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  1. I had a constructive opinion, I said they didn't look very like Irish soldiers, I didn't have a break down. I gave my opinion. Not sure why you feel the need to interpret that as an attack. I'm aware of the shooting teams having access to Elcans but do they really have enough to re-equip all PDF combat units without significant additional purchasing. As to the new kit, when it was being brought on stream it was stated in the PR blurb that it was for combat units. I haven't looked at dress or H&S regs because it doesn't affect me. That may have changed in the last eight months as I've been out of action. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about "sandbags" deigning to comment. I have experience of modding for this game and as I have stated before I would like this team to succeed where I didn't. Therefore I don't just sit around saying "Oh it's very good" when I don't believe it is and think it's possible for them to do better.
  2. As I said there are photos of the new kit in there. On mp.net a bloke also took photos of all of the new kit as it was issued. Also most of those photos aren't of reservists, the Vest and Lowe Backpack/Daysack and the RBH derived helmet all only came on stream for PDF Combat and Combat support arms at the end 2008/early 2009. No reason to believe A2s will be adopted, and unless you're talking about the Spectre I don't see us buying into a sight that is already on its way to obsolescence. Combat Service Support appointments in the PDF will only get the new Load carrying and PPE systems if they are deploying o/seas.
  3. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?2931-Irish-military-photos&highlight=Irish Everything from the 80s to present. Including some course photos of blokes in a typical Irish training situation (In a forest of course) in the newest kit. http://www.military.ie/ http://www.dfmagazine.ie/ http://gallery.irishmilitaryonline.com/main.php http://kildare.ie/defenceforces/history.HTM Blink, I am fully aware of what the new kit looks like. And I appreciate the work that goes into making units look unique. But I think it would be an awful waste of all your effort to release something that looks generic. ---------- Post added at 09:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:42 AM ---------- Yes I did. Because generally it's better to be honest with people rather than lying and doing them a disfavour in the process.
  4. I hate to say it. But to me they just don't look like Irish Soldiers of any stripe.
  5. Uncle Imshi

    Project RACS

    Hi Guys, Been following this project with great interest. I did a thread search and can't find this, but will your units be on independent or west/blufor side? If they are blufor would you have any objection to a group that was really keen on them as a unique opfor for private Co-Op games modifying the config to make them Opfor?
  6. That's because we never ordered one. The additional per unit cost of fitting a recovery arm was around €1m at the time of our original PIIIH purchase so the Army made do with a couple of winch equipped fitters vehicles. There are a number of softskin vehicles equipped with a recovery crane or wrecker arm in service but nothing under armour unless we have the cab armour kits for the Scania 8x8s
  7. Just to confirm, since the texture isn't in place/working on the A3 Beta - you are using the Meprolight and not just an EoTech sight right?
  8. You chaps do know it's a subvariant of the original RG32M?
  9. From public sources. Elcan (Not the spectre the old one - may be obsolete in service now) Meprolight Reflex sight http://www.onpoi.net/ah/pics/users/448_1083972847_kosovo,0.jpg = that's the standard AUG A1 optic, the EBS are the notches on top. With the AUG/F88s in A1 the sight was permanently fitted as the sight and receiver (and cocking handle) are all one unit.
  10. The basic AUG A1 and A2 (although all A2's had a picatinny toprail) come with a 1.5x magnification optic built into the weapon, the only "ironsight" on the weapon is an emergency battle sight on top of this optic, this consists of two rear posts and a fore post each with an illuminated dot on them, and are more comparible to a pistol sight than a rifle ironsight. They were intended for use in CQB or if the optic failed.
  11. It's a real shame this project didn't carry on to fruition, but best of luck chaps. Your attention to quality will surely be reflected in other successes outside of ArmA.
  12. Hey guys, While I really do hope you'll succeed. That list worries me. Please focus on getting out one project at a time. Also putting daysacks on every unit is gay. Doubly so in an aceified world. KISS guys. And best of luck.
  13. Is anyone out there working on a swamp island? i.e. mostly or wholly covered with water varying from ankle height, up to swimming depth with a few canals and/or irrigation ditches leading alongside roads and paths towardsa few small farmsteads of compounds with enterable buildings. With maybe two or three pieces of highground on it to allow domination of the island from these points.
  14. Cheers mate, you've put me in a good position to start.