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  1. Hope you don't mind me asking, but when I seen this: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED]: does that mean I have to replace the TPW_MODS.hpp I have with the TPW_MODS.hpp in the zip-file? If so, I probably have to check by hand if all the ones and zeroes are set the way I want it. No problem with that, just asking.
  2. I see why you posted this. This mod brings so much joy to the single player experience, it feels like a waste to use it only under those circumstances. As I recall reading it somewhere, its the author who says that he is only playing SP and it is too much of a hassle to adapt it to MP. However, it is my experience that the "simple parts" of the mod do work in MP, starting a local server, albeit not tested under full load (dedicated server with 40+ pax playing). So you could try with just AIR, ANIMALS, BOATS, CARS, CIVS, FIREFLIES, FURNITURE, HOUSELIGHTS, PARK, RADIO, and SONIC AMBIENCE on.
  3. Hees 11th AMB

    GF Holster script - Mod

    Maybe I haven't been clear enough. Picture the situation where a group of soldiers is standing on parade. How bad would it be if one of the soldiers - by accident! - is throwing a grenade (it doesn't matter if the grenade is lethal or non-lethal, it is de interruption that breaks), killing all his comrades? It is not my intention to stop the throwing of grenades, only in this particular situation. To look and see that no one is able to throw grenades in that situation, it would be handy to have some sort of visual conformation, while looking at this group of soldiers. One conformation could be the carrying of the weapon on the back. Alas, Ace caters for this but Ace also allows the throwing of grenades, even if the soldiers are not able to shoot. Their weapons are on their back, after al. @HazJ I will pass your code to our missions makers to see if that can be implemented on our missions. Thanks for your work!
  4. Hees 11th AMB

    GF Holster script - Mod

    Erm, I was describing the way ACE3 handles the visual conformation, because when zero is pressed, the soldier will holster its weapon (carry it on his back). The conformation lies in the fact that everyone can see this particular soldier in no way can use his guns. But ACE3 lets the soldier still use grenades and that is something I would like to see being addressed. So, my idea is that Arma would be a lot safer when a soldier holsters his weapon, he is not able to throw a grenade. The animation that goes with it (the visual conformation) can be the one ACE3 uses (carry the gun on back) or something else. I don't mean a conformation on the players screen.
  5. Hees 11th AMB

    GF Holster script - Mod

    Ah, too bad, ACE3 will also let you throw a grenade with holstered weapons. Nope, its 0 (zero) but I believe that binding can be changed. I never did BTW. The idea is have visual conformation that a certain soldier with holstered weapons will not be able to misfire of throw a grenade. That has happened many times while I stood on parade with my digital comrades.
  6. Hees 11th AMB

    GF Holster script - Mod

    There is something similar in Ace that my unit uses, but that doesn't prohibit the throwing of grenades. Does your script prevents grenades being thrown?
  7. Hees 11th AMB

    NLD Units

    Is it of an awkward political correctness that the medic truck sports this non-logo instead of a red cross?
  8. My solution would be to change the necessity around, so that anyone can administer an epi-pen but only the medic would be able to administer morphine. In short, anyone can wake anyone (including waking a medic) but only a medic can take away the effects of pain, gun swaying, blurred vision etcetera. That way you would be able to leave the fight to find a medic, shoot your weapons but with almost no change of hitting anything and so forth.
  9. Hees 11th AMB

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    I wonder if there is a way to change the background of VAS to a lighter black or maybe even white of light grey, with all these black weapons. Or a change in the transparency could do the trick. What do I need to change in what file?
  10. Hees 11th AMB

    Sound Problems

    Same thing here. It works well in Arma 2. This is on a Turtle Beach PX3 wireless headset.
  11. Hees 11th AMB

    Audio problems - Hissing and helicopters

    Same thing here. Turtle Beach PX3 with external DSP. It does work in Arma 2 of the same rig.
  12. I have no weapon sound at all! I hear ricochets and shell cases ejecting and the sounds of other guns but not the sounds of my own bullets. I double checked with Arma 2 and there I have beautiful weapon sounds. I use a Turtle Beach PX3 USB wireless headset with an external Turtle Beach DSP.
  13. Hees 11th AMB

    ARMA3 on Mac?

    I too was wondering if a 2011 iMac 27" with an I7, Windows 7 and a mediocre graphics card would run Arma3. To make a long story short, it does. And it does so with the default graphics in Arma3. The only thing that really need doing is - with the help of Macfan - to max the internal fans. Sure, it will make a lot of noise (not too uncommon in the PC-world. I know - I've been there) but last night I played over two hours (solo and MP) and the top bezel of the screen was lukewarm. The night before - without tinkering with the fans, the iMac powered down at about 100 degrees Celsius. But my guess is that a good choice made in the preferences will bring the temperature down even more and alleviate the noise by turning down the speed all three available fans (ODD, HDD en CPU). So, in all, I'm a happy person.