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  1. in my mission place another trigger bluefor pressent at your extraction area and I think put this in the condition line: this && !Novy or !Stary and in this trigger your want to click effects go down to 2nd or 3rd from the bottom make it a text statement and in there put something like: updated the mission http://www.mediafire.com/?8utduxsou8kswa1
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    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    ***bounces like a 3 year old little kid about to get a new candy bar anxious for the release date**** :D **** pouts like a little 3 year old kid***** lol
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    Dac works pretty well. Mix it with some ACM and it makes for a jam up mission so long as your PC can handle it.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?8utduxsou8kswa1 Here is a simple sample mission. Hope this helps. :D
  5. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101872&highlight=Simple+Support+Module&page=2 Look at Luomu's post. Then read the rest of that thread. Its informative reading and if you have tiny bit of scripting knowledge you can have what you want with the simple support module. And How did I find this thread?!?!?!? I did a search ;) It really does work. :D
  6. Kylania's description should work. Butttt If you need an alternative: I use variables like in 1 trigger I'll make it opfor notpresent for some time in activation put nored = true and another trigger bluefor present for when they arive in the activation put blue = true and 1 more trigger in the condition I put nored && blue then in activation I'll put Kamenka = true. Place similer triggers over each town and have one last trigger that has each name of the final trigger and set it to end. If you like and I have time this weekend I'll set up a mock mission for ya. becuase that sounded more complicated then it should have lol. Not sure when I can because my Grandfather is about to pass away. But If I get time and need to clear my mind I'll work on it if you'd like and set up a link in here...:)
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    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    JARHEADDD!!!!! This is the @#%@#%#@% bomb!!!!! Dont get me wrong I liked VOP and CSM. But they always seemed to lack something. Im more about atmosphere and CSM was top dog to me till you put yours out. I cannot believe this is your 1st mod! That beeing said. And dont change nothing on my account its just one feedback... but the biggest thing that Id change would be I think it was when I shot a tank with an m4 by accident. It sounded like 3 or 4 bullet hits on the tank. I did this more then once and with just myself shooting. Anyways thanks for the mod. It makes Arma way more enjoyable. lol I was actually jumping out of my seat when I put my platoon in a bad way with the bullets wizzing by my head and then I was hit by mortars!!!! holy #$%#$% I #$%$ near messed myself!!! LOL lol All excitement aside. This is a top notch mod. Yeh some improvements can be made. BUT that beeing said I use this one over the ones more polished. That says alot as I can be abit picky about sounds. ;) Mikey74
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    Name a Group

    ha haaaa that worked great!!!! Thanks!!!!
  9. mikey74

    Name a Group

    ahh thanks was wondering about the exit thing. :) It had the same results. Maybe its how Im calling the script? Thanks for your reply. :) I know I can make it work by writing a script to spawn them in. Just seems like I should be able to do this without doing that.
  10. mikey74

    Name a Group

    Wolle/anybody lol is there any way to use the group name in a script and it be recognized? Basically I have two groups that if they are killed Im going to offer reinforcments for each group thats killed. in the init field I did Grp1 = group this; and then tried the above, but doesnt seem to work. Example in the editor Ive named two groups: Grp1 and Grp2 Ive placed a trigger with anybody notpresent that calls a script and here is my code: hint format ["testing now"]; sleep 3; waitUntil { {alive _X && !(fleeing _X)} count "Grp1" == 0 or {alive _X && !(fleeing _X)} count "Grp2" == 0; }; hint format ["should have infantry support"]; helo = True publicVariable "helo"; exit; Yes The public Varible works with my other scripts ;) Dont think thats my issue. :D thanx :)
  11. OK this i what I did. I combined some of yours, tiney bit of my ideas, and some of lulics. http://www.mediafire.com/?czmjfbmw54kkm9s It has your CAS, Para, modified INf inserted by a helo landing not paradrops, and 2 m1a2 tanks from OA. Like I said tiny bit of me.lol I actually like the inf beter beeing flown in not dropped in. :ok: Thanks for your script and help :) ps enemies on the map forgot to delete them. just couple Russian inf squads on other side of the bridge. sorry for the double post how does one delete a post?? If its you guys delete my prior post please. Again Im sorry for double post.
  12. I've got your Original script they dont start on the ground. I put them where they would spawn on my position and He was in the air. :386: It looks like this: _pos = [(getmarkerpos "SpawnPoint" select 0), (getmarkerpos "SpawnPoint" select 1), [u][i][b]50[/b][/i][/u]]; // <--- the 50 works it spawns about 50 meters in the air _dir = random 360; _westAircraft = ["AH64D_EP1","AH1Z","A10_US_EP1","AV8B2","F35B"]; _unit = player; _group = createGroup West; if (casActive) exitWith {hint "Close Air Support is unavailable!"}; casActive = true; _veh = [_pos, _dir, _westAircraft select (random count _westAircraft), _group] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _veh = _veh select 0; _units = units _group;
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    Weird thing

    Are there any AT enemies on the map?
  14. I did this but was trying it with your CAS script. but Im stump on what to replace the (random count _west....) Couldnt get it right so Ive abandoned that for now. As for the flying hieght... whats wrong with it seems fine?
  15. thanks cobra... Im actually going to keep trying with the bis function stuff... I have a couple ideas. the biggest thing driving me crazy is I want to get 2 CAS (same units not 2 different ones) instead of one and I cant find a quick fix to it. lol my loops are not working. As for player... Your just using _unit player as a reference point right? maybe change to map click or a marker? If you have the US support Script misson by Lucilk I'll send you the CAS file that works... but its spawns 2 different units. but works with US Support. ;)
  16. I think your scripts are awesome... Thanks. Is the CAS the final product on page 2 of this thread? ummm also Im linking this with the US support script by the Lucilk. Also making it under high command rather then squad. If you'd like I'll send ya what I got when its working properly... or whats working right now. lol
  17. mikey74

    US Support

    hmm Ive edited his script a bit on the inf/tank support... maybe yours cas support can work.... so far Ive tried but no luck.... although there is no reason it shouldnt work... I'll let ya know If I get it running. Both of you guys are smart. Merging both your ideas will be ideal for what I do. Thanks a million!!!
  18. http://uploading.com/files/4cf67d28/init.sqf/ http://uploading.com/files/895bbfmc/mission.sqm/ Put these in a folder in your mission directory name the folder ssm.Takistan Make sure this is in your mission directory.
  19. I did that... but I did it through the Initsqf somewhere I musta did it wrong.. anyways I put it in the init on the ssm module and it worked fine. ohhh for anyoneelse trying it if Airstrike dont work with the f35b Type F35B instead of F-35B. ;) Typo Correct Thanks a million :)
  20. Not sure Where but someone had asked for some camp configs. These are the ones I use they are not complete yet but here ya are hope you enjoy. PS It includes a camp that I use for the undead mod. Im not a big fan of it but my oldest boys loves it. lol
  21. I use Dac it makes the mission pretty random. :D Its the best thing sinse they invented Icecream. :D
  22. You mean something like a Trigger?
  23. Ive tried putting this in the init of my player to change airsupport from an a10 to and F35 fighter. Doesnt seem to work. Has anyone figured out how to change this? thanks :) ps thanks for all the other help. The changin troops works I was also wondering if there is a way to change the helo to a c130? :D thanks again.