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    Please don't make this M

    That's true. I think many games misuse swearing these days. Incorporating it into a story should make the characters seem more gritty and believable. Most of the time it just comes off as childish and inappropriate in games, movies and books.
  2. .Taffy

    Please don't make this M

    That's not entirely fair as there are teens that will play a game respectfully just as there are unfortunately 'adults' with horrible attitudes. That said I agree, it is not really possible to make this game suitable for an M rating, though in many cases the grammar of in game dialogue has been far more offensive than any of the language used! ;)
  3. A good story/campaign which is largely bug free.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that Rejenorst. I tried to download some now but got a pop up saying I needed to buy a copy of Quick Yime Pro. Is there another way of downloading the tracks?
  5. Great news! Is it only the Russian and German factions, do you know?
  6. That's very interesting, I look forward to seeing it in action! How well did the vehicles perform when driving across those linked landing craft and Ro Ro (any bouncing, crashing sounds etc)?
  7. .Taffy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    With it being circa 2035 perhaps advances in diving gear like flippers allow this sort of speed to be achieved. Either that or it is just waiting to be altered by BIS.
  8. .Taffy

    Nautical Mines

    An excellent idea which will work well with Feint's Diving Module. Good luck with it.
  9. At 20 x 20km there is plently of space for 3 arifields, at least in Arma terms. Considering the neighbours it also makes sense politically. An awesome concept overall.
  10. Didn't you say somewhere that you were thinking of doing the point near Lake Beloe where the borders of Chernarus, Russia and Takistan meet, Jakerod? Do you have a vision built up for what that map might feature if you did it?
  11. I think what the OP meant was not that they should have expanded the Cher map but that they should have made more use of it, i.e. more missions or a longer campaign. I absolutely agree with you bonchie, BIS underused this fantastic map which is a shame as huge amounts of work must have gone into it. Many good locations are completely unused such as the North Eastern town of Berezino, I think that particular town is so well made, and believable. There is an great mission that makes use of it in bardosy's 'Pirog', an excellent campaign as it is.
  12. .Taffy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Quite possibly:D! Still worth investigating though.
  13. .Taffy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Recalling the ARG buildup to announcing Arma 3, this sort of analysis can definately turn up some results. Not sure this attempt has worked out but you are right, the fact they would even bother to make a point of the time in each shot of the trailer seems a bit suspect. The only thing in your research that resonates to me at least is the link to the financial crisis, which in the backstory for the game leads to Greece's estrangement from the EU and ultimatetly to Iran's invasion of the nation.
  14. It's a difficult one to reason because it would have to border Russia, with the Black Mountains presumably being a part of the Caucasus Mountain range, but be located in such a way that the terrain graduates across the border into Takistan which would ultimately become arid. Takistan's southern border would be roughly in the area of Iran I would imagine. To place it on the world map I suppose you would have to use a fair amount of artistic licence with the real world position of Georgia and Azerbaijan.
  15. .Taffy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    How subtle can these "hints" be? I'm seriously considering watching all the vids again, so this had best not be a ploy, I don't think l could take it!
  16. .Taffy

    Favslev 2.0

    It's looking really nice and convincing. Keep up the good work!
  17. .Taffy

    arma 3 warfare

    Mentioning the destruction of towns reminds me, artillery should be a factor with firemissions available to all leader units wether AI or human, with priority being assigned according to importance of their actions and avilable ammunition supplies.
  18. .Taffy

    arma 3 warfare

    I think Warfare has so much potential as a game mode both online and offline, and I would like to see it developed further. Creating a more aggressive AI and giving a reason for combat to occur in a variety of different locations rather than just around towns would be great. If AI commanders could have a doctrine to follow that could lead to some interesting matches, for instance resources devoted towards attaining air superiority and instructions issued to create flanking and pincer movements. Defence when necessary and counter attack at opportune moments.
  19. A good idea, it has my full support! ;) It would allow for useful feedback before release and give mission makers a chance to get planning. With regards to the Prison Camp I personally think it would be better elsewhere, perhaps in a more rural setting. I think would probably allow for more options when mission making.
  20. Those are great shots, I'm really looking forward to this one! By the way, the first picture gets a 404 error when you click on it for some reason, not sure if it's just me the rest are fine.
  21. .Taffy

    Zernovo (GSEP)

    This looks great Jakerod and congratulations on the win! Does this terrain have a specific place on the Chernarus map like the other GSEP projects?
  22. .Taffy


    But what if one player is using the fallen treee as cover, meanwhile the tree is in a totally different position for the person shooting at him?
  23. So it does. Perhaps those conditions could be believably made worse with some reference to climate change. We don't know exactly what the 'natural disasters' in Turkey are meant to be but they could be climate related.
  24. Drawing upon my research abilities cultivated during my secondary school years I was able to ascertain that Limnos only occasionally sees snowfall and generally has mild winters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemnos#Climate :p In the story as we understand it so far Iran has only advanced so far into a troubled Greece and stopped, therefore on the brink of all out conflict with NATO. Meanwhile Russia seems to be using it's oil and gas resources to influence the rest of Europe, possibly withholding it from those it dislikes. There is clearly trouble in the Far East as China and America seem to be taking part in a whole new Cold War, using smaller warring nations as proxies for their own ends. To my mind this set up BIS are aiming for provides a fairly convincing tinder box situation for a real World War.
  25. .Taffy

    Celle 2

    An excellent map Mondkalb, well done. It's very realistic and the scale is superb. First thing I did was grab the red hatchback (the one named after a sport :p) and put pedal to the metal on the Autobahn northbound. When I EVENTUALLY reached the river I realised just how huge it was! I was also impressed with the way the AI handles the Autobhan, some confusion starting off and at offramps but then it's perfect, they don't even hesitate to cross the bridge! The towns and airports are very believable. Congratulations on the release.