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    I Need help with Arma 2

    What about your card?
  2. B17gunner98th

    Any fixes or mods that enable suppressive fire?

    Yeah, When the AI are behind cover and I am firing at them, They stay behind cover. When I stop to reload or fallback they start firing again.
  3. B17gunner98th


    You don't in the campaign. Unless someone has seen it. But you can fly a helicopter when you buy it.
  4. B17gunner98th

    my team won't follow me

  5. B17gunner98th

    Why doesn't AI use buildings?

    They sometimes go on the ground floor, but they will only go upstairs if you put them there. OFP and Arma was the same way I think.
  6. Sometimes I notice that an AI will steal your vehicle......Happened to me once saved up for a heli and got rid of the crew that came with it. Then an AI got in and flew away lol.
  7. B17gunner98th

    little question

    Tilde(~), 1, 1.
  8. B17gunner98th

    chopper question

    I assume this is for the campaign? If it is, all you have to do is get you and your team in the chopper, then after you press spacebar in the helicopter and communication.You will see in there the command for the helicopter and click anywhere on the map and he will fly there. If you want him to pick you up just press space bar and somewhere near you for him to land.
  9. B17gunner98th

    Parachutes and obstacles

    I was thinking that it would kind of add some realism to game if parachutes could be caught in trees,buildings,etc and then you'd have to cut yourself down from it. Then again being caught on a radio tower would kind of be scary.But when I am playing when I go near a tree I am like "Ohhhhhhhh shiiiii-....Oh I bounce off." Just an idea.
  10. B17gunner98th

    Animals in vehicles.

    Is there anyway that you can get animals into vehicles? Not like driving them, but to like have them in the back or something. For example a dog in the back of the truck.
  11. B17gunner98th

    Animals in vehicles.

    Well I was going to use it for a mission, having to do with animals working with people. And are you ever thinking of releasing it?
  12. B17gunner98th

    Why dont you use the ingame voice chat ?

    Yeah, we keep it on our server too. I think Vent is more clearer but still sometimes things like direct chat are fun on like stealth missions.
  13. B17gunner98th

    Why dont you use the ingame voice chat ?

    I think it's way easier to use Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, because it's more clear and if you have serious players they will take turns talking and can talk when needed. Alot of time you have different channels for different teams and even a dead channel. People usually bind a key to switch to that certain channel. But overall playing with other players, randoms usually, Voice isn't that bad.
  14. B17gunner98th

    Driving Route Overlay on terrain

    I agree completely. What I usually do is I have friend navigate for me. But sometimes that can be bad if you're by yourself.
  15. B17gunner98th

    Personal marker?

    Ah, Yes! Thanks very much! It was driving me crazy. Playing the series for a while and I never knew. Thanks again!
  16. B17gunner98th

    Personal marker?

    Okay, this may be a bit hard to understand because it's hard to explain. So I was playing Arma2 and in game I open the map and after playing a while I somehow get this thing to appear on the map. It's a circle in another circle kind of small and you can drag it. I found out it is sort of like a personal marker. It is really helpfull sometimes to use it instead of a map. I don't think it's part of the mission, because I sometimes activate it on accident and I don't know why in random missions.Thanks guys.