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  1. Does the human eye blur your surroundings when you turn your head in real life though? No... If your vision gets motion blur then get your eyes checked. Making it a separate option will keep everyone happy (people who think turning your head should cause the world to look like you just took a hit of acid, and people like us who like to see the world rendered as it would be in real life). I have to agree, I think a separate option for each post processing effect would be best under advanced options rather than the "basic" option that is there now. Most games already have this, and to think that the initial release wouldn't even let us turn it off w/o a 3rd party mod (as was the case in ARMA) is laughable. At least give us the command line config parameters. I'd like HDR to also have it's own scale factor as well. Motion blur would be more realistic in cases of great speed, not normal every day looking around or even doing a 360 really quickly. Think about what it was like being on a merry-go-round when you were a kid, you had to be going pretty fast to make the world seem blurry, and then only things near by got blurry. ---------- Post added at 04:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:12 PM ---------- I think what he was getting at is the game has been patched a few times now, it no longer needs a 3rd party addon to get turned off, and perhaps BI had give us config parameters. There are a large number of posts on this thread, and search is not the greatest within a thread. That said, I agree people who don't try to search for an answer before posting a thread can be frustrating, but two + levels to these types of people 1) Post new thread without search (very annoying) 2) Post to end of an existing thread without reading but honestly depends on how many pages/posts are in the thread. The later is the case for this guy as there are well over 60 posts on this thread going back 3+ months so I'd cut him some slack, and perhaps be more helpful next time. :D ---------- Post added at 04:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:17 PM ---------- It's pretty much all or nothing, no separate settings for blur vs HDR vs bloom etc. Hopefully they'll add one.
  2. So where did the text about the UAV come from? I got it as well. Strange as I was looking forward to sneaking my way across Chernarus...
  3. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Pavlos ---------- Post added at 10:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:36 PM ---------- I should also add I never had this problem in any previous mission. O'Hara seems to be the one who is most problematic, though all have disengaged and started to fire without permission. I've even had him wonder off and disobey move and return to formation orders. I can see this happening if they are threataned but all of these have been provoked attacks. There are times when I wish some of these covert missions were single man missions as the AI can sometimes require too much babysitting. OPF tended to stay single player in those situations. One of my favorite from the original OPF series was the mission to infiltrate the enemy base and enter the two story house to steal the enemy plans (at least I think that was the objective). Another was the one where you sabotaged the 3 tanks at the Russian base at night (both were night missions). Those were the days. Makes me want to install OPF...
  4. If you drive through Krastonav going west (taking the road that goes to Gorka) you'll see a military truck on the left hand side just as you're leaving town. There are 3 soldiers. Sova is hanging from a tree. As for Valentina, the first time I got the call she was dead I'd just talked to her 60 seconds before. Turned the APC around and she and her car were gone... I don't think you can save either. Sort of odd considering. ---------- Post added at 04:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:05 PM ---------- Is there any way to help Dr. Sova and Valentina...??? Just curious. As for getting the downed pilot EVAC mission I found that going after the sentry camps near Manhattan first triggered it each time but perhaps just a fluke on my end.
  5. DaGreek

    Reverting to previous saves

    I just ran into this problem. I got the the end of the mission when one of my guys spotted Lopotev's red hatch back "500 meteres ahead". Drove ahead and there was a red hatchback in Gorka that I thought was the one my guys had seen. Turned out it was the wrong one and 1.5 hours were completely wasted because I failed the mission and my save points were immediately deleted. Not a good design in my opinion. It seems Bis could have at least backed those up in a "mission" directory. It's small stuff like that that has always been frustrating about OPF, ARMA, and now ARMA 2 (granted in OPF we couldn't even save but once unless we did the alt-tab workaround). As a developer that's why we always create use cases based on our customer requirements. While they may have not considered this, if they'd drawn out a few use cases about how save games are used, mission failiures, etc they could have forseen this issue and perhaps thought of a "mission name directory backup" BTW When my guys, or even my character see a target why is that target not illuminated in some way. Perhaps I turned something off as in the first mission targets did get markers. Now my guys call out stuff (or even I do) and then I'm like I don't seen anyting. Very frustrating as in the case above case of mistaken identity. It just happened that there was a red hatchback parked about 500 meters ahead of where my guy had called it and I thought perhaps Lopotev was hiding out in said house... Argh....
  6. Just got ARMA 2 last week. Thought I'd wait for the 'big' bugs to get squished... :p I thought that in ARMA while playing a mission if you set a far off destination/waypoint you'd get an optional overlay on the terrain with a plotted route for you on the roads. Can't figure out how to get this in ARMA 2. While more realistic without it I've gotten lost driving across Chernarus and it's annoying to switch between Map/FP because of the delay. Perhaps I've been playing too much MSFS (taxi guidance) or I just remember wrong from the ARMA campaign days. Never used this in MP, just the Single player campaign (primarily the missions that had us driving into northern Saharani). Regards, Da Greek
  7. Since this doesn't appear to be bound to a setting how can I log a bug/feature enhancement with Bi? I'm basically looking for an option that would let me turn up the opacity on the yellow target marker when it's in the middle of the screen (at which point it's opacity drops to like 20-30 % and is very hard to see against terrain).
  8. Hi, I'm having trouble seeing the color of the objective/waypoint marker against the terrain. Is there an option for changing the color of said marker. I'm pretty sure the one in ARMA/OPF was configurable, granted never had a problem seeing it. The one in ARMA II is not very bright which has a few pros in the realm of not obscuring the terrain, but I'm always hunting for it when I'm trying to see where my (new&existing) waypoint it relative to my location. Thanks, Pavlo
  9. Regular mission way points. For example as mission objective/task changes this is the waypoint soldiers are tasked to go to by the commanding officer These are the ones that the game inserts during a mission that are a slight yellow/orange '^' not ones I place. For example targets get a nice orange hexagon or such shape. Squad mates get a green diamond. The objective is the yellowish caret '^' I'll try seeing if SHIFT + UP/Down works for the in game waypoints (not those I place). Don't have ARMA installed any longer or I'd confirm this was configurable there and in OPF. Thanks, Pavlo ---------- Post added at 11:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:56 PM ---------- Yeah that's what I end up doing. Night missions with NV are best for seeing this as when it's over the screen that is outside FOV from within the NV goggles it becomes less transparent. I think that's the primary issue, that it becomes transparent as it falls over the terrain.:confused: