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    IED Module

    Not working. My example: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XWIA43CY
  2. Clock

    IED Module

  3. First question. You can implement a menu buy weapons (baygear) of warfare? For Rising Dead would be good. Besides, it can be configured for each NPC. Second question. Planned multiplayer version of the Rising Dead?
  4. My English is worse than I thought. :) I need: 1. players in a multiplayer game can not use the Director. 2. Only I can use Director. In my init.sqf I wrote: if (! (side player == civilian)) then ( GZL_DIRECTOR_INIT = false; ); This works, but only with an error.
  5. Sorry for my english How to limit the action of Director? I need to use the Director could only 1 player (in multiplayer)
  6. How to remove a director able to enjoy all the players except one? Or to allow only civil? Many thanks
  7. Good day. I have one problem. I want to use your script in the PvP mode game. But as you know, use your script separately for players of different parties can not (general list of players in operator list and the general variables: (). What can you recommend a solution to our problem? And (if not solve the first problem): How can I disable the artillery for the conventional slots without shutting down the entire system including logistics? Sorry for my English, but I can give you a Russian localization of your script if you need it. :)