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  1. I liked this mod quite a bit and so did my clan. It would be kind of cool to have random enemies everywhere but that's just me.
  2. As of right now, you have to download the newest patch by yourself. Bohemia said they are trying to fix that problem for Steam. Download it and install the patch then turn off auto update for the game. To do this Go to My games tab>Right click ARMA2>properties>Updates>Do not automatically update this game. The problem with that, is that for some reason Steam sometimes turns auto updater for that game back on.
  3. B17gunner98th

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    Honestly I don't see why it really matters. He gave credit where it was due and it's not like he is making a profit out of it. I've played both game modes and each one has something better than the other.I think that if you have a preferance for one then just concentrate on one and put it on your server and just ignore the other. We don't want a huge argument over a program. I say that it should just be forgotten, because I honestly play both programs on my dedicated server and both get the same amount of people and regulars. Both are fine modifications and we should enjoy what we have altogether.
  4. B17gunner98th

    Built-in addon manager

    There is a game called "Garrysmod" that does it really well.
  5. B17gunner98th

    B17 - trials

    If only I was rich/game designer.....Then I would make a new one with actual buildings,traffic, and an awesome physics engine with killer graphics and multiplayer!
  6. B17gunner98th

    B17 - trials

    That's where my name comes from!
  7. B17gunner98th

    Fallen trees

    I think adding solidity to 1000's of trees might ass some lag not sure. But then again you could have it just become solid when it falls over. Maybe it has to do with no physics.
  8. B17gunner98th

    Rearmin glitch

    Has anyone else had the glitch when the hold down ALT to look at a munitons truck and selected rearm with it continuously? It rearms like normal but when it reaches the top number it goes back to 0 and continues the process.
  9. B17gunner98th

    Change Opacity of Enemy Indicators?

    I think they are going for the want it to be easy enough so you know their general location so it keeps the amount of fun.
  10. I have also experienced it. Let's just say flying around and all of a sudden the pilot dies and we slam into the ground helo is DESTROYED completely.....We all exit unscathed.
  11. B17gunner98th

    grease pencil map

    Give an option to turn it on/off so the squad leader can always write but can give them chances to write on it so random spammers don't get annoying.
  12. B17gunner98th

    harvest red campaign with a friend

    Happened to me too man. We restarted the mission and it went through the second time.
  13. B17gunner98th

    Installing addons dedicated servers.

    Damn, you don't know how much you've helped. Thanks again.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post so I apologize in advance. Anyways, I haven't been able to find an answer, but how would I go about installing an addon into a dedicated server(If possible). I have the the server keys and everything for it. For example how would I go about installing an island. Thanks very much.
  15. B17gunner98th

    Installing addons dedicated servers.

    Ah, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
  16. B17gunner98th

    Crash in superpowers

    I've noticed that after playing superpowers for a while everyone will crash. It doesn't happen on all servers but some. They are updated to the latest patch it's just randomly when we play maybe about an hour in....anyone else getting this I tried to search but couldn't find it.
  17. B17gunner98th

    Symptoms of FADE

    You can't play any night mission without those damn stars....That's why I set my missions to rainy at night.....=(
  18. B17gunner98th

    Can't 'Buy Weapons' for Squad Members

    What you can do is buy the weapon, drop it and tell them to pick it up.
  19. B17gunner98th

    Hey guys im new... completely new.

    I agree 100% I have about 30 something games only about 10 are valve and the rest aren't. No problems here.
  20. B17gunner98th

    Can't join servers after 1.04

    I never applied the patch, Steam did it. I also have been banned too from servers.
  21. B17gunner98th

    Question about server bandwidth

    I'm sure you can, just make sure you have a good enough computer to host for others. Sometimes I also see that players have more of a desync sometimes when they play Player to Player. But I think you can. Since it's a box that would help even more. In short-yes I am 95% sure.
  22. Did you make a game logic server(Sometimes it makes weird things), Did you export to Multiplayer?,Did you try giving it to your friends too?
  23. B17gunner98th

    About game balance

    I think alot of times the helicopters have certain spots that do more damage and the bots just know where to shoot it....
  24. Too bad we can't take Battlefield series AI driving skills and put it together with the ARMA2 bots, lol.
  25. B17gunner98th

    Hey guys im new... completely new.

    I like Steam more because you don't have to say "WHERE IS THAT DAMNED CD/CASE/CDKEY!" But the bad part is if you get your account stolen all your games are gone but you can get your account back pretty quickly. I've had Steam since it first came out and never have had my account stolen.