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  1. The Arma series definitely needs addons like this. A brilliant mod. I also got these same bugs in my own test scenario. Also using the cover system indoors was sometimes a bit dangerous.
  2. Dogmeat of Finland

    80s, 90s, early 2000 US Military

    This These look pretty damn good. I hope you can make a config for default BIS weapons (no depencies on CWR2 or Vilas addons). I'm always using ACE and custom sound packs so it's a pain in the ass when the units use separate weapons. This would be a good idea. Default BIS units and most of the custom ones always look way too clean.
  3. Dogmeat of Finland

    Design Mastery Characters

    Amazing units. They really have character (the marines made by BIS always looked too clean and slim but thats just my opinion). You should add the M4 variants pack as a required mod on the download page so people wouldn't get confused about the black hands bug. It would also be neat to get a replacement config for ACE desert marines sometime in the future if you have the time and even use ACE.
  4. Dogmeat of Finland

    Stalker Units 0.5a

    Do these models still have the twisted arm and leg problem? I always found it to be very distracting and it made the units feel broken.
  5. Dogmeat of Finland

    Stalker Units 0.5a

    It's good to see that the Stalker units weren't abandoned after all. The models may be a bit old but they still look badass (or maybe I just have a gas mask fetish). I always wanted to play as a mercenary.
  6. Dogmeat of Finland

    Infection (light zombie addon)

    I always found Charons Undead Mod to be overly complicated. When I just wanted to create some dumb shambling corpses to some small village they always wanted to wander around and create new infected towns with new zombie spawns. It was such a pain to be forced to turn off all those extra functions which could possibly ruin your mission. Then again those extra functions are pretty damn good but they should have been off by default. I haven't tried this new addon yet but it sounds promising if it indeed is so simple as the description says. I'll have to give this a go when I'm off work.
  7. Dogmeat of Finland

    US Marines

    I had completely missed this ACE pack. Thanks for these.
  8. Dogmeat of Finland

    ARMA 2 freezes every few seconds

    After couple of the latest beta patches this problem started to occur on my system aswell. I used to be able to run the game just fine before. My friend also has the same bug. This might be the final straw to make me uninstall the game completely. Everytime I patch the game something else gets broken but this is the worst bug yet since it makes the game completely unplayable. I tried different islands with many different settings with no luck. !!!Edit: Damn... do I feel stupid now. I noticed the new beta patch on Armaholic news. I was about to install it when I noticed that the whole beta folder was missing from my Arma 2 folder but still showing up on my mod launcher. Now I installed the new patch and the game doesn't freeze at all... well after a couple of tries atleast. And here I was bitching about beta patches breaking the game. My bad BIS... . I have no idea how the orginal beta folder has been removed. I even played online with couple of my friends without any real problems other than low fps and some freezes. And those guys were definately running a patched game.
  9. Dogmeat of Finland

    US Marines

    Thanks for these Bink. These are a vast improvement over the orginal marines. I just hope that we could get a new replacer version so we could enjoy these in old missions. The old replacer version does seem to work but it won't replace all of the classes (for example medics, automatic rifle men and some others).
  10. Dogmeat of Finland

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Me and my friend have encountered this AI bug since the first version of Invasion. I usually play with ACE but in the earlier versions I tried to play against the AI without any mods and the AI was very passive even then. I have used the new version only with ACE+Zeus AI and only by setting the difficulty level slider to the max the AI has been able to give me some challenge. The AI units using basic rifles can be almost brain dead most of the time. The SMG guys don't seem to have such problems but they still seem pretty slow. It would be a shame to be able to only use DAC generated units.
  11. Dogmeat of Finland

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Good job with the new release. I'm amazed how detailed every unit and weapon looks. This mod certainly has that "WW2 atmosphere". Maybe I'm just stupid or blind but I couldn't find a way how to add DAC German ambient shouts. I did depbo Para's and D+1 but I couldn't figure out how the sounds were done. I did manage to find this thread but it didn't really help. Could somebody just give us a link or better yet an example mission?
  12. I've been waiting for Combine soldiers for ages. I was hoping that somebody would make them even when I was still playing the good old OFP. That model looks great.
  13. Dogmeat of Finland

    Chechen War Russians

    Great units! Totally bad ass looking Russians... what else can I say :D This was my first thought too.
  14. Dogmeat of Finland

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Already answered I have been using this with SLX without any problems but I use only few of the SLX features. I have been using some animation tweaks and the wounding addon.
  15. Dogmeat of Finland

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    These units look great! Forget the beards. Just add more hoods and balaclavas. There can never be enough of those. Some bandanas too if it's not too much work. Maybe your FIA units could be used as some sort of a reorganized military remnant along with these guys?