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  1. You could try doing: titles [] = {0, "localize 'str_voice_01'"} or maybe try removing the " " marks?
  2. As far as I know exec is used for .SQS files and execVM is for .SQF (Not sure though I remember someone telling me), so it might help if you change the EH to: _firedEH = _attack1 addEventHandler ["fired", "[_this] execVM 'bombcheck.sqf'"]; Also I see you have a hint format but you do not use the '%1'? You could just have it so it's like this : hint "A-10 is on Route"; P.S. after rereading your post I saw this: And was wondering if you had got it to work with only one A10 present at a time, as if you have multiple A10s then the variable you use to add the event handler may get overwritten. Not quite sure about any of that but its all I see that could cause a problem.
  3. All you need for that to work is the trigger & function call (which you have), you also need an object called myTarget such as an invisible H or game logic. Just place the object down and change the trigger activation to: ["ACE_B61_15", [(getPosATL myTarget select 0), (getPosATL myTarget select 1),100]] call ACE_fnc_NuclearAirBurst; That should create the nuclear airburst 100m above the objects location. You can change the 100 to the desired height.
  4. To check for a boolean you use: if(firebase) then {do stuff}; and to check if it is false: if !(firebase) then {do stuff}; Hope that helps
  5. I guess BI have it so the particle effects for the impacts are created locally, you could maybe script around it by tracking the bullet or something but I'm not too great at that :(
  6. That is SQF, you can tell by the semicolons at the end of each statement. With SQS the semicolons represent comments (I think).
  7. Is the chemlight added by script or is it thrown? If its added by script you could just name it something like chemlight1 then just setMarkerPos the marker to it. If its thrown then I reckon you would need a script or trigger running checking for the chemlight and then to setMarkerPos it. Maybe you could find the ammo classname for the chemlights & make a nearestObjects command to look for them? Wiki will have more info on that though.
  8. Well it depends on how the bombs are spawned, for example if they are with an addaction you could find who activated (the second parameter passed to script I think) the action then find out who was alive & near the bomb before it went off. You would then compare who was alive & near after it went off finding out who and what died, from that you could add score depending on what died. That was just an idea btw :) no idea if it would work
  9. Andy455

    Local Title/Hint

    I'm not too great at locality but if you put the hint or titleText into the onAct of a trigger, I use this for the condition: this && (local player) && (vehicle player in thisList) Beware that it isn't tested in a dedicated server environment so not sure how it would work. So in your case maybe you add an if statement with the above condition or something similar. Don't quite know but thats my 2 cents :)
  10. Andy455

    Chat commands

    Well to be honest I havent even looked at the DSI stuff, that could work but I'm not in a position to root around in Arma 2's files. You could also try and create a dialog but thats probably out of your scope at the moment. Ill have a look at that DSI stuff when I get home and report if I find a way.
  11. To remove all the default weapons and ammo from a unit you can put this into the unit's init field: removeAllWeapons this Then you will have to add magazines & weapons manually with the commands: addMagazine & addWeapon. You can get more info on those commands on the BIKI, although you will need to find the classnames of the weapons added (a good place to look would be the P:UKF addon thread on these forums). EDIT: damn too slow
  12. Andy455

    Chat commands

    I'm not sure if thats even possible, I havent seen any script commands that would do that, why not use an action when the player is near the tank? Surely what would be easier.
  13. This thread could help you a fair bit, maybe use the search function next time? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=94115
  14. Or how about setting the policemen to have no ammunition? You could also use the disableAI commands to disable their auto targetting / movement features. To make the terrorists not shoot at them you can just setCaptive true to both side, leave the player group as non captive. This should make the terrorists & policemen not shoot at each other while allowing the terrorists to shoot at the players (assuming you mean the invading team is players).
  15. Andy455

    SetWind Help

    Its proabably not quite what you want but I made a simple dialog to set the wind in missions (unfortunately it isn't tested on a dedicated server so if anyone can give feedback that would be nice ). http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=94026
  16. or instead you could use the mapGridPosition command :) And really nice work on this one, its a really handy tool.
  17. _crate should be the position at which the center of the search is performed, maybe you should use getpos _crate instead?
  18. Andy455

    Overview.html help

    Here is an overview I am using for a campaign that is in development: <html> <head> <title>Operation Kibruli Freedom</title> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <p align="center">by Andy455 - v0.1</p> <p align="center"><img src="overviewpic.jpg" width="512" height="256"></p> <p align="center">Brief description :)</p> </body> </html> I have the picture in the main folder, and note that dimensions are all 2^n (2,4,8,16,32 etc) but width and height can be different.
  19. You could make a trigger over the area which tells each unit that enters the trigger area to move a random distance away, I think Charon did this when making The Undead Mod. I can't quite remember.
  20. Andy455

    Dog patrols

    Use the search function and search for 'blitzy' it will come up with multiple scripts that use attack dogs.
  21. Andy455

    Simulated Tracers

    These two scripts do pretty much exactly what you want: Flak Simulation script & INKO Simple Firing Script
  22. Andy455

    Close container doors

    An alternative to digging around in the config files is to use Kronzky's vehicle info script: http://kronzky.info/turrets/vehinfo_ArmA2.zip You can have a look on his site on how it works :)
  23. You would just replace 'east' with 'resistance'.
  24. Andy455

    Close container doors

    Just put this into the container's init field: this animate ["DOOR_1_2",1]; this animate ["DOOR_1_1",1]; this animate ["DOOR_2_1",1]; this animate ["DOOR_2_2",1];
  25. The classnames for the ACE2 parachutes are: ACE_ParachutePack, & ACE_ParachuteRoundPack You can add them with addMagazine I think so it should be easy.