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  1. Spectacular will do just fine ;) We do hope that 2.6 will feel like a huge improvement over 2.51 a lot of time has been spent on refining the gameplay to raise enjoyment and encourage teamplay to improve the multiplayer life of the mod as well as providing a great base for the A2 community to add to with missions and scripts they may produce.

    Well let me just say I will definitely be buying a server for this mod!

  2. And... "conealed" is actually supposed to be "concealed." But back on topic in a way, Glider Infantry was, as most of us know, a huge part of the invasion. AND...since the title of the mod IS Invasion44, I would think that the question posed is a good one. It would be awesome to see Rommel's Asparagus (the wooden poles planted into the ground to disrupt any glider landings) scattered around in some of the open fields.

    From what I've seen so far, 2.6 looks awesome, but we'll just have to let PakUK and the rest of the team have time to incorporate different things into the mod, if and when they can.

    Love the discussion though, lol.

    That's what I was thinking! It would be a interesting mission idea.Also, I wasn't requesting it, I was simply asking if it was planned. Didn't mean to make anyone think I was requesting it.

  3. Do not quote videos!

    A brief look at two new missions and a new map for our upcoming 2.6 update. The first is an air raid mission set on Chernarus where British and American fighter pilots are tasked with bombing and eliminating enemy positions. The second part features our new winter British commandos - and winter map "Merderet" - attempting to rescue downed POW pilots in a pow camp near the French-German Border.

    I am so turned on right now.

  4. Hello, you have to make a file called ban.text

    To ban a user you have to know their unique online ID (called Player ID). This can be checked in the players overview screen ('P' key) during the game, or with the #userlist command. To ban a user you have to add their Player ID to file ban.txt residing in the main ARMA directory. If there is no such file there, create a new one. The format of ban.txt is a plain ASCII text list of decimal Player IDs delimited with space, tabulator or end-of-line characters.

    From the ARMAII wiki

    then use the command "#exec ban [user id]" without the brackets.

  5. Man I am having a blast! I was walking at one point and didn't happen to see a snake sliding around, next thing you know.....well you get the point.

    At one point I walked into a village and saw a bunch of dead civilians around and walked up to the only guy around. Much to my surprise it was an ambush.....scared me half to death ahah.

    Anyways, I haven't really seen any other bugs besides the ones posted by everyone else...now back to raiding VC camps!