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  1. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=86432, that should do what you want. You could search on Ofpec.com as well as I saw a guide on there.
  2. Just make a simple loop where it sets the date + time to what you specify that runs once every hour (or less if its at dawn/dusk).
  3. You CAN use the old style of html to go to markers, display pictures etc. Those examples seem to be fine, maybe you spelt the filename wrong or something when saving or calling the briefing? There could also be a missing ';' in there which would cause it to mess up. Well here is a working version that I have used for a ONE SIDED para training mission: { _x createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Info", "<br/>co 12 [Tour] Training - Para<br/> By Andy <br/>"]]; _x createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Briefing", "Today you will be doing the Air Corp HALO Training Course, you will fly in a C130 to the drop zone and then do a HALO parachute jump down as close to the marker as possible, it will be marked with green smoke for extra visibility."]]; tskObj1 = _x createsimpletask["Complete Parachute Training"]; tskObj1 setSimpleTaskDescription["Fly to the drop zone in a C130, then HALO parachute all of your squad onto the helipad marked with green smoke to complete the training.", "Complete Parachute Training", "Complete Parachute Training"]; tskObj1 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "mkrLandingZone"); _x setCurrentTask tskObj1; } forEach [b]allUnits[/b]; You can change the 'allUnits' to an array of all units on a certain side / squad and it will still work.
  4. add this to your init.sqf { _x setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations",true]; } forEach allUnits;
  5. To start the helicopter moving you could use something like: Heli setVelocity [100,100,0] I think that makes it go SW, I dont really know just change the first two numbers until you get the direction you want.
  6. To use the line: nObjectA = (getPos bridgeMoniter) nearestObject 123456 I would put that into a Game Logic's init field, I would then simply copy that logic and change 'nObjectA' to 'nObjectB' if I wanted to check for another building. To check to see whether BOTH are Not alive I would create a trigger with axis A/B as 0, activation as none with a condition of: !(alive nObjectA) AND !(alive nObjectB) Hope this is what you meant :)
  7. Firstly the '_' defines a local variable, which means it is local to the scope it was created in (I think anyway ^^), and so you can have two scripts with two values for a local variable and they wont interfere with each other. Example: _unit = _this select 0; //_unit becomes the first parameter passed to the script or function _unitType = typeOf _unit; //Unit classname If you have two of those scripts where _unit has been given a different parameter then they can work along side each other without much problem, however if you used a global variable (no underscore) it would get overwritten by whichever value was put last. As for the " " marks, they denote a STRING, which is a chain of letters, number or symbols. These are usually used for writing text onto the screen (such as when using the hint command). In your example: You have made _asloc the POSITION of the marker, you then go on to try and get the Position of a position (see what you did wrong?), which doesnt work, the right was would have been to use (I think....again :P ): _smoker = "SmokeShellGreen" createVehicle (_asloc);
  8. Well for that you would have to use the: addAction command. To create what you want you could try this: Create a trigger over the intended area with this in its activation: {evac = _x addAction ["Call for evac", "EvacScript.sqf"]} forEach thisList; In your EvacScript you would have all the necassary code that would initiate the evacuation :)
  9. Andy455

    HELP: UAV Crashing

    If you could give us an example mission with the relevant stuff, maybe we could replicate this? Because personally I dont find the UAV crashes much at all, maybe its just where it is flying such as into the side of a valley or something? :P
  10. To run that from init.sqf you would just copy that code into notepad and save it into your mission folder as: LightsOff.sqf. Then in your init.sqf just put: 'execVM "LightsOff.sqf";' EDIT: Well I have uploaded an example mission anyway; http://rapidshare.com/files/338316755/StreetLights.Chernarus.zip. You can use the radio trigger to destroy the transformer or you can use satchels :) Hope it helped
  11. Ive got that set up in a mission I have, I'll just copy that and upload it if you want it...
  12. When I wanted to do the same I just call this script when I want to turn them off: {_x switchLight "OFF"} forEach ((getPos Solnichniy) nearObjects ["StreetLamp",1500]) _objHouse = nearestObjects [solnichniy, ["House"], 1500]; { for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { _x animate [format ["Lights_%1",_i],0]; }; } forEach _objHouse; NOTE: Solnichny is a Game Logic (Location) that I place in the center of where I want the lights to go out. That will turn off all the house lights (in the windows, which are activated by ALICE), and all streetlights within 1500m. Hope that helps :)
  13. Maybe you could use the command: isFlatEmpty? It seems to do what you want it to, although I'm not sure if it checks for objects (not in a position to test right now).
