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  1. Germans:Where did you get that?!!? Home owner:Uh......Ebay? Germans:What is Ebay? Home owner:*runs* But anyways, I agree and I am excited about the first stage. Good luck guys!
  2. http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Yes, there is one thanks to Dimitri =D
  3. B17gunner98th

    CO-13 Black out V1-(@31stNormandy WW2)

    I updated the mission, this is now V1.1 link is in top post. -Fixed:Soldiers sitting down being morons and not fighting....just sitting there..... -Fixed:Weapons problem in multiplater(Thanks Dimitri) -Fixed:Took out halftrack because it glowed at night -Added:More enemies patroling roads and at checkpoints -Added:Two more objectives Thanks for playing guys more updates to come.
  4. B17gunner98th

    DIH CO26 Desperate Attack v1 (@31stNormandy WW2)

    Hard mission, had a good "This is it, all or nothing!" Feel to it. I had alot of fun.
  5. B17gunner98th

    CO-13 Black out V1-(@31stNormandy WW2)

    Thanks for commenting man and for playing it on a server haha. I will have that on the update along with a small intro and outro and other updates. ;D
  6. Question, Are you guys planning to allow the MG's on the planes to be useable? Or does that have to do with the whole ARMA 2 engine problem thing.
  7. B17gunner98th

    CO-13 Black out V1-(@31stNormandy WW2)

    Thanks for the feedback, haha. I am trying to script more for later later. The light idea just came to mind when I had the thought "Why the hell would they sit in the dark?"
  8. B17gunner98th

    CO-13 Black out V1-(@31stNormandy WW2)

    Okay, So I messed up big time. When I changed the name of the mission NONE of the scripts moved over so.......here is the REAL version.(The mega upload one.)
  9. A toggleable green and red light too to signal when to jump ;D
  10. I made a mission also. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=96363
  11. One question myself, the AI for some reason are very good at seeing units (A glider 2000 Meters away). Is that a bug?
  12. Idk if you would count this as a bug, but some vehicles will spawn with a daylight look to them. What I mean is that they will light up as if the sun was on them. They don't have their lights on, but it's not adjusting to the night so they "glow".
  13. Lol, I meant others following it haha.
  14. They know what they are doing, so I figure a patch will be out in no time. For a beta, it's really good.
  15. Haha, I guess you're right. ;D Thanks for the mod man.
  16. Argh! It's 12:30 and I was going to DL this over night...Idk if I should wait or not..
  17. Take your time. =) It will take me like 4 hours to DL it with DSL so I can wait.
  18. Must.........hold.........on..........til......4:30 eastern.....Lol ;D
  19. I say release now or ASAP. It will give the chance of testing and allow people to find certain bugs if there are any. =)
  20. Haha, I read the thread. But I didn't know if anything had changed at all in terms of some change ups of the islands. Thanks :) Looks beautiful btw you can tell all the hard work put into it. Put this into my list of mod of the year.
  21. Does this release even have the huge island? Also, what kinds of details does the island have? What I mean is do they have towns such as Saint Lo,St. Mere eglise? etc.
  22. Thank you for making such a brilliant mod!
  23. B17gunner98th

    The Undead Mod

    If only this was multiplayer......But still great mod in itself sort of reminds me of nagova virus.