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  1. So that makes sense. I gave er a rip, but that didn't work. That returned a "error invalid number in expression" (which also does not make sense) with this line of code "_hospitals = (nearestObjects [_target, ["C_Van_02_medevac_F"], 10]);" params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; _hospitals = (nearestObjects [_target, ["C_Van_02_medevac_F"], 10]); hint format ["%1", _hospitals];
  2. I'm trying to make a full heal script with ace 3. Basically, an injured player has to be near a treating facility (building or ambulance). I've made decent progress until it was time to determine the distance from the units to the facility. I can't get a good logical exit if the nearestobjects command returns empty. So the _hospital variable is returned null when it is farther than 10 meters. But i cant get the line if (isNull _hospital) exitwith {hint "You are not at hospital."}; to return anything. I'm sure im missing something smalle. I would greatly appreciate the help. params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; _hospital = (nearestObjects [_target, ["C_Van_02_medevac_F"], 10] select 0); //,"I_E_Truck_02_Medical_F","I_Truck_02_medical_F","O_T_Truck_02_Medical_F","O_T_Truck_03_medical_ghex_F","Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_F","O_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_F","O_Truck_03_medical_F","O_Truck_02_medical_F","B_T_Truck_01_medical_F","B_Truck_01_medical_F","FSGm_ItemMedicBag","FSGm_ItemMedicBagMil" hint format ["%1", _hospital]; sleep 10; if (isNull _hospital) exitwith {hint "You are not at hospital."}; sleep 15; if (_target == _caller) exitwith {Hint "You can not treat yourself."}; if (healing == 1) exitwith {Hint "Someone is currently being treated, please wait."}; if !(alive _target) exitwith {Hint "The Doctor is deceased."}; if (isNull _target) exitwith {hint "No Doctor is not present."}; if (_target distance _hospital > 5) exitwith {Hint "No Doctor is not present."}; if (_caller distance _target > 2) exitwith {Hint "You must be closer to the Doctor."}; hint format ["The hospital is %1, the patient is %2, the doctor is %3", _hospital, _caller, _target]; sleep 1; hint "healing"; healing = 1; sleep 5; call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHeal; healing =0; hint "healing complete";
  3. Im trying to add a hide body script in for a dedicated server mission and am having some problems. Heres What I got. The main problem is that not every client gets the action, in fact only the player that died (after revive) can hide his body. Any insight on this would be appreciated. Init.Sqf: player addEventHandler ["killed",{_this exec "Scripts\addHide.sqs"}]; addhide.sqs: _1 = _this select 0 _1 addAction ["Hide body","scripts\hidebody.sqs",nil,1.4,true,true,"","_this distance _target<4"]; exit hidebody.sqs: _1=_this select 0; _2=_this select 1; _3=_this select 2; _2 playmove "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_AinvPknLmstpSlaywrfldnon"; ~1 hideBody _1; ~5 deleteVehicle _1; _1 removeAction _3; exit
  4. combat-agent

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    I have a couple suggestions if you are willing to take them. 1. Add an ability to alter which gear each side gets, one for opfor/blufor. 2. On loading a customized load out, remove each item thats in the removed item array. Love the script, I have it in almost every mission.
  5. combat-agent

    Warfare BE

    Thanks for the quick reply. I hate to go full retard on you, but what exactly should I change. I loaded up aicommander.fsm and found nothing about purchasing in the fsm editor. I did find a some items retaining to purchasing in aiteam.fsm, but I am unaware what I should change. I will admit, I am familiar with the code, but I have really only viewed fsms, not edited them.
  6. combat-agent

    Warfare BE

    Is there a way to limit what group types the AI commanders choose? I am porting a Vietnam the Experience to BE Warfare, and half of the AI squads are chosen as artillery groups which I didnt even make purchasable, so the AI squads mostly end up just being the squad leader. It would be nice if the AI squad type selection was based on what building were currently available instead if the AI running around solo. Actually, Ive tried making an AI squad board another AI squads vehicle through High Command(GET IN and LOAD) and neither worked. It would be nice if this were supported. Thanks
  7. combat-agent

