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  1. Now Just tested newer version. It all depends on type of ammo you are throwing there. for instance When I use Artillery shells I can place them 3000 k away and 3000 k in the air. They all hit where I want them... BUT when testing with bombs. no can do. You'll have to keep things at range I previously posted for Bo_GBU12_LGB Here is what I am playing with now: lol sorry had 2 targets I was messing with beggerm is a civilian I used this script to pic off on a bridge. Just with this version if you use a bomb or anything other than artillery you want get desired results fall back to the last post. ;) ok This seems to work pretty good with bombs: If you use bombs and 1st script above make speed 5. Bombs don't move as fast a projectiles.
  2. Here is something you may have fun with... Give it a try: _posO = TB1 getPos [300, (getDir TB1)]; _posO = [(_posO select 0),(_posO select 1),(75 + random 175)]; for "_i" from 1 to 200 do { _Ptargt = TB1 getPos [random 100 + random -100, random 360]; _flrObj = createVehicle ["Bo_GBU12_LGB", _posO, [], 0, "FLY"]; _dir = _flrObj getDir _Ptargt; _flrObj SetDir _dir; _speed = 2;// comment "Added speed"; //Next code sets bombs in direction with good amount of velocity to random TB1 pos ie _Ptargt = TB1 getPos [random 100 + random -100, random 360]; _flrObj setVelocity (((ATLToASL _Ptargt) vectorDiff (getPosASL _flrObj)) vectorMultiply _speed); ///Make sure all positions are in ASL format sleep random 1.5; }; TB1 is a target I placed on map. ps: Set _speed to 0.2; you can see them coming in significantly slower then work your way up till your happy. let me explain a bit _posO sets the bomb about 300 meters in front of target. This can be changed from any to random directions. _Ptargt sets random position to bomb around TB1 _dir gets direction from the bomb to the target Then next line sets direction. The next 2 lines set the speed to hit that position. :D hope you like and this helps. :)
  3. Set them to Careless till they get a certain distance from Kavala. use something like waitUntil {_unit distance Kavala < 300}; then set them to combat. You'll either need to place an object down and give it Kavala name in the variable name section.
  4. mikey74

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    In the script I have above. Just hint str which ever units you want to see. It will give you all of them. Cup infantry will be in there with all others...: example hint str RYD_WS_Inf_class will give you all infantry classnames of vanilla and mods you have loaded. :)
  5. mikey74

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Cool beans didn't notice the auto file feature. lol Guess I got to busy learning the config commands I didn't look hard enough. Thanks. :)
  6. mikey74

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I go through and create personal unit mods like a kid and candy. So I created this little script I've been using on personal missions. Maybe it will be useful to you and others. I put this in my init.sqf of any mission I'm playing or just goofing around with. So rather than going through and finding all the classes or a post with classes I wrote this to go into any HAL type mission I like playing through with different mods loaded. Hope this helps
  7. mikey74

    Variables not working?

    Used a ghost hawk with same names. Mine worked good. But I could be doing something different than you. Sometimes an extra set of eyes can help. Can you upload a sample mission just of what you are trying to do. If I have time I'll try and see whats wrong.
  8. lol I didn't know I already responded to this one. Glad ya got it working. :)
  9. mikey74

    Latest and Greatest AI Mod?

