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  1. I was hoping one of these betas would fix the commanding mode cursor bug. Ever since OA the cursor has been locked to the center of the screen even if the player as some degree of aiming deadzone enabled in the options, which makes it extremely awkward to use the cursor when trying to command any of your units. In ArmA2 the cursor would move just like your crosshair, but now it is not the case.

  2. If you are using an aiming deadzone, the cursor that appears when you press spacebar is locked to the center of the screen, instead of where your gun is pointing like in pre OA ArmA2. This makes it very awkward to pick exact points with the space bar cursor.

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I tried doing a few searches for it but came up with nothing.

  3. Hi thomson, I've got a minor issue with your mission (1.04). I cannot see the commands menu properly, it's chopped in half on the right edge of the screen. I think this is because I'm probably using a lower screen resolution than you (1280x1024). Is it possible for me to alter the position of the commands menu?

    Apart from that everything is going great and I'm loving the mission.

    I had this same problem awhile back... try setting a smaller interface size in the options menu, worked for me.

  4. Ah sorry, I read it on the Armaholic page which clearly states: 'Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder.', and didn't notice the 'notes'.

    EDIT: Putting the .pbo file in the /missions folder does nothing. It doesn't show up in the single mission listing.

  5. Just played a pretty long game, it's a lot of fun playing as the unit that killed you when you die. I switched sides I don't know how many times, very interesting fighting on both sides like that.

    Thomsonb, awhile ago I made the suggestion of being able to join a squad as a subordinate? Have you given any thought to that? I thought that maybe being able to play as any unit after you die would let me take over a subordinate in a squad but it seems to remove you from any squads when you do that.

  6. I just reinstalled ArmA2, downloaded the 1.00 to 1.07 patch. It installed successfully, as evident from the main menu reading version 1.07.71750. Now singelplayer works just fine. But when I click on multiplayer and the server list loads, the game tells me to download the 1.07 patch from www.arma2.com. Then if I try to join a game, I am able to join, pick a slot, and load, but as soon as the loading finishes, I am kicked back to the server list with no explanation whatsoever.

    Version 1.05 and all the beta patches worked fine in the past. The only reason I had to reinstall was because of my old hard drive crashing and me buying a new one.

    Any help here? I have no idea why it is doing this.

  7. Hmm what about the option of joining a nearby squad as a subordinate, and not always the leader? Maybe automatically by some rank thing, or manually like a Join and a Join and Lead command.

    I just like the idea of accompanying a random squad on their patrol rather than leading them.

  8. This mission is fantastic, great job. Really shows off what the game is capable of if you ask me.

    I've only encountered one problem and it's been consistent with every version so far and I've finally decided to say something about it:


    I do not have a widescreen monitor and use a lower resolution, I assume this is why all the buttons are being cut off, maybe someone else not using a widescreen (I think there's 3 of us worldwide at this point) can confirm the problem as well? And maybe some compromise can be made with the positioning of the command buttons?

    But other than that, great mission. Keep it up, it keeps getting better and better.

    EDIT: The buttons display fine in 1280 x 1024. I usually play in 1024 x 768 in windowed mode and that's where I run into a problem. That is a rather low resolution that I'm sure not many people still use so I totally understand leaving it the way it is. All the commands are usable from the radio anyways.

    EDIT EDIT: Gah, setting the interface size to 'small' while in 1024 x 768 fixes the problem. Now I feel like an ass for even bringing it up. Disregard everything!

  9. One thing I've noticed that I haven't seen anyone bring up yet... the dust that gets blown from a low flying chopper seems to start in a little ball of particles underneath the center of the chopper and then move outwards from there... starting all clumped up in the center just looks... wrong.

  10. Maybe someone could help me out here, I can't seem to make this work:

    {if (isnil (_x getVariable "handled")) then
    _x setVariable ["handled", 1, true];
    _x addEventHandler ["killed", "[_this select 0, _this select 1]execVM 'killed.sqf'"];
    }} forEach allUnits;

    No errors or anything... just doesn't... do... anything. Even adding an ELSE doesn't do anything.

    EDIT: Take note, this is just a snippet that I hastily edited to make readable on the forum.