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  1. Worked perfectly POLPOX Thank you very much 👋
  2. target_practice I couldn't get this script to work Does not work _ObjCar remoteExec ["this say3D ['cars',50,1]"]; _ObjCar remoteExec "this say3D ["cars",50,1]"; I am noob help me please 🙁
  3. Hi guys my script doesn't work, does anyone know what's wrong? _ObjCar = createVehicle ["C_Hatchback_01_sport_F", getMarkerPos "car", ["car1", "car2"], 0, "NONE"]; _ObjCar setVehicleInit "this say3D ["cars",50,1]"; processInitCommands; In Eden Editor, vehicle init works well...
  4. rogerblower

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Hello spunfin It is possible to edit the loadout, uniform, vest, weapon, items and others I have no idea where and how to do this, can you help me? PS: Sorry for my english on google 😞 Thanks
  5. rogerblower

    Lagushina won't do anything?

    I´ve found, Antonia, but I can´t find where is LZ Jersey I can´t find the LZ Jersey in the map Thanks to anyone who can help