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  1. Yeah, overlapping mods is a pain, requiring you to choose.
  2. Absolutely right and cudos to SNKMAN for that approach. As for the "only need to figure out" bit - I'm only running one mod at a time for that reason alone. I would have no idea where to start looking for stuff to turn on or off in ACE or GL4. I would rather respect the designers of the individual mods and go with what they recommend through their hard work. But that's just me - in the end you need to enjoy playing the game, so anyone should do what they want. :)
  3. I really don't think that SNKMAN has to comply with ACE, too much trouble for him. The complexity of how both mods interlink is just mindboggling (to me, at least). Some good advice on how they could be used together is of course nice, but we should not expect SNKMAN to supply it. :)
  4. old_painless

    Ghost Recon Maps

    Tinfoil, Aelin. Tinfoil works. :)
  5. old_painless

    Best orders for combat missions?

    But we can order them out of DANGER, reversing their state, I suppose? It is not like they are stuck in it, right, or am I misunderstanding something? That way, it is not unplayable per se, but there is just more micro-management required. Ie. the drill would be to remember to set state at first, before ordering anything else. One extra step to manage :(
  6. Allright, thanks SNKMAN for that very quick reply. When you say "enemy A.I. groups request A.I. friendly to them" do you mean that enemy AI joins forces with friendly AI (my guys) ? That would seem odd, indeed .... I'll try it out tonight with CBA and see what happens. Cheers, OP
  7. OK, so I downloaded GL4 last night and tried loading up Arma2 with it. I tried figuring out if it was active/doing anything, so better start reading the readme pdf, right? I must admit, the "initialization" and "create modules" thing is a bit complex to me, so I have a few basic questions, please (have read the FAQ): Will GL4 improve old missions immediately, such as the SP scenarios or do I need to do something first? Ie. does it only work for missions that have been built for GL4? CBA seems to be needed, but is not mentioned as a required Mod on the front page of this thread. Is it optional and what bad things will happen if I do not have it loaded? I am sure that these things are obvious to mod- and mission-developers. I am neither, so please bear with me :o -OP
  8. old_painless

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    SpiritedMachine, thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions above. Once again, thanks for a great launcher :) -OP
  9. old_painless

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Hi, just downloaded this. Looks amazing, especially the accessible MP server browser. A couple of newbie questions, please: It shows the ACE .rsync folders as mods. Alpinestars launcher filters out the versioning files - can I filter with this launcher too? When I create a group, eg. ACE, with all the @ACE... folders, and then select the group, I have to select the individual mods within the group, too. I was expecting that selecting a group would select everything within that group ? Cheers, OP
  10. old_painless

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Bardosy, for this alone you should get the distinguished modding cross! Regarding the medic, something that can keep them from starting up healing is if the wounded guy is in a dangerous spot. A bit of dragging away can often speed things up. But the trick would most likely be: 1. set mode on someone so that he becomes bold enough to drag from a dangerous position (can't remember if it is AWARE ?) 2. drag the dude 3. make the medic heal Sorry if this is obvious to a mod-meister such as you, this was just what I could think of right away. Thanks so much for keeping on building great SP missions :) ---------- Post added at 10:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:12 AM ---------- Speaking of Add-Ons: One thing I can handle when it comes to addons are new maps, such as the beautiful islands. But it concerns me when addons mess with the brains of the game. Perhaps I am just showing my noobiness :o BTW, after I found this launcher, I never have problems with starting up addon-free - which Bardosys campaign would require - or with a few select addons such as Isla Duala: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=81060
  11. old_painless

    1.06 beta patches.. when?

    Woot zomg (lol!)
  12. old_painless

    Oden Warfare Pack

    OK, cool. I'll try "faking" an MP session - thanks.
  13. old_painless

    Oden Warfare Pack

    Hi all, sorry for a noobish question, but is this Mission Pack for Single Player or Coop ? I noticed that it seems to be mod-free which I prefer, getting to learn the game. Cheers, OP
  14. Hm, I heard that grass and other clutter will enter the statistical computation of how likely they are to locate you exactly. And make it harder for them to pinpoint your exact poisition. Like a circle: The worse intel they have, or if you are in clutter, the larger the circle becomes in which they think you are located.
  15. old_painless

    Boot Camp-Basic

    I played through that exercise a couple of times - I once found a sniper standing out in shallow water down by the beach. They can be located in some really strange places. (I do not remember that I am supposed to talk to anyone, though)
  16. old_painless

    Zipper5's Missions

    Damn, that's one intense trailer! Turned up the music on full by accident, but kept it there - really creepy. Cudos
  17. Hm, just had a look at Impulse (ImpulseDriven.com) that WindexGlow mentions and they have Arma2 as digital download. I had thought that Steam had some kind of exclusive on digital downloads, apparently not. Good to have some competition !
  18. old_painless

    Is it really that hard to run smoothly?

    If I may chime in, too: One way to obtain a few more fps is to run without AntiAliasing, IF your monitor is at least 1680x1050. In my own preference, for such resolutions and above, AA does not do much for picture quality. It comes down to personal preference, of course, but the OP was talking about a 20 inch screen. If that screen has a high resolution, AA will not matter much.
  19. old_painless

    command tut.

    Aha, I struggled with that as well. I can certainly relate to the OPs question - for a noob such as myself it was not clear that AFTER the car made it to the guy/unit that you were supposed to pickup, you should select the guy/unit in the map view and tell him to board. (Strange wording also that one guy is a "unit"). Thanks, I'll certainly retry that tutorial now !
  20. Not having Falcon4 on the list dismisses the entire thing :mad: Good for Arma, though
  21. I was just wondering about the realism here. That would require the AI to know exactly where I am facing in the second they give the direction, and if we are spread out in a firefight how is that realistic? My understanding is that we are supposed to understand what formation we are currently in and what general direction we are supposed to go. In that sense the current "to our front/rear/left of us" type directions are meaningful. Cross checking with the map helps to focus. Although I can see on lower realism levels that some more player-centric directions could be reasonable. But on those levels the map can show where the opposition is (red markers).
  22. Would your observations be related to the difficulty level? I think it would help if you could state your settings - Suma may have different settings .....
  23. old_painless

    BIS: CHEERS for the new patch!

    Hi guys, what is this "Grass Layer" about? Does it help that you can't spot AI in grass, while they can see you without problems? Really hoping this is the case! :)