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  1. It seems as if something is instantly corrupting my save files. Doesn't matter wether its an autosave or a manual save. I save the game, but when I load the save I just get the 'end of mission screen' with nothing on it, and often times a weird random camera angle in the background with nothing happening.

    I have tested all my mods both seperately and together and I can't point it down what is causing it specifically. Its only when I enable some mods or all of my mods that it occurs. It seems to happen randomly at some point with some mods enabeled regardless which ones. 

    I suspect it might be a CBA issues since I can load that on its own without any problem. Its only in combination with other mods that I get this issue. 

    I was wondering wether anybody else is running into this issue, and if there is a fix I can do, or underway by the dev's

  2. Honestly, I just want to say. I think its so friggin cool that this has become a mod that keeps changing hands. It ensures that it never really dies out and it makes it a truely community made project. John Spartan and Saul gave us a great mod, than TeTeT did a great job furter updating it and maintaining the mod. And now it gets a new owner and who knows what they will do with it. Its just so cool. Great work everyone. This is why I still play Arma after all these years. You guys are the best. 

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  3. On 24-11-2018 at 1:23 AM, SGT Fuller said:

    Hello all just wanted to put it out there. I am currently deployed to another country and without my laptop for the time being but fear not the grind goes on but please continue to be patient with us as the holiday season is upon us and we do have lives outside of Arma. Thanks for your understanding.


    No prob, stay safe!

  4. 4 minutes ago, ferpo_the_great said:

    Forgive me if this is something the mod cannot control, but is there any way to get the B1 and B2 AI to behave more like strategic bombers rather than CAS? My guess is that its an ARMA thing but it would be nice if the AI would fly bombers at higher altitudes rather than behave like an F-35 or A-10


    Pretty sure there's a set min/max altitude command for AI flying planes. 

  5. Just now, raynor_d said:


    Appreciate the feedback. I definitely got carried away with the contrast on the spec map. The original diffuse texture had a ton of dirt baked in as well which I tried to reduce. Also baked the AS map today. Much happier with the look now. 



    For people who prefer the dirty look, I'll make it a combat-worn livery down the road. These will be 50 year old fuselages by 2035 after all. :rthumb:


    Yeah, that looks better in my opinion. Also if you're going to make a combat worn look, perhaps it'll be cool to include some flaked paint in the specular/metallic map. A lot of on duty A10's have paint flaked away and scratches around the refuel cap on the nose and stuff. 

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  6. Looking great! Good to see progress is still going strong. One suggestion I would like to give is to tone down the dirtyness of the A-10 a bit. The textures look great, but I feel like the darkened lines and smudges are just a tad to much, most notably on the sides of the hull.


    Other than that amazing work. Keep it up people! Looking forward to the release. 

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  7. On 14-6-2018 at 6:12 PM, WurschtBanane said:


    No, they are the SAME missiles. This mods aim120 and R77 depict the same missiles and are supposed to work the same as vanilla. Just that vanilla is modeled better when it comes to range and Probability of Kill. And last time i checked the radar guided mod missiles were heatseaking.

     They're not entirely the same. They don't work with Blastcore for instance. 

  8. I'm sorry to hear you stopped development. I really enjoyed the missions, they were well done. Hopefully you'll decide to come back to them some day. After the release of Tanks DLC the game should be more stable. 

  9. 13 hours ago, firewill said:

    on purpose??? i never use the blastcore so how can i make incompatable of that with purpose? 


    Some mod makers purposfully don't want that mod to be compatable with theirs. So they change the classnames of the munitions blastcore uses to produce the effects. 

    But I take it from your reaction that you didn't so the issue must be something else then. 

  10. 22 hours ago, The Man Without Qualities said:


    Hi Cyclonic Tuna


    That would mean that each and every item (and it's surface and inner material) must be modeled and simulated as in real life in terms of absorbing, reflecting and emitting energy.

    That would come in 10 years :-)


    That is one reason why I support game scenarios in 1930s to 1985 when radar, IR and its sensors were not that advanced so that BIS would be able to simulate at least this level of technology.


    Uhm, no that's not what I meant. I just want them  to turn up the contrast a little bit on the enviroment, and turn down the brightness a tad on people and vehicles. Its just a texture they use. It shouldn't take 10 years. It shouldn't even really take 10 weeks really. 

    They already have the system in place, it just needs to be tweaked. 

  11. One thing I'd like to see improved, not just for tanks but across the board really is the FLIR simulation. I feel like the contrast of FLIR camera's in the game right now it too low when it coms to the enviroment. Real FLIR camera's have wider range of values to display things that are hot and cold. 

    I think it could help improve target acquisition a lot if you could actually see what you're looking at through a FLIR scope, wether it be a house, a tree or a rock. Instead of having this almost equally grey backdrop with white hot blips appearing every now and again. 

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