  14. WindSetter v0.6 Summary: This is my first attempt at creating a proper dialog / script so it isnt amazingly elaborate. The dialog is simply a way of setting the wind in your missions, this may not seem useful but it is intended mainly for ACE training missions (yay for wind deflection!) and also as a test in creating dialogs. Usage: Firstly copy the WindSetter folder into your mission file. Next merge the contents of the description.ext with your own. Put this line into the unit(s) you want to be able to set the wind: _Wind = this addAction ["Set Wind", "ADLP_WindSetter\Dialogs\windDialog.sqf"]; Notes: - Wind takes a few seconds to move to the specified direction / force. - Added more accurate wind setting in 0.6 Credits: Andy455 for creating the script / dialog. The people who made the dialog section on the BIKI :) Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/344392651/ADLP_WindSetter_v0_6.utes.zip
  15. hint format ["X: %1, Y: %2, Z: %3",(getPos player) select 0, (getPos player) select 1, (getPosATL player) select 2]; All I changed was the last part which controls the Z to getPosATL which means it gets the position of the unit relative to the terrain.
  16. Well that should work in a units Init field, I tested this code in a radio trigger: hint format ["X: %1, Y: %2, Z: %3",(getPos player) select 0, (getPos player) select 1, (getPos player) select 2]; EDIT: just saw there was an extra ',' in the code I first typed, the above works fine.
  17. Well to hint a unit's exact position you would use something like: hint format ["X: %1, Y: %2, Z: %3",(getPos UNIT) select 0, (getPos UNIT) select 1, (getPos UNIT) select 2,]; If that is what you mean?
  18. Nice one, looks like it could be useful :) thanks. I know you said you won't be doing locality issues in your guide but is there ANY chance of it happening? as that is where a lot of people who are new to scripting mess up.
  19. To do it the way Splicer suggested, simply put this into your units init field: _hg = "G_40mm_HE" createVehicle (getPos this);
  20. In a trigger (when you want him to die) put this in its onAct: CaptainName setDamage 1; That will kill him outright, although there wont be a sound to accompany it, maybe in the effects options there is gun sounds?
  21. Another way: Create the wreck of the helicopter, name it 'heli'. Create 5 Game Logic (Locations) and name them: pos1, pos2, pos3, pos4 & pos5. In your init.sqf put this line: call compile format ["heli setPos [(getPos pos%1 select 0),(getPos pos%1 select 1),0]",ceil(random 5)]; This will make it randomly appear at any one of the Game Logic's positions at ground level, you can also make it look like its burning to find out how check here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1323644&postcount=3.
  22. GROUP the marker with the object maybe?
  23. Erm I haven't downloaded and tested it for myself but a single '=' usually means the value becomes what you tell it to be, the way I read it is that you need a double '==' as that is pretty much 'is equal to?'. Also have you checked the arma2.rpt file? or do you have -showScriptErrors enabled? as both of these can help you find the errors in your scripts when it doesnt give a message on screen.
  24. Do you mean a script as is: {_x moveInCargo PlaneName} forEach group this; in the init line of the group? Or from an SQF script that spawns the units with the script commands? How you spawn them can change how you order them to move about.
  25. As for the markers I assume you just want to create a marker on an objective? or do you mean a task kinda thing? Need some more information on what you want to achieve before I can help im afraid. Anyway here is a briefing template I sometimes use for coop missions: if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; waitUntil { !isNil {player} }; waitUntil { player == player }; { _briefing = _x createDiarySubject ["briefing","Briefing"]; _x createDiaryRecord["Briefing", ["Info", "<br/>MISSION NAME<br/>Version"]]; _x createDiaryRecord["Briefing", ["Command / Signal","<br/>No special considerations - standared operating procedure."]]; _x createDiaryRecord["Briefing", ["Admin / Logistics","<br/>SUPPORT<br/>Support available.<br/><br/>RESUPPLY<br/>Resupply options."]]; _x createDiaryRecord["Briefing", ["Execution","<br/>COMMANDER's INTENT<br/>Brief explanation.<br/><br/>MOVEMENT PLAN<br/>explanation of movement plan<br/><br/>FIRE SUPPORT PLAN<br/>Fire support options<br/><br/>TASKS<br/>Tasks for the mission + expanation"]]; _x createDiaryRecord["Briefing", ["Mission","<br/>Describe mission"]]; _x createDiaryRecord["Briefing", ["Situation","<br/>FRIENDLY FORCES<br/>Friendlies<br/><br/>ENEMY FORCES<br/>Enemies"]]; tskObj1 = _x createsimpletask["Task name"]; tskObj1 setSimpleTaskDescription["Task description", "Short task name", "Task HUD"]; _x setCurrentTask tskObj1; } forEach playableUnits; I use the briefing section as I use the 'Notes' bit for mission hints + tips.