    Well I got to partially agree with both of you guys. You can manipulate AI. At one point FOA was very good a getting cover and doing what soldiers do in combat. But as for playing with hard coded stuff no. But BIS did leave us modders some back doors. So I used a few back doors to make the AI act as the stories I've heard and read. So in a sense it is possible to manipulate the AI, but Can Me Genesis,Fabio, or the other guys mess with the hard coded stuff. Not on your life. If we could we would have at one point or another. That being said. Because BIS has imo made very good improvements on AI. I just took the last version of FOA and basically enhanced what BIS already had. Worked good at one point. Just they have so many updates its hard to keep up and keep mods up to date. Especially when you're just one person.
  10. Was thinking not sure what your variables are but maybe TPW_Civillians, TPW_cars, and TPW_Air; Kinda rushed it out. Had some last minute Valentine shopping to do. lol But you can use those 3 global arrays to call up what you need. If you need to match factions it will take a bit more work, but I can probably get you pointed on the right direction on that and let your expertise blow it outa the water. ;) P.S ohhhh I forgot I have a script with what I sent you that makes planes use airports. They will fly from one airport to another. Its not 100% working but works a little. If you want I can send that your way too. Not sure Your mod has that yet? p.s.s lol You probably wont want those airport scripts, but if you do can confirm it works on Tonoa(except AI has problem in one of the major airports navigating), Altis, Cherneruas, Isla Duala(had to flinagle it but works), Panthera, but not on Sahrani. Let me know I'll need to clean it up a bit and put notes though. lol
  11. You can try something like this. May work a bit better depending on what you are looking for: I put it in my init.sqf file: I placed 1 civilian on map as my target and named him beggerm Call it through init, a trigger, or by another script with this: bustuup = [beggerm, 5] call Create_flare_bombs; My internet is to slow to show the results with a video, but try it out and see maybe you'll like it. ;)
  12. Hi TPW, You can try something like this to get all civilians, cars, and air that's loaded on players pc. private ["_cfgArray","_cfgVehicles"]; _CIVMen = []; _CIVAir = []; _CIVCar = []; _cfgArray = "( (getNumber (_x >> 'scope') >= 2) && { getNumber (_x >> 'side') == 3 } )" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); _cfgVehicles = []; { _cfgVehicles pushBack (configName _x) } forEach _cfgArray; for "_c" from 0 to (count _cfgVehicles - 1) do { private ["_current"]; _current = _cfgVehicles select _c; if (_current iskindof "Man") then { _CIVMen pushBack _current; }; if (_current iskindof "Air") then { _CIVAir pushBack _current; }; if (_current iskindof "Car") then { _CIVCar pushBack _current; }; }; use this to see what all it got: hint str [_CIVMen,_CIVAir,_CIVCar]; //or CopyToClipboard str [_CIVMen,_CIVAir,_CIVCar]; This is what it gives me on my PC: Hope this helps. Always loved your mods
  13. mikey74


