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  1. You can add the weapon with addWeapon and addMagazine for it regardless whether it would work in real life (I had a HMMVW with gau8 turret) so that is probably the easiest way.
  2. To edit the loadouts of you units individually can take a bit of time if you are just typing the commands in the init field. If you do want to do that you will need: list of Arma 2 Classnames, addWeapon, addMagazine & a brain. Explanations of how to use the commands are on the wiki but here is an example anyway (for an ACE2 sniper): removeAllWeapons this; this addMagazine "ACE_Battery_Rangefinder"; this addWeapon "ACE_Rangefinder_OD"; {_x addMagazine "ACE_5Rnd_127x99_S_TAC50"} forEach [1,2,3,4]; this addWeapon "ACE_TAC50_SD"; As you can see that takes up quite a bit of space in the init field so I prefer to just put that into a script or something then just run it with execVM. To add weapons to a vehicle you can use addWeaponCargo & addMagazineCargo, they both behave like the addWeapon & addMagazine commands so it should be easy to work out.
  3. As far as I know the command setGroupID does just what you want, it takes both a unit or a group as a paramater. For the ACE flashbangs I have no idea, maybe that is a problem with the ACE mod? might be able to find a better answer in the ACE thread. Not sure about the free look camera, since I havent played with cameras before. To add a marker during a mission there are several commands for you to use: createMarker, setMarkerBrush, setMarkerColor, setMarkerType and a few more (check the wiki). You can run these straight off the trigger you use for objective completion or you can make a mini script that sorts it out and run that from the trigger so it doesnt look messy.
  4. Cool got it sorted now thanks :)
  5. Hi all, I need a little help :( I am trying to get a bunch of units to spawn with a script, where I pass 2 parameters; a position and a string, which then decide on what side my center becomes. The problem is that as I use a variable to decide which side to select it doesnt seem to hold the side info and just ignores it. for example: _pos = _this select 0; _sideofcamp = _this select 1; _side = toLower(_sideofcamp); switch (_side) do { case "east": {_center =EAST;}; case "west": {_center = WEST;}; case "resistance": {_center = resistance;}; default {_center = resistance;}; }; _campSide = createCenter _center; _grp = createGroup _center; The thing is that when I use this, the group is not created and so no units are added to it. When I change the createGroup line to say: _grp = createGroup WEST; It works but when I use the _center variable it doesnt even though it should be holding the side properly? Is there something I have missed out? Thanks in advance Andy
  6. One way is that you could lock the bus with commands such as: lock, lockCargo, lockDriver. Just a thought :)
  7. Reference the task by the variable (tskObj1) for the task "Overwatch" So to set the task complete use: tskObj1 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"
  8. is there a marker there that is setting where they spawn? Without any more info it is very hard to even know what you are talking about
  9. Ok I thought you had already copied it or something, so heres how I would go about doing it: Firstly create a marker over your objective area with the name "mkrObj1", set the marker to ellipse with axis A & B as 250, then set the color to RED. Leave the rest. Create an eliptical trigger right on top of the marker with axis A & B as 250, set activation to EAST and Once. Then select Not Present (the right hand one) Skip down to the onAct box of the trigger and put this in: "mkrObj1" setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; That should change the colour of the marker you placed once all of the EAST units in the trigger have been killed.
  10. Well I assume there is a trigger and a marker on the same spot with the same sizes, I guess the trigger is something like an "East, not present" setup? If it is then you can set the markers colour with the setMarkerColor command. Not sure if that was what you were asking for but anyway :)
  11. Place your pilot unit in the editor and name it "Pilot", then spawn the empty Heli of your choice (make sure special is set to flying) and remember to name it. In the Pilots init field put this: Pilot assignAsDriver HeliName; Pilot moveInDriver HeliName; That should do what you want, you can then set waypoints for him rather than the vehicle.
  12. Damn, how about something small like a chicken then 'enableSimulation false' it. Im not even sure if it works on AI but hey ho :) Another way could be if you get the turretUnit you could then get that unit to lookAt the chicken.
  13. Would putting an object such as an invisible H or other object REALLY high up, then getting your unit to target it work you think? Just throwing ideas around :)
  14. Andy455

    Adding Weapons

    You can also do this: {unit addmagazine magName;} foreach [1,2,3,4,5]; That will add 5 magazines of your chosen magName.
  15. Andy455

    Spawn AI script?

    Yes as far as I can tell from what is posted on the wiki, as I have not had much personal experience with the ACM module.
  16. Well there is a selection menu in the same place where you set the time and weather that sets who the resistance side are friendly to, you may still have it on the default of Blufor.
  17. Andy455

    Spawn AI script?

    Firstly add the ACM module then name it BIS_ACM, synchronize it with your player unit. Then go to the initialization field of the ACM module and put this: [1, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setIntensityFunc; This will set the ACM module of name "BIS_ACM" to create units with an intensity of 1 (maximum).
  18. You can use the setTaskState command to manually set the taks state. To use this you can put this into your triggers onAct box: TASKNAME setTaksState "SUCCEEDED"; When you do this there will not be a visual update on your task, to do this you could either set your trigger to also hint that tasks have been updated like this: hint "Tasks have been updated!"; or use the more advanced taskHint command. To use taskHint you use the following syntax: taskHint [hintText, [red, green, blue, alpha], iconName] For example (from wiki): taskhint ["Task failed!\nBad job!", [1, 0, 0, 1], "taskFailed"] This will create a box in the upper middle of your screen with the text 'Task Faliled! Bad job!' in red writing in full transparency, the "\n" means go to a new line. For anything else I thik the wiki would be more useful.
  19. Andy455

    Spawn AI script?

    There are a few ways you can do waht you want, for one you can use the ACM module (Ambient Combat Manager) which dynamically spawns enemy units around you so you will always have something to fight. Secondly you could use Kronzky's UPS script to create random patrols around an area. More info on that here.
  20. group 1 = group unit; You can replace 'unit' with the name of the unit you want to get the group of, for example I would put: group 1 = group this; in the init field of the leader of a group. group1 would then be the leader's group.
  21. Sure you can make them on the fly :) the process is exactly the same as when doing it from briefing.sqf. The commands you are looking for are: createDiaryRecord createSimpleTask setSimpleTaskDescription setSimpleTaskDestination You can use these commands straight from a trigger's onAct box or just create a new script file and run that from the onAct.
  22. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/lockDriver Thats probably an easier way :)
  23. Andy455

    Help with tasks

    If you name the AA Pod "Igla", and then create a trigger with axis a & b as 0, activation as none. Leave the other options and put in condition !(alive Igla) that will activate the trigger when 'Igla' is NOT alive. Then on the activation you can just set the taks complete by doing: TASKNAME setTaskState "SUCCEEDED";
  24. Andy455

    Start With Destroyed Buildings

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1476422&postcount=13, that post there is a slightly more advanced way of doing it.
  25. Firstly the only way to replicate those buildings is to make them yourself in Oxygen 2, secondly List of all ArmA 2 objects, yes if you use EU then everyone who plays on that map will require it as far as I know.