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  1. For some reason the flak 38's don't fire on my planes....any idea?
  2. B17gunner98th

    Anybody make a full random session?

    There is one called domination. It has random missions given to you and you get vehicles depending on the ones you do. It starts you on the same airfield though unless you have the one where it puts you on a carrier. There is also one called Warfare Benny is the most popular one I think. BW(Benny warfare) starts two teams against each other and you both have HQ's that allow you to make other buildings like Airport,Barracks,Motor pool, etc. The more towns you take(AI held) the more money and supply points that allow you to upgrade. It's a fun game mode and you can even play by yourself. There are other missions like the one you said above that uses the secops module that gives you random objectives and what not.
  3. Uh.....helicopters weren't really used during WWII. They were really new and came out too late before the war ended. http://www.olive-drab.com/od_medical_evac_helio_ww2.php They have a few cases of recon helo's and what not.
  4. Those look GREAT! I love the halftrack.
  5. I don't mind helping at all. When you create the mission, make sure the init.sqf you made has the code like mine did. After that make sure you export to multiplayer when you save it. If you already tried that, then there is a chance that you might have made a mistake in the code like a space or something. You will know it works when a message comes up saying "Weapons bug fixed" Or something like that. If that doesn't help go ahead and post. @Rip31st The update looks great! Better than the vanilla unit pictures haha.
  6. I have the Steam version also. The init.sqf will be in your user mission folder. When you save a mission in editor you will save it usually as a user mission,export to MP,export to SP and so on. If you save it as a user mission, it will save in your my documents folder. Inside my documents right now, I have something called ARMA2 other profiles. Under that folder I have a folder called B17gunner98th, in that I have a folder called missions. In that folder you should see the custom mission name you are making in editor. For example I made a mission called test.Chernarus. In there you have to make a text file called init.sqf. I have Vista so this is how mine turns out C:\Users\Billeter family\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\B17gunner98th\missions\Test.Chernarus For XP it should be under C:\Documents and Settings\(*USER NAME*)\My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\(*PROFILE NAME*)\missions\(*YOUR MISSION NAME*) I hope I made it at least a bit clearer.
  7. As of right now, the AI can't use the Mortars. That will be in the 1.00 release. He just recently posted a video of that about a page back.
  8. The init.sqf file will be in your C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\ARMA2PROFILENAME/missions Then, under the mission you are creating for example my mission is CO-13_Black_out.bet_hurtgen In there you will find init.sqf This is what the inside of my init.sqf looks like
  9. Nice! This will make D-day.......*shudders* realistic.
  10. B17gunner98th

    AC130 script from LurchiDerLurch

    Strange...when I press the DL link it times out. EDIT:That's DSL for ya. Can't connect to a German site.
  11. B17gunner98th

    The Undead Mod

    Oh Nagova virus.....I do miss you.
  12. A little feedback is 1000 times better than none. Nice to see you guys are not running into too many problems.
  13. Ah, gotcha. Well it should be a matter of time ya know?
  14. That is on the front page.
  15. Changelog: v0.99b -added cool US ww2 style calendars ( for mission editors to use in missions) in aqu_misc.pbo. German style calendar comes later
  16. B17gunner98th

    Help, I deleted addons folder!

    He's right, that's how a lot of criminals have gotten caught.:p
  17. B17gunner98th

    Crown Victoria issue

    If you try even the vanilla units in ARMA II they can't hear you beeping the horn. I think it is strictly clientside.
  18. I recommend Warfare. I like Benny's to be honest. It's really fun and at the end you can nuke stuff if it's enabled. ;D
  19. Hmmm, ah I see now thanks a bunch!
  20. So how would you go about aiming it? Would you use the arty module?
  21. B17gunner98th

    Invasion 1944 - D-Day

    All I have to say is, It looks great! and the longer you take the more work put in!
  22. 7000 meters lol. I was playing a halo mission, when me and my friend were racing around and it turns out we were too far from the obj....lol
  23. B17gunner98th

    the FEW

    I was just about to ask if you were putting B17's in there lmfao.
  24. Yes. There is a readme in one of the patches. I think it's patch B. It's a code you post in the init.sqf.