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  1. yup gonna upload new one hear for armaholic and others as soon as my slowwww internet gets my dropbox updated. lol In the link here you will have the mod itself plus inside of it you will find script version. ;) ---------- Post added 07-03-2015 at 01:01 AM ---------- Previous post was 07-02-2015 at 11:30 PM ---------- NEw AMBS upload! :) Changelog: New sounds revamped Added input instead of selection so you can input your own numbers to make what you want the ambient battle sound like as far as scale and intensity. Next update... idk how long, but there will be new cat for volumns. ;)
  2. lol love those moment. Hopefully tonight after work I'll upload release with sample mission and scripts. Thanks again. :)
  3. ahhhhh thanks savage... I'll deffo try that! Thanks a lot. I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to test it. Thanks!!! :) ---------- Post added at 12:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:33 AM ---------- Yup that did it!!!!
  4. yup working on both, but so far script version without the mod doesnt play the sounds. :( May have to change the files from wss to ogg. but I dont think that will work either. idk. I'll keep tinkering till I find a solution. Then I'll release. Probably without the tweaked flybys and and hits sounds I've done to them.
  5. mikey74

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hi ryandombrowsky Congrats and nice mod! I was wondering if you'd prefer your logics into modules?
  6. Its like before you can pick in choose how much you want it to do. I'm going to extend on this before release, but it has it. ;)
  7. Neh not going any where yet. Thanks :) Im also working on some inpact sounds and bullet flybys. Inpact sounds are getting better. flybys are better but I want to make them louder at larger distance. But having a hard time with that. I may release this weekend and get some input on it.
  8. Snake Skin Uniforms. http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/snake-skin-uniforms-v02-1_4.jpg (556 kB) After decades of failure of Modern military camo. Military leaders opted on a more natural look. Studies show snakes are the hardest animals to spot while in cover. Snake skin provides modern infantry men just with that. Soldiers will now be able to be hidden in cover with this new technology. Guilie suits are still best but this comes to a close 2nd place. Nothing is required for this addon. As a rule of thumb I normally wil download CBA. Most addons require this. Future updates will require CBA. ;) I released this on steam didnt think anyone would Download it. lol But after a few told me to put on BIS. I figured why not. So here it is enjoy.
  9. mikey74

