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  1. Somewhat offtopic, but the mini campaign Eagle Wings for Arma 2 was also very well done, in terms of story and emotions. Really too bad it has not been remade into an A3 version
  2. old_painless

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Some mod has a feature to move vehicle 5m away if stuck, to "un-stuck". Can't remember which one but a simple solution nevertheless
  3. old_painless

    AI - suppress command

    They should definitely hire you, duda123 and Bad Benson - would be crazy what the three of you could accomplish with source code access
  4. old_painless

    Development Blog & Reveals

    LOL, that is one disturbing video!
  5. old_painless

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Agree. However, perhaps the non-linearity of AI adjustments from sliders gives the impression that it does nothing. Inspection of skillFinal with various slider settings might help?
  6. old_painless

    C2 -Command And Control

    Wow, Mad Cheese, your accomplishments in this area are unreal - and really like the modular approach you have to integrate with other mods like duda123's. So cool!
  7. old_painless

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    In SP setting it is not at all redundant and not a complexity at all, unless you can't manage two sets of sliders. There were plenty of complaints when it was removed, last time they "fixed" the AI settings
  8. old_painless

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    In the spirit of simplifying skill adjustment, could we at least get the feature back where you can change skills for OPFOR and BLUFOR separately in the UI ?
  9. old_painless

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I am not reading anything about actually changing or improving AI behaviour. It seems this is just a fix that makes adjusting skills more easy/intuitive to work with. So when the dust settles, the AI will be no better or worse than what we have now. Taking cover, reacting to being under fire or driving will be just the same. At least, that is how I read this update (hope I'm wrong and there will also be improvements :-) )
  10. Hi, is this the full Eagle Wing campaign - AFAIR it was originally one very long mission ? Cheers, OP
  11. old_painless

    Krokom, Sweden

    This sets a whole new standard for northern scandinavian terrains, just wow
  12. old_painless

    20 FPS and CPU/GPU (both) running on 30% ?

    hm, you said that you host the mission and play it, right? Your friend who connects to you to join the game gets better frames? If that is the case, its probably because you are hosting AND playing at the same time. Your friend should get better frame rate since hosting is demanding.
  13. I have also noticed some stuttering when destroying larger buildings or a radio tower. So definitely some heavy processing going on while the destruction unfolds
  14. You don't mention how much RAM or VRAM you have, but that could be a factor. Also, on laptops if possible run Arma from an SSD if one is available. That will reduce perceived stutter due to better loading. Two options that eat frame rates are Visual distance and Object distance. If you are in Tanoan jungle, for instance, set VD to 1000 or maybe even less and object distance to half of that. Play with those two settings, they can make a difference
  15. old_painless

    Krokom, Sweden

    Awesome Nordic look, great details! "Jag kan se hela vägen till Mariannelund"
  16. old_painless

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Not sure about groups or not, but one will definitely see better convoy driving if vehicles in a group are not in formation. Formation leads to them struggling to maintain some "shape" of formation which may work for infantry in open land, but does not make sense for vehicles. Think line formation through a narrow street!
  17. old_painless

    Fog observation

    Would be great to have not only LOS yes/no but also LOS "quality" which would be based on camouflage vs. terrain, fog, daylight etc.
  18. old_painless

    Fog observation

    I would speculate that BI uses visual and hearing as two senses combining into the knowsAbout. In your shoot-through-dense-fog scenario, hearing must be the dominating sense for the knowsAbout. Maybe it is possible to "dial down" the hearing ability in foggy conditions, rather than do fog math ? -OP
  19. old_painless

    Difficulty-set AI skill vs mission/script-set AI skill

    There was a great addon for A2 which could set skills in-mission - you could even differentiate between opfor and blufor. I'll see if I can find it. Too bad that the addon was never upgraded to Arma 3, that would really help since BI has removed the possibility to set skills based on side
  20. old_painless

    TAC OPS (SP players, this is our time)

    Oh, this is great, thanks for the pointer.
  21. old_painless

    TAC OPS (SP players, this is our time)

    Hm, SP content would be absolutely great. But are they mentioning SP at any time: https://youtu.be/C9bCFJ5z1vk?t=365 There may be other sources of information, so please share if you heard any confirmation on SP content ?
  22. I haven't really experienced the 6 minute zombie state, thankfully - but so much more great if that has been fixed. Perhaps your investigation attracted some attention
  23. hi madrussian, just wanted to add that you seem to work from what I found out back then: You first have to stop the commander of the team from (constantly) sending new targets to his subordinates then disable the individual units from acquiring targets on their own, including the commander Once these two things are covered, the units should be able to move freely. Which they would not otherwise do, since they would constantly get or acquire a target and thus enter combat mode. My sequence of commands was this: { _x commandWatch objNull; _x disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableAI "TARGET"; _x disableAI "SUPPRESSION"; _x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; } forEach units group wz_g1; It matters if the commands are in this exact sequence - for some reason eg. switching two of them may lead to poor results. As far as I can tell from your posts, you may not have this exact sequence running? Note that the commander is also part of the units set that get this command, so there should not be a reason to run separate commands for him. I remember trying separate commands for the commander, but AFAIR that was not important in my case. -OP
  24. old_painless

    Structures - Ambient Occlusion Improvements

    A DayZ teaser for what tech may come to Arma (4): Watch from 4:28 - dynamic shadows
  25. old_painless

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Just saw this: Fixed: AI infantry would flee when unable to engage This might explain why in some scenarios a few AI units just go AWOL, during the fighting. Simply leave the AO and takeoff on a hike. I once followed some dude for a kilometer or so. Great stuff if it's fixed