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  1. Just to be clear, the interview states that they will build their own physics engine, so the Enfusion engine certainly does contain physics handling. Just not based on the PhysX library which is used in Arma 3. And physics is so much more than ragdoll, the notion of how heavy a vehicle is compared to other things, if you drive head-on into a tree trunk, does the tree fall over or not? Collisions and so on are all high-school physics calculations, but one big task is to physics-enable all objects. There is a ton of properties, eg. weight, point-of-gravity, density and so on.

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  2. 23 hours ago, Kristian said:

    Yeah I think the most we can expect is a small scale, Argo-esque trial/demo of the new Enfusion engine. I'd love any info from BIS though, be it simple tech demo videos or Q&A vids with the devs

    (There is a 2 part interview of the Enfusion Lead: PART 1 PART 2 )


    Just saw these videos and there were some good questions. One was about PhysX and how BI intend to not use PhysX anymore, in fact no 3rd party physics engine. So they must develop it themselves, in itself a daunting task. Those videos are from 2016 and this makes it less surprising that the engine took this long to get into a production state. Actually, IIRC, one reason mentioned for Arma 3's delay was that they started incorporating PhysX and it delivered quite a few surprises along the way. But to this day we still have flying tanks, so makes sense actually to develop your own physics engine, although it will cost in initial development.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, madrussian said:

    It's a wired headset (which ok by me), but it does have a small USB controller which makes my worry for Arma3 memory crash (see OP).  Do you guys suppose that USB controller is optional?  Would call HyperX right now, except it's Saturday.

    That controller is optional, I can tell from your link that it works like mine does. If you unplug from the USB controller you could plug into a phone, laptop, PC and use it like any stereo headset. So realize that then you will not have any "surround" effects, just plain old stereo. Do note that it is not a very long cable, I think the cable from my headset "down" to the USB controller is about 2-3 feet. One of the pictures in your link actually shows all this, the one with all the parts laid out



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  4. 8 hours ago, Moon_chilD said:

    The Plastic piece that connects the ear part to the head strap is just so brittle that it keeps shattering.  

    On my previous Hyperx Cloud the weak point was where the cable goes into the ear cup. They broke in that place, and I even looked into fixing it which was when I realised that most headsets break exactly there. But the Hyperx I have now you plug a separate cable in to the headset. So if that ever broke, you would just get a replacement jack cable.


    As for the surround I have gotten used to not using, so can't say if it makes a difference. The sound changes so something is going on, but I am not able to say if it improves your in-game hearing

  5. 3 hours ago, stburr91 said:

    Similarly, going backwards in time for A4, and not having modern military equipment, would also kill the series for me. 


    Agree, It would be unwise to dramatically shift time period. Other games like the Ghost Recon series (no comparison btw) maintain current or slightly futuristic time age and equipment but move the game around geographically in new releases and come up with other stories/background narratives. They sell like crazy even though it is hard to tell two releases apart.


    Iron sights would be unbearable for Arma 4. That can be modded in later on for those who enjoy Vietnam or 2nd world war, just like the great work of the Unsung team.

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  6. I heard the same as you 🙂 They said "major project" singular, as opposed to multiple "projects". I re-played the last sentence and I also heard FOURWARD, not FORWARD and what "the future has in store", ie. the Steam store. Could it be anything but Arma 4 ?


    This is nuts. And what would Arma 4 even be, except Arma 3 on the Enfusion engine? Maybe that is enough of an upgrade, but I do hope they revamp the AI (driving, autonomy smarts etc.). One other aspect to improve is terrain fidelity, just look at Vigor to see what they can do if they put in the effort



  7. Yeah, those are some great suggestions, like an option to only display the tag while the unit is clearly visible. You already have the 60 seconds time-limit though, so that may be enough to avoid marginal cases such as the one I mentioned. Your addon makes great sense in a coop environment, so you should definitely cater to that crowd first.




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  8. On 4/8/2020 at 9:16 PM, MEMEMA6 said:

    Hi, today im reaching here to see if someone knows how to improve my FPS on arma, my specs are a Ryzen 1500X- 16gb RAM and a Radeon RX 570 Series, i run everythin on standar, but Arma 3 suggest me to upgrade the grapichs up to Ultra, but if i run it on ultra it runs at 2 FPS


    It sounds a bit strange, your graphics card is a good mid-range card, how much RAM is on that? Another thing, start by dialing down the view distance to 1000, then increase in steps and watch the fps counter. Increase as long as you maintain acceptable framerates

  9. @TheBestTg: While your RPT is examined, you could try another launcher. There are a couple of launchers out there that will allow you to set the sequence of mods exactly and store it. But: you can also export the active list of mods from the standard Arma launcher and then import it back. If you set it up properly and export, an import should give you the mod-set as of when you exported it. Try it out, it is under Mods-More in the launcher.


    Edit: I was thinking about this alternative launcher:



  10. Hi,


    I have had some unstability when launching Arma the last few days, in the worst cases the game would not launch at all. In my case two things seemed to cause it:

    1. While launching, I went into a browser or did other things, it seems that is not a good idea, better allow Arma to launch completely before switching away.
    2. while launching Arma, the Windows Defender system kicked in (could see it in task manager) and grinded everything to a halt. Its called Antimalware Executable or something similar in the task manager. So I read that you can dial down the hours that it runs or add Arma to some list of approved programs that should not be scrutinized (haven't tried that), so that may be a workaround. If the latter, probably best to add Steam to that list as well

    I hope you solve your issues. My issues started like a week ago and I had Arma running smooth for months until that. So I also removed mods and such, but there seems to be something going on these days.


