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  1. The way i usually do it, is that i 99% of the time play public MP on one clans public server, they police it well, and things are usually done pretty tactically. I run whatever mods they run (usually just ACE) so i have no need to mess about with shortcuts and such, if nobody is on the clans public server, then i will brave the public and run without ACE picking the most populated server available with the lowest ping. This usually results in a game of Domination though ;) i have had a few "tactical" dom games, but they are few and far between in my experience. Now i have to say this, in the past i have utterly bashed the Sixupdater to pieces for being IMHO totally crap and unfriendly to newbies, but the new version i installed a few weeks back after coming back to Arma was a joy to use, seriously if this version was released in the beginning then a lot more people would have been happier. My main complaint back then was about the bloody confusing way you had to use it (confusing for the average bloke who just wants to game) i utterly hated it, i voiced my opinions about it, and was told by the clever people that i should basically become more clever and learn how to use, it was shit! The new one is brilliant IMHO I wanted to join a server with a setup i never had, it checked that i was all up to date and launched the game for me putting me on that server, fantastic.
  2. IIRC about £25 all inclusive for me from steam, might get £15 back for my retail discs when i sell them ?
  3. On GRAW 2 ? :eek: Are you sure? they have never ever downloaded for me :confused: Maybe this is a Steam problem? Nobody ever mentioned auto downloading when i posted up in the steam forums regarding the best way to get the needed maps :(
  4. Why is this game not more popular ? 139 pages of geeks arguing with geeks over how the game could be more geeky. The average games player in this day and age does not want to become a Tefal-Head to be able to play his game, especially to be able to play online. This is 2011, people just want to boot up and play with minimum fuss and if they cant, then they will move on to something else. I like GRAW 2, but i have only ever played about 9 hours of coop on that game, why? Because all the populated servers have custom missions, and when i tried to find out how to select the mission needed, i was told to download them all (wtf?) sorry but i have better things to do then manually click all them fooking links to download each one separately. IIRC GRAW1 lets you download the required content straight from the server browser.
  5. I think mine may be a little higher than that :D I have clicked on the folder to view but its taking a while to load up :D ---------- Post added at 05:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:48 PM ---------- 82 games of 133 installed :)
  6. I have actually just bought everything in the Steam sale, even though i already have A2 + OA on retail discs, and i had purchased BAF from Sprocket upon release. Not fully sure why i did that to be honest lmfao, but i do like steam, and i like the ease of use it gives me, plus the last two times i have tried to play, i have had to update the bloody games with a patch before being allowed online, much rather let Steam manage that stuff for me in the background. Might sell my retail copy's, although i have a mate i usually play coop with on the Xbox and he is looking at sorting a gaming PC soon, might just give him the retail discs as a freebie :)
  7. S-M

    Need help with new gaming PC

    How can he be in the wrong thread when he created his own thread >? LOL!
  8. Ok just played a little of the PMC lite campaign. Some thoughts........ Personally i feel that they should work on other aspects of the game instead of DLC, the game is still a buggy mess, i am being instructed to "engage that car" but no car exists ?!?! If you have an enemy in sight and you get the red target around it, if it runs behind a wall, is the red target supposed to move by itself to where the enemy is? Because half the time its wrong, sometimes it starts to move across the screen when nothing is visible, sometimes its pointing to a bloody none existent car that you can not engage. As somebody else posted previous, i had regular framerate drops/stutters on one mission as if a script had stopped working properly, say every 7 seconds it would stutter then go back to normal. I played with the settings but it made no difference, and i only play at 1024x768 screen res, i can not see the "lite" graphics flexing my system at all. I played up to the SUV mission, it started fine, although the car behind me stopped for some reason and we lost it, then i spotted some enemy's so i started to shoot, bringing our car to a halt, next thing i know the following car comes flying up behind me and crashes into ours :confused: This must have confused the AI driver as he then took off on a nice 10 min countryside tour, managing to get stuck on some debris at one point. While this was happening i saw some text on screen telling me about a UAV, but it would appear i was miles off course at this point (where was my driver taking me?) so i never saw/heard any UAV, nor was i able to hear anybody actually speaking about it. At this point i switched it off, same old, same old I bought BAF and felt a little disappointed with it, i will not be buying this unless at some point it becomes super cheap. The story and video style is going in the right direction IMHO, but the entire game still feels like a buggy beta. I only have around 150 hours logged in A2 and around 65 in OA/BAF so i am still a "noob" compared with some, but i do feel i have a decent enough grasp on the game to decide that it is still a bit of a pain.
  9. Q6700 is still pretty good if you run it around 3.5ghz, should take a good few more years before its what i would consider "toooooo slow" Most PC games for the next few years will probably be console ports anyway, so a quad @ 3.5ghz is overkill IMHO I can remember doing tests with Arma 2 when i first got it, and i was getting the same FPS weather i ran the chip at stock speeds, or overclocked LOL!
  10. I use the wired 360 controller all the time to be honest, without any issues, when i very first tried the demo, i used the controller, and it kinda stuck ever since, i tend to use it 75% of the time while playing (yeah even infantry) I only really use the mouse when needed, its no chore for me to move my hand 1 foot to the right to use the mouse, or 30cm forward to press the keyboard when needed. Works great for me, flying is MUCH easier, i cant fly with the mouse/keys, its horrible :D I can run around and do the infantry thing fine with the mouse keys, it feels a lot smoother when looking about, but when the shit hits the fan and i need to do the business, i preform better when using the pad. Which will probably wind a load of you "pro" (lmfao) PC gamers up. I also use the 360 headset plugged into the pad as ingame voip/TS communications, works great! i have TS voices come through the headset, and in game ones through the speakers, simples :D
  11. I have had a few bugs to be honest. The jackal convoy mission, i started it and 2 NPC`s started talking to each other, in a constant loop, the same phrase over and over again, if i could have found them, i would have shot them. Needed a mission restart. Third mission, my men started to refuse the regroup command completely, i could tell them to go to a point, they would always go, but if i simply ran ahead and asked them to regroup they just stood still, had to constantly tell them to keep up with me micromanage style till the mission ended. Forth mission, two of my men die disembarking from the chopper at the beginning :confused: at this point i switched it off, so not found any more yet ;) ---------- Post added at 10:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:26 PM ---------- Never finished the OA campaign (actually i never finished the A2 one either) As soon as they get up towards the horrible high command stuff, i loose interest.
  12. Seriously? Damn i am up to the 4th one now (just met the scottish fella), it just seamed to be getting in its stride. Ouch.
  13. This confused me as the big mortars circle on my map was red, but upon checking the wooded areas inside it, i found the two teams. If you take out the mortars in the ending of the previous mission (i just legged it to the base like a wuss) does it have any effect on this mission?
  14. I have had to restart the mission, somethings never change ehh.
  15. Its installed. Some initial thoughts, i live 10 mins drive from Newcastle's city centre and no Geordie i know sounds like the one in game LOL Second mission, i get my men in the jackals and now i have a bug. I have a civilian and independent talking to each other in a constant loop, it wont stop.