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  1. Semper Fi Marine. Thanks for the like. 🙂

  2. Hi abs,


    Are you still working on the star trek Mod? 

  3. Busy busy busy. I've not worked on any of my projects in a while. So long as work stays heavy It may be a while. Mean while I've been working on small quick stuff. Like Ammo bearers and medics working in the game. lol

  4. just curious if you are from Georgia?

  5. where is the request thread? Here is something I was working on a while back maybe its something like what you want but it involves Bis High command http://www.mediafire.com/?irznp8ip89rfgjk OK send me a message of what exactly you want again. Im an ok scripter, but no expert by any means.

  6. thanks but I dont have some of your dled addons. :)