    Your issue seems to be while in-game, but my experience may give some ideas on what to look for. In general, always try clean without any mods first. Then start adding mods if you use those

  11. 3 hours ago, Leopard20 said:

    It's related to some bug in the vanilla game. I'm still not sure how it happens, but I guess when you use enableAI and disableAI in the same frame the AI feature gets bugged and stays on/off no matter what you do. The only fix is to recreate the unit.


    I've made some tweaks in today's update. Hopefully it does fix the issue (I didn't have time to verify it)


    It doesn't matter whether you select units after or before opening the menu. 

    If you can't it's a bug, and I'm gonna need more details.


    Alright, I just tested and you are absolutely correct, it does not matter if we select units before or after. Thing is that as soon as we select a unit in our squad, the standard vanilla menu appears (Move, Regroup and so on commands). But press Y regardless and your menu shows up. All is good

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  12. 11 hours ago, gnosis89 said:

    I keep having simple issues though, using the vanilla move commands with All in one enabled. Sometimes they won't even follow a simple move order, or regroup. Is there some cause to this? (There's no such options under the all in one menu)Or even "Gen In" orders...Sometimes to the point that they'll just be moving their legs backwards slowly but not even moving at all....(I've tried the unstick command as well)



    I tried out this mod yesterday, and I also got the moonwalking when I asked a subordinate to move somewhere. It was after they had moved over a long distance using waypoints (how cool is that, btw!). My best guess is that there is some conflict between the move forward and some desire to remain in place (a formation) ? I will try it again today, this time with no other mods than CBA, although I have a very small mod set.


    One other thing, I was wondering if it would be possible to use the mod menu system like the vanilla one, where you can select a couple of units, then invoke the vanilla menus. It seems that for this mod to work, we invoke the menu first (with Y) then select units that you want to do stuff. So it is the other way around. Is that a possibility thru configuration ?

  13. Hi Test123456


    The campaign saves are really bugged but I found a workaround.


    It is useful to understand where Arma stores the saves during campaign missions, so that you can copy them to a backup folder (details below). While playing the active mission my saves went here, which is like the campaign root folder:

    C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\a3\Missions_F_EPA\Campaign. While playing a campaign mission, autosaves and your own saves are stored here. Make sure to take copies, because as you progress thru the campaign, those saves get wiped when you enter into the next mission. I have organised my campaign saves backup into folders such as C:\temp\arma backup\Campaign\Signal Lost\


    I also started the official Arma 3 campaign recently, using saves. I have completed around 15 episodes/missions now. There are two cases where saves can really screw you over:

    1. Resume active mission (continue the latest campaign mission that you have not yet completed)
    2. Replay a previous mission. For instance, say I would like to go back and replay the Signal Lost mission, even though I have completed that mission and the next four missions after that one


    Case 1)

    I found that if you use save you get the option to Resume the active mission. The save that Resume is based on is usually an autosave which you may not like (you are out of ammo or in a tight spot in that particular save) - you want to start from one of your own saves instead. The procedure is to just Resume from the autosave, then when in mission use Load. That should give you the option to choose from autosaves AND your own saves.


    Case 2)

    When going back to replaying a previously completed mission just for fun, you press the Replay button and the saves you made while completing it are gone. So you start from the mission beginning. Say you make saves during that Replay. Now, if you then leave the mission and later want to jump back in and continue from one of the saves you made, you press Replay and those saves are also GONE! So think of the Replay button as a kill switch for saves. The workaround is easy enough though if you are familiar with folders and files on Windows:


    • locate where Arma stores the saves. When you replay, the saves go into a folder which is different from the one mentioned previously. In my case the Signal Lost mission saves were in folder C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\a3\Missions_F_EPA\Campaign\missions\B_in.Altis
    • replay the mission using saves. After you quit the replay of the mission, switch away from Arma and store those saves in a backup folder (it does not matter if you complete the mission)
    • when choosing replay again at at later time, the saves from the folder under the first bullet are wiped. If you have two monitors, you can actually see it happen: keep the folder open, press Replay and watch the save-files disappear. Crazy shit. But: you now have a backup!
    • Now while in mission, Alt-Tab out of Arma, copy the saves from the backup into the official folder (ie. C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\a3\Missions_F_EPA\Campaign\missions\B_in.Altis). Then switch back to Arma and use Load to pull up your good saves from your last replay


    I hope this helps, it has helped me out a great deal. Enjoy the campaign, some of the episodes are very good 😎



  14. Hi, thanks for the work on improving one of the best maps that BI ever made. There are many great elements, love the more varied buildings which you can enter. Haven't been into a town yet but looking forward to seeing that also.


    In my opinion, though, the shrubbery and forests are not yet up to the level of old Chernarus. There are ferns but they seem overused, like both within forests and outside. My memory of old Chernarus were that the forests had more variation in the undergrowth/shrubbery. The forests in the new version seem barren, like just a bunch of trunks. I think that is a shame as is takes away from the forest atmosphere. And like Muecke I could also drive an armoured vehicle through forests, so something has happened with the density. I have all settings almost at max, so should not be a setting issue.


    So my feedback would be to please look into improving the forests. Dayz (with all its flaws) is a great reference for forest shrubbery and atmosphere.