    Spawn AI Module

    Another note that most may not have figured out. If you want the AI to stop spawning. Say you have a hold sector for X amount of times. You want it to stop so you can go do something else. Name your AISpawn module say OPSPAWN. Set up a trigger say timeout at 600 which is about 5 minutes. in onAct field type in DeleteVehicle OPSPAWN . And that will stop the onslaught. ;)
  10. lol actually sense my last edit of the script I didnt test that. When I have some time I will. but yess theoreticly if you put a marker on the map and put the Name you gave the marker in the script call it should work. Other wise It will spawn him in random cover positions. You will need this script with it for that. /* File: FOA_find_cover.sqf Author: Mikey74 Description: Function to find good cover positions exluding insects,footprints,men,feathers,pavement, leaflets, and roads. Yes nearestObjects will get those! Parameter(s): _this select 0: unit called for Note: you need a unit _this select 1: seperate position or unit needed if you dont want to search around units position. Use a position or another unit or vehicle. Note: you need a position or a unit this is optional Returns: Array of positions around objects near unit or position thats called the script. How to call: example 1: _cover_positions = [unitname, getPos nameoftarget(optional)] execVM "FOA_find_cover.sqf"; //if you put this in a sqf file. example 2: _cover_positions = [unitname, getPos nameoftarget(optional)] spawn FOA_find_cover; //if already precompile or your using FOA. TODO: add building positions. Should be easy enough. */ private ["_obj_positions","_unitpos","_pos","_towns"]; _obj_positions = []; _unit = _this select 0; _pos = _this select 1; if (isNil "_pos") then {_pos = getPos _unit};/// lets make sure we have some kind of position here. if (typeName _pos != "ARRAY") then {_pos = getPos _pos};/// lets make sure _pos is really a position. if not you will get an error or it just wont work. _radius = count units group _unit * 21;/// lets set a radius based on group size. _towns = nearestLocations [_pos, ["NameVillage","NameCity","NameCityCapital"], 200]; // finding towns close by if (count _towns > 0) then {_radius = count units group _unit * 7};/// you want a smaller radius for towns. ;) if (_radius < 21) then {_radius = 21};// minimum 21 if (_radius > 42) then {_radius = 42};// minimum 21 _Roads = _unit nearRoads _radius;// find roads near _unit //_c = 0; { if ( !(_x iskindof "Insect") and // lets not use bugs for cover Animals !(_x iskindof "Animals") and // lets not use Animals for cover !(_x iskindof "Man") and // nor live men !(_x iskindof "EmptyDetector") and // nor triggers !((str _x) find "NOID " > -1) and //nor footprints or anything without an ID !((str _x) find ": cl_" > -1) and // nor any type of freather or leaves !((str _x) find ": pavement_" > -1) and // get rid of pavement type's !((str _x) find ": garbage_" > -1) and // cant hind behind leaflets on ground !(_x in _Roads) ) then { /// oh yeh lets not forget to exclude roads //_c = _c + 1; private "_obj"; _obj = _x; //////////////////////////////////////////// Addd if _obj is a building then get building positions\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** { //_n = FORMAT ["%1_%2",_obj,_c]; _CPos = ((getPos _Obj) findEmptyPosition [0,3]); if (count _CPos == 3) then { _obj_positions pushBack _CPos; //_n = "Sign_Arrow_Large_Green_F" createVehicle _CPos; }; } forEach units group _unit; }; } forEach nearestObjects [_pos, [], _radius]; _obj_positions Here is a sample mission with that.
  11. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    something broke the last update from bis. Im gonna re do FOA
  12. sp_respawn /* Instructions Call this in units init or trigger so long as you have unit defined right! :P example: Rsp = [this,3,7,"markername"] execVM "MikesSP_Respawn.sqf"; this = unit you want to respawn 3 = how many times to respawn Optional 7 = delay in respawn.... Havent quite worked this one out yet Optional "markername" = name of marker you put on map. or just use units name without quotes. or something else. Optional */ if (!isDedicated && (player != player)) then { waitUntil {player == player}; waitUntil {time > 3}; }; private ["_dplayer","_type","_group","_times","_delay","_respPos"]; _dplayer = _this select 0; _times = (_dplayer getVariable "times"); _respawn = _this select 3; //missionNamespace setVariable ["IsswitchableUnit",switchableUnits]; if (isNil "_times") then {_times = _this select 1}; if (isNil "_times") then {_times = 3}; _delay = _this select 2; if (isNil "_delay") then {_delay = 1}; _type = typeOf _dplayer; _group = group _dplayer; _isLeader = (_dplayer == leader _group); _dplayer removeAllEventHandlers "killed"; _dplayer setVariable ["isLeader", _isLeader, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["times", _times, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["delayS", _delay, true]; Mis_respawn = { _dplayer = _this select 0; _respawn = _this select 3; _respPos = _respawn;//_this select 3;//(_dplayer getVariable "Respawnplace"); //if (typeName _respPos == "STRING") then {_respPos = getMarkerPos _respPos}; //if (typeName _respPos == "objNull") then {_respPos = getPos _respPos}; if (isNil "_respPos") then {_respPos = _respawn;}; if (isNil "_respPos") then { _cover_positions = [_dplayer] call Find_CVR; _respPos = _cover_positions call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; //hint str _respPos; }; _dplayer setVariable ["Respawnplace", _respPos, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYprimw", primaryWeapon _dplayer, true]; _prim = (_dplayer getVariable "MYprimw"); if (isNil "_prim" or (!