    Random tasks by radio

    missions =[mission1,mission2,mission3,mission4,mission5] ?(count missions) == 0: Hint "No more missions"; Exit _mission = missions select (floor random count missions) ?_mission == mission1:[] exec "mission1.sqs" ?_mission == mission2:[] exec "mission2.sqs" ?_mission == mission3:[] exec "mission3.sqs" ?_mission == mission4:[] exec "mission4.sqs" ?_mission == mission5:[] exec "mission5.sqs" missions=missions-[_mission] Thats shooting from the hip, but it should work. Just have the trigger with the radio action set on repeatedly, and itll execute until theres no more missions left
  8. Im trying to replace one of the default units with a different model but am having troubles. When I pbo the file, it says "Config : some input after EndOfFile. Im using PBO view to pbo it up. heres the cpp. class CfgPatches { class MERCRepl { units = {"FR_Assault_R"}; weapons = {}; requiredVersion = 1.560000; requiredAddons = {"CACharacters2", "CAWeapons", "CAWeapons_E","BB_Mercenary"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { /*extern*/ class BlackOpMercenary; class FR_Assault_R: Mercenary_Default9a { scope = 2; accuracy = 1000; displayName = "BlackOp (no headgear)"; vehicleClass = "BB_MercenaryB"; identityTypes = "{"Head_USMC"}"; model = "\bb_mercs_desert\noheadgear_blackop.p3d"; }; };
  9. Im tryin to run a script on all the ambient vehicles that spawn. I put this in the module, but it does not work for some reason. BIS_silvie_mainscope setvariable ["vehicleInit",{_this setfuel random .1; _this setdammage random 1;[_this] exec "scripts/carinven.sqs"}]; heres the script im tryin to run _X=_this select 0 _y=floor random 7 hint "inventory" ~5 clearweaponcargo _x clearmagazinecargo _x _z=0 #loop ?_z==_y:goto "lights" _type=random 1 ?_type >=.5:_tools=Tools ?_type <.5:_tools=Tools2 _rnd = floor random (count _tools); _item = Tools select _rnd; ?_type==Tools:_x addweaponcargoglobal _item ?_type==Tools2:_x addmagazinecargoglobal _item _z=_z+1 goto "loop" #lights lightlady moveindriver _x lightlady action ["lightOn", _x]; exit Where am i goin wrong. I put a hint in there, and the hint never even shows when I try to run the script.
  10. combat-agent

    COOP 10 Chernarus Apocalypse, part one

    I was toyin around with the mission and added "pastor" and "fin" to the CLY_zombieclasses. Zombie dogs, Im just saying. Awesome mission Celery, I found out a way to make zombie damage using ace wounding if your interested. Keep up the outstanding work man.
  11. Hey reezo, I have the model made obviously but Im having troubles gettin it game config wise. I can send ya the model if ya want. Might have to have someone else whip up a quick config. I tried to base it off one of the items like the GPS or radio, had no luck. Syntax errors.
  12. combat-agent

    Random weapons crate on MP

    That did the trick, I cant believe I didnt come across that though all the trouble I went trough. I use the semicolons as a standard practice as Im tryin to convert over to .sqfs. Love your zombie mission oh by the way.
  13. So I put together a script that picks random weapons and ammo and puts them in a crate. It work great, except on multiplayer. As I researched the problem, I figured out that the contents of the crate are, unfortunately, not global. So first of heres the script: init.sqs xplane=0; handguns = ["M9","Colt1911","glock17_EP1","revolver_EP1","UZI_EP1"]; publicVariable "handguns"; mags = ["15Rnd_9x19_M9","7Rnd_45ACP_1911","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","6Rnd_45ACP","30Rnd_9x19_UZI"] publicVariable "mags"; crate.sqs _dude = _this select 0; clearweaponcargo _dude; clearmagazinecargo _dude; rndx1 = floor random (count handguns); publicVariable "xplane"; _handgun = handguns select xplane; _dude addweaponcargo [_handgun,1]; _mag = mags select xplane; xplane = floor (random 4); publicVariable "xplane"; _dude addmagazinecargo [_mag,xplane]; The script is executed from the crates init line. The problem is, everyone has different weapons spawned. I made all the random numbers global variables, but that still didnt help. So the stuff spawns, but people cant grab any weapon or item that didnt spawn in from the servers selected weapons. So is there a way around this? Is there a way to make it so every machines crate gets the same random items? Thanks.
  14. How do I return the amount of ace damage? I know you set damage by ace_sys_wounds_fnc_addDamage. I want to continue setting damage to a soldier by determining his current damage. If that makes sense. It would be this in regular arma 2: This setdamage (getdammage this) + random .33
  15. So, what you're telling me is, you want something like THIS? I haven't modeled since OFP, but I guess I can still do some work. I think I can help. Im gonna try to write up a config to see if I cant get it in game later. The question is, do you just need the object to be used just to have it in you're inventory, or are you trying to make something like how ACRE uses its radios? A more interactive pop up tool. The latter will be harder.