get my head around WICT!! nothing spawns :( the example missions are too advanced as in im not sure whats spawned or whats placed? i really havent given it enough time and thought yet... but i will.

    Cheers Bro

  5. (part 2)

    (cont) Usually in the game once your team has captured a zone they move directly on to the next one etc or retreat back to the previous one if enemy is winning, but what would be different/fun/dynamic is if before moving on to the next zone you are given a mission relating directly to that zone.

    if you receive a mission then the AI in your team will not advance and the enemy team will not advance either (to give you time to complete the mission, or maybe the enemy are put on a countdown, so you only have a certain amount of time to complete it before they advance to your zone. the mission you recieve may be to takeout some armour that might be given to the enemy, or an assassination that would effect the enemy in some way, if the mission is successful then your team (AI) move onto the next zone.

  6. Hey AH2? i like that.

    (Part 1)

    Hey i just saw this, late... i have OA now so havent played much DR, but i do like some aspects of that game.

    I saw your SANDBOX Chenaurus thread, i just wanted to say something here thats unrelated.

    Ive just discovered the game play of AAS (Advance and Secure), i discovered this game play from Kju's pack here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11101

    This has AI enabled and they fight over zones, im not sure if you've played any of it but i think its great gameplay.

    What i like about this type of gameplay is there is purpose in the game, it is geared to MP but is still fun as SP.

    What i thought would make this gameplay even better or more fun is this:

  7. Hey ArmAIIholic,

    How was your vacation? hope you had a good break.

    Guess what, i just brought dragon rising, downloading the patch for it now.

    Can you recommend any downloads? did you create a DR version of WICT/360ISM?

    Look forward to your updates for WICT Arma.

    Cheers Bro

    Katipo (Albie)

  8. Can i maybe suggest something, as well as setting up example missions with player on tarmac as your 360 hot and safe zones missions how about setting up a full scale type mission, i think people will download this mission and get the same feeling i got initially, and maybe not bother reading the read me.

    I know the critics will be saying "Well whats different between this and the Ambient Combat module" or DAC spawning options.

    I have played a bit of the one missed flight mission but couldnt see or feel the impact of your module from the scripted mission?

    I reckon build a small simple mission with a couple of safe houses and populate the world with units and let the player try and make it from safe house to safe house? something that gives you a point of difference.

    I hope that was helpful feedback, sorry its late monday night.. brain fried.


  9. Hey ArmAIIholic,

    Ive tried the new version with the modules over the weekend...

    Ive only just figured out that i can edit this string in the trigger, i kinda of just unpack things and jump straight in to see what it can do... and with your example missions it spawned a few units, they had a firefight and that was it.

    nul = ["yes",2,50,50,50,50,10,20,5,5,5,5,3,"NORMAL","AWARE","ENGAGE","YELLOW",50,50,7,5] execVM "\360ISM\controller.sqf"; from the trigger

    ill look at it properly when i have time, looks cool... im familiar with this style, and like the customization options.

    (I gotta send this 2 parts, 1000 word cap)