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  1. CyclonicTuna

    USS Nimitz

    NICE!!! I played around with it a bit and ofcourse it isn't finished yet, it looks very promessing. With some more work you could head for the best mod of 2011! I still would like to see the F/A-18 Superhornet combined with it though.
  2. CyclonicTuna

    USS Nimitz - WIP

    I respect you for taking on such a task. And I'm certenly loving this mod already, but do you think the final mod will come with F-18 superhornets?
  3. CyclonicTuna

    UAV really works?

    Can you lock on with the laser designator? I pretty much have the same problem but when I zoom in the camera of the UAV becomes uncontrollable. I just wan't my crosshairs to stay locked on the target when I'm layzing it. Can anyone help!?
  4. CyclonicTuna


    I quite a noob and want to know all the ins and outs of the contols and menu's, for example, i cant get my GBU's to lock onto a target when I'm in my AV-8B or A-10. please help!!!!:(:(