(_prim isKindOf "MGun") and !(_prim iskindOf "Rifle"))) then { _primW = []; { if (_x isKindOf "MGun" or _x iskindOf "Rifle") then { _primW pushBack _x; }; } forEach nearestObjects [_dplayer, ["GroundWeaponHolder"], 7]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYprimw", _primW select 0, true]; }; /////weapons and junk\\\\\ _dplayer setVariable ["MYweapons", weapons _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYprimaryammo", primaryWeaponMagazine _dplayer + magazines _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["Myweaponacc", primaryWeaponItems _dplayer, true]; ///2ndary\\\\ _dplayer setVariable ["MYsecond", secondaryWeapon _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYsecondacc", secondaryWeaponItems _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYsecondammo", secondaryWeaponMagazine _dplayer, true]; ////handgun _dplayer setVariable ["Myhgun", handgunWeapon _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["Myhgunacc", handgunItems _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["Myhgunammo", handgunMagazine _dplayer, true]; ///// mags and ammo \\\ _dplayer setVariable ["MYitemsplayer", itemsWithMagazines _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["ALLMYmagazines", (_dplayer getVariable "MYprimaryammo") + (_dplayer getVariable "Myhgunammo") + (_dplayer getVariable "MYsecondammo"), true]; /// uniform and extra \\\ _dplayer setVariable ["MYuniform", uniform _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYbackpack", backpack _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYvest", vest _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYhead", headgear _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYeyes", goggles _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MYacc", assignedItems _dplayer, true]; _dplayer setVariable ["MyAEI", (_dplayer getVariable "MYitemsplayer") - (_dplayer getVariable "ALLMYmagazines"), true]; _dplayer setVariable ["isSPlayer", isPlayer _dplayer, true]; _Tgroup = createGroup Civilian; _temp = _Tgroup createUnit ["C_man_polo_6_F", getPos (_this select 0), [], 0, "NONE"]; _temp allowDammage false; hideObject _temp; addSwitchableUnit _temp; _temp enableSimulation false; if (_this select 0 getVariable "isSPlayer") then { cutText ["Respawning","BLACK IN",3.5]; RSP_hndl = ppEffectCreate ["colorCorrections", 1501]; RSP_hndl ppEffectEnable true; RSP_hndl ppEffectAdjust [0, 0, 0, [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0]]; RSP_hndl ppEffectCommit 0; selectPlayer _temp; }; [_this select 0,_this select 1,_this select 2,_temp,_respawn] spawn { private ["_dplayer","_type","_group","_temp","_delay","_time","_times","_respawnplace"]; _dplayer = _this select 0; _type = _this select 1; _group = _this select 2; _temp = _this select 3; _Respawn = _this select 4; _delay = (_dplayer getVariable "delayS");//_this select 3; _time = time + _delay; _times = (_dplayer getVariable "times");// _this select 4; _respawnplace = (_dplayer getVariable "Respawnplace"); _safeResp = _respawnplace findEmptyPosition [0,7]; _isplayer = (_dplayer getVariable "isSPlayer"); _isLeader = (_dplayer getVariable "isLeader"); if (_times == 0) exitWith { if (_isplayer) then {["epicFail",false,1] call BIS_fnc_endMission;} else {deleteVehicle _temp;}; }; if (isNil "_delay") then {_delay = time + 1;}; sleep (_delay); //sleep 1; if (_isplayer) then {waitUntil {player == _temp};}; private "_player"; _player = _group createUnit [_type, _respawnplace, [], 0, "NONE"]; _player setVariable ["delayS", _delay, true]; _player setVariable ["delayT", _time, true]; _player setVariable ["times",_times - 1, true]; _player setVariable ["isSPlayer", _isplayer, true]; _player setVariable ["Respawnplace", _respawnplace, true]; _player allowDamage false; addSwitchableUnit _player; removeAllWeapons _player; {_player removeMagazine _x} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "ALLMYmagazines"); removeAllItemsWithMagazines _player; removeUniform _player; removeVest _player; removeBackpack _player; removeGoggles _player; removeAllAssignedItems _player; removeHeadgear _player; _p = _player; _p addBackpack (_dplayer getVariable "MYbackpack"); _p addUniform (_dplayer getVariable "MYuniform"); _p addVest (_dplayer getVariable "MYvest"); _p addHeadgear (_dplayer getVariable "MYhead"); _p addGoggles (_dplayer getVariable "MYeyes"); {_p addWeapon _x} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "MYweapons"); //_primw = primaryWeapon _p; {_p addPrimaryWeaponItem _x} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "Myweaponacc"); {_p addSecondaryWeaponItem _x} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "MYsecondacc"); {_p addHandgunItem _x} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "Myhgunacc"); {_p addItem _x; _p assignItem _x;} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "MYacc"); {if (_p canAddItemToUniform _x ) then {(uniformContainer _p) addItemCargo [_x, 1]}} forEach (_dplayer getVariable "MyAEI"); _Mcount = count (_dplayer getVariable "ALLMYmagazines"); if (count (_dplayer getVariable "ALLMYmagazines") > 0 ) then { _mags = (_dplayer getVariable "ALLMYmagazines"); private "_a"; _a = 0; while {count _mags > _a} do { _mag = _mags select _a; _a = _a + 1; if (_p canAddItemToUniform _mag ) then {(uniformContainer _p) addMagazineCargo [_mag, 1];} else { if (_p canAddItemToVest _mag) then {(vestContainer _p) addMagazineCargo [_mag, 1];} else { if (_p canAddItemToBackpack _mag) then {(backpackContainer _p) addMagazineCargo [_mag, 1];}; }; }; }; }; reload _player; _player allowDamage true; if (_isplayer) then {selectPlayer _player;waitUntil {player == _player};}; if (_isLeader) then {_group selectLeader _player}; [_dplayer] join grpNull; deleteVehicle _temp; _respPos = nil; if (isNil "_Respawn") then {_Respawn = _player}; [_player,(_player getVariable "times"),(_player getVariable "delayS"),_Respawn] execVM "MikesSP_Respawn.sqf"; if (_isplayer) then {ppEffectDestroy RSP_hndl;}; //hint str (_player getVariable "delayS"); }; true }; _dplayer addEventHandler ["killed", {[_this select 0,typeOf (_this select 0),group (_this select 0)] call Mis_respawn}];
  13. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    Need a bit more info. Tell me what your doing at the time, and what the enemy AI is doing? Also do you have the newest version? Like for instance. Are you out in the open and being ambushed? What combat mode and behavior is you team set to? or send me the mission. let me have a look. That may get faster results. If you want send it through pm. If its a project.
  14. OK here is an example mission using find cover script for spawning instead of a marker. You can add a marker to map and name it and use it in this script but try what i have 1st. When you start, there is a radio trigger. if you hit 0 0 1 your man will find a cover position for approx 5 seconds then return to formation. After you do that there are mines up the road as you enter the town. Run and get killed. You should respawn with what weapons and ammo you had at death. The exact number. ;) Script is called for respawn with this Rsp = [this,3,7] execVM "MikesSP_Respawn.sqf"; if you decide on a marker to respawn on use this to call it. Do not use objects only nothing or a marker. Rsp = [this,3,7,"yourmarkernamehere"] execVM "MikesSP_Respawn.sqf"; Trigger calling for cover is called with this {cover_now = [_x] execVM "Movetocover.sqf";} forEach units (group player); Spawning N cover example mission Put this in you mission folder in your documents arma 3. Try both but I think the 1 below is a bit better on respawning. Edit had to tweak some things in script the other one works, but I like this one better.
  15. yeh its a find cover script. Not takecover, but I use it for my take cover type script in FOA's next release (not released yet). I'll make a few sample missions in the next few days after FOA beta release to demonstrate how you can use them. ;)
  16. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    hmm maybe LEA and FOA use same variables. This is the only thing I can think of at the moment. When I get a bit more time. We'll dl LEA's script n see if thats the case. ;)
  17. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    Those errors that you have are not effected or even used by FOA.:/ After testing few more times I still do not have those errors. Its not FOA. Or something is installed wrong. But I'll have my guys check n see if they get those errors. I cant help you if I dont know whats going on on youre end. Especially if I cant duplicate it on my end. I'm going to update in next day or two. Maybe this will clear it up for you. The problem is Im 99.9% sure thats not FOA. Just for the fact that I do not use any of those things listed in foa.
  18. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    hmmm none of that has anything to do with FOA. Try Verifying arma 3. FOA doesnt deal with the majority of those warning messages. Thats not foa. sorry I couldnt help. Like I said the only help I can offer is Verify arma 3.
  19. mikey74

    Spawn Custom Units & SP Respawn

    There is a work around for sp respawn found herehttp://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?191558-Releasing-a-few-of-my-scripts-SP_respawn-find-true-cover-and-maybe-few-others&p=2933011#post2933011
  20. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    in your userconfigs make sure this is set to one FOA_Module = 1;
  21. mikey74

    Feat of Arms

    I dont think I released that one yet. We replaced claybucks with fly's. Becuase I couldnt make the claybucks invisible on server, but I do not think thats been released yet. HAS it? lol
  22. Try _soldier1 doFollow leader (group _soldier1); or {_x doFollow leader (group _soldier1)} forEach units (group soldier1); Put in init of trigger or unloadwp or SAD wp
  23. Look at this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/assignAsCargoIndex Use this to find who is in that cargo position then use an if assignedCargo statement to unassign them then run your script. ;) Not tested but should in theory if I explained that well work. :)