    Just curious. I had thought about doing something like this at one point but could never get ahold of the modders who created these mods to get permission. Do you have to get Permission to use there mods in another mod? Very nicely done btw. :) Congrats! :)
  14. I edited the grabber. It works good. I've not got the mapper working 100% yet. At rate I'm going Bis will fix it. The Bis Mapper works but if you make like a house with Mg's at windows. They all spawn in laying down. But here is a grabber that can get you guys started. _CompGrab = { /* File: objectGrabber.sqf Author: Joris-Jan van 't Land Description: Converts a set of placed objects to an object array for the DynO mapper. Places this information in the debug output for processing. Parameter(s): _this select 0: position of the anchor point (Array) _this select 1: size of the covered area (Scalar) _this select 2: grab object orientation? (Boolean) [default: false] Returns: Ouput text (String) */ private ["_anchorPos", "_anchorDim", "_grabOrientation"]; _anchorPos = _this param [0, [0, 0], [[]]]; _anchorDim = _this param [1, 50, [-1]]; _grabOrientation = _this param [2, false, [false]]; private ["_objs"]; _objs = nearestObjects [_anchorPos, ["house"], _anchorDim]; _objsALL = nearestObjects [_anchorPos, ["All"], _anchorDim]; _objsALL = _objsALL - _objs; _objs append _objsALL; //Formatting for output private ["_br", "_tab", "_outputText"]; _br = toString [13, 10]; _tab = toString [9]; //Adding meta-data //_outputText = "/*" + _br + "Grab data:" + _br; //_outputText = _outputText + "Mission: " + (if (missionName == "") then {"Unnamed"} else {missionName}) + _br; //_outputText = _outputText + "World: " + worldName + _br; //_outputText = _outputText + "Anchor position: [" + (str (_anchorPos select 0)) + ", " + (str (_anchorPos select 1)) + "]" + _br; //_outputText = _outputText + "Area size: " + (str _anchorDim) + _br; //_outputText = _outputText + "Using orientation of objects: " + (if (_grabOrientation) then {"yes"} else {"no"}) + _br + "*/" + _br + _br;// _outputText = [];//"[";//_outputText + "[" + _br; //hint str _outputText;sleep 5; //_outputText = []; //First filter illegal objects { //Exclude non-dynamic objects (world objects) private ["_allDynamic"]; _allDynamic = allMissionObjects "All"; if (_x in _allDynamic) then { //Exclude characters private ["_sim"]; _sim = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _x) >> "simulation"); if (_sim in ["soldier"]) then { _objs set [_forEachIndex, -1]; }; } else { _objs set [_forEachIndex, -1]; }; } forEach _objs; _objs = _objs - [-1]; //Process remaining objects { private ["_type", "_ASL", "_objPos", "_dX", "_dY", "_z", "_azimuth", "_fuel", "_damage", "_orientation", "_varName", "_init", "_simulation", "_replaceBy", "_outputArray"]; _type = typeOf _x; _ASL = _x getVariable ["ASL", false]; if (!_ASL) then {_objPos = position _x;} else {_objPos = getPosASL _x;}; //To cover some situations (inside objects with multiple roadways)_objPos = _x modelToWorld [0,0,0];// _anTH = getTerrainHeightASL _anchorPos; _mvTH = getTerrainHeightASL _objPos; _Th = _mvTH - _anTH; _dX = (_objPos select 0) - (_anchorPos select 0); _dY = (_objPos select 1) - (_anchorPos select 1); //_z = (_objPos select 2) - (_anchorPos select 2); _z = (_objPos select 2);//(_Th + ((_anchorPos select 2) - (_objPos select 2))); _azimuth = direction _x; _fuel = fuel _x; _damage = damage _x; if (_grabOrientation) then {_orientation = _x call BIS_fnc_getPitchBank;} else {_orientation = [];}; _varName = vehicleVarName _x; _init = _x getVariable ["init", ""]; //TODO: re-enable once 3D editor simulation is fixed //_simulation = simulationEnabled _x; _simulation = _x getVariable ["simulation", true]; _replaceBy = _x getVariable ["replaceBy", ""]; if (_replaceBy != "") then {_type = _replaceBy;}; _outputArray = [_type, [_dX, _dY, _z], _azimuth, _fuel, _damage, _orientation, _varName, _init, _simulation, _ASL]; //_outputText = _outputText + _tab + (str _outputArray); //_outputText = if (_forEachIndex < ((count _objs) - 1)) then {_outputText + ", " + _br} else {_outputText + _br}; _outputText pushBack _outputArray; debugLog (format ["Log: objectGrabber: %1", _outputArray]); } forEach _objs; //_outputText = _outputText + "]"; //copyToClipboard str _outputText; //hint str _outputText; _outputText };
  15. mikey74

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I sent you a dropbox link via messaging. Have a few other projects I am working on involving AI if I don't release them separately or revive AISS or even If I do let me know I'll share them. It involves medical and ammo.
  16. mikey74

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I've got a few scripts started for finding static for AISS that I never finished to add to AISS. Basically the scripts use the find function to find out what a bag may be holding. I remember I was fairly close. I've kind of abandoned everything do to moving and work. If you'd like to take a look and can use them let me know I'll see if I can knock some of the dust off them and send them your way.
  17. Should be the position from the module or if synced to something from position of the something synced. ;)
  18. _position = [_position,0,150,10,0,0,0,[],[_position]] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; Maybe try find safe Position. I had the same problem so I re wrote bis spawn script for some of my stuff. But BIS_fnc_findSafePos may fix your problem.
  19. Introducing: Squad Action Menu Orders (SAMO) A.I.M Team Founders Mikey74 StTosin CosmiC10R A.I.M testing and development Team FroggyLuv Redarmy Jcae2798 flyingPenguin Jackralph Brickwall instructions for keybinds: When a mission has begun, goto configure, then click controls. Down the bottom you will see Configure Addons, here is where you will find the default SAMO key to rebind. A Special thanks to the A.I.M team for all the hardwork! Thanks RAINF for simplifying instructions for keybinding. Thanks badLucky1776 for the help on that last version ... I am considering changing the menu call to "Layin down the Hate" lol and a very Special Thanks to PitGurl for the logos... Samo provides you with easy access to commands on demand: It provides you with a pointer to better see where your orders will take place. You can order your units to cover fire. This is based off position you are pointing at. So I recommend you use the pointer before giving this command. You can order your units to disperse at position your looking at. Same as above recommend using the pointer. You can order you units to watch a certain position. Same as above recommend using the pointer . You can Order units into different combat modes: Go Hot will command units to go to combat behavior and free to engage. Go Silent will command units to go into stealth mode only firing when they are spotted. All clear will tell units to go aware and engage if a target is spotted. This will not take effect if enemies are known about. All of these commands are accessed by you mouse wheel Just like if you want to change to AT weapon or pistol. Its not perfect yet, but it does add to the commands for your squad. Also If you have AISS this will be included in the next AISS update. This is no longer in the action menu and can only be called via bound keys that can be rebound in the configure add on menu of the configure >>> controls menu in a mission the keys do stay set to the key so you dont have to do it every mission. Forgot to mention this version includes RedArmy's Rapid Action Suppress key and StTosin's new Rapid Action Cease Fire key bound in the same configure addons menu. Cosmic Download: SAMO V0.36A RELEASE VERSION LINK Thanks to Cosmic and AIM team!!! :) You all get atta boys!!! Mikey... please add .36 - cba 1.09 compatible version link on main page.... pretty please :D :D Previous: BIG THANKS goes out to Sttosin a visionary/tester who has pushed me to make this better and continues relentlessly pushing me. ;) CosmiC10R wise/coding guru/tester who has pointed out valuable information and bugs I would have missed other wise. froggyluv is now apart of the AIM team. His information has also been Valuable to us. ;) We are still open for coders and testers and other for AISS and SAMO. Please pm me if you are interested. If this is a success its because of these two. The vision and information are invaluable! If it flops its all me. :)
  20. Thanks a lot of time and effort went into this. Cosmic has done a great job. I'm currently working on a HC version of SAMO. ITS very early works. Right now its for IFA3. I'm making for a friend. That being said we may look into adding an option for curators to be able to do some things when we start moving it to no mod requirments. I know very little of Zeus so I cant promise anything.
  21. Subscribe at Steam Pics on steam Tanoan government raised a standing army under intense negotiations with CSATI leadership. Meanwhile, NATO has dispatched some Contractors to help fight back CSATI influence. included: Infantry and motorized units for Tanoan Army Infantry and motorized units for Military contractors. Functions: The contractors are elite soldiers. They will have better skills than most. Quick response crews will disembark upon contact, and make repairs if needed when combat is done. More to come.
  22. mikey74


    Yeh I used the General for his uniform for the TCA units. I edited the texture of the Rangemaster for the contractors uniforms, but ended up having to use the Rangemaster and the General to set up the base units for my units. When I configed in the textures for any other unit it looked like I blended uniforms. With what u posted.... maybe just maybe I can use other units as a base for my base.
  23. mikey74


    Thanks for that. This means I've got to go in a redo some things. :P That being said. I did it the hard way!!!!! lmbo Im assuming you can do the same with your own textures you edit or create? I'll deffo have to play with that a bit.
  24. Not sure what I will do with FOA. Apex has improved AI a ton sense its release. So if you are a fan. Try Arma without FOA. Then try FOA. Then put your suggestions in here. If there is enough interest I'll see about an update or rewrite. AI programing is very time consuming. lol
  25. wow. I havnt looked on this thread in a while. I thought there was no interest in ambs anymore. btw MOVING AGAIN! Soo once I get settled AGAIN and get my scheduled worked out. I'll look into making an update for this one. I also need to find a good turorial or someone willing to take the time to show me have to make modules work correctly in Zeus and Eden. Specially Zeus. If that happens I'll start creating more modules. Right now just released a unit mod. Going to put up that thread now.