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  1. Your logs show everything is working fine.. except... You have a space in your server group name "BW FS". Remove the space and it should work, use "BWFS" instead.
  2. Thanks for the report. Can you please post your RPT, plugin logs and mission file to our forums - http://www.alivemod.com/forum/ Thanks
  3. You should not be using @ALiVEServer or the database functionality unless you have registered at ALiVE War Room.
  4. What does your plugin log say in the @ALiVEServer folder? Did you register your server on War Room?
  5. Yes, there is. Actually it can be done today but the setup and config is a little complex. We plan on announcing further details soon :)
  6. Yes, this in your RPT is bad. "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE ALIVE PLUGIN!" Test without persistence before doing anything else.
  7. I just tested RHS_FACTION_INSURGENTS on ALiVE 1.0. It does not cause a crash, however, for whatever reason ALIVE is not picking up these groups (and just substitutes other groups for insurgents). Will work with maquez to find out why the new RHS ALiVE data is not working with this faction. Other RHS factions work fine. EDIT: It appears the insurgents faction is broken, please do not use for now. Using lowercase rhs_faction_insurgents will hang your instance of Arma. Fixed in dev, will be in the next release. As usual, any hangs, crashes or lockups while using ALiVE should be reported to us when you can reproduce with ALiVE and CBA_A3 ONLY.
  8. Should work with RHS out of the box. You don't need to activate anything and it should use the appropriate RHS assets for logistics etc. See here http://alivemod.com/forum/1665-alive-staticdata-sqf-for-rhs-v0-4-0-1 To create your own roadblocks use the following code at init on the server: ALIVE_compositions_roadblocks = ["YOUR_ROADBLOCK_CLASS1","YOUR_ROADBLOCK_CLASS2",etc];
  9. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Ships_Config_Guidelines
  10. Addon maker has to do it, or just config over theirs :)
  11. The ALiVE team are aware of the issue and working on a fix. The CUP configs are correct, ALiVE just needs to be updated.
  12. What factions are not working for you?
  13. Obsolete 2D editor? lol, still working fine for me. Will look into it for Eden, but no promises.
  14. TankX always floated as people said, but couldn't move. CUP has addressed this issue with a scripted solution to ensure TankX amphibs can move in water. BIS are attempting to address this issue currently in Dev with mixed results. We haven't been able to get their "fix" working to date, but there are many variables and params to play with and to test. The BIS dev work, currently sees the tankx stuff move at 1km/h which is unusable. So, we will stick with our scripted solution for now.
  15. Yes CUP has ALiVE compatible group configs for all factions
  16. Anyway, thanks to NeoArmageddon, some nice SFX for ejection seat for CUP aircraft.
  17. Harrier can't take off vertically (in game). It can land vertically but that is technically a STOVL aircraft (short take off vertical landing). F35B is a V/STOL - Vertical or Short Take Off and Landing. I guess MV22 can do both too (although I'm not sure how much STO is used with the MV22), technically its VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing). The game has a couple of options for the config setting vtol. The simulation differs between simulation = "airplane" and "airplanex". AirplaneX sim has issues with landing on carriers so we're not using it. vtol = 0 is CTOL (Conventional Take Off and Landing) vtol = 1 (V/STOL). Most aircraft won't have enough thrust (calculated via an aircraft's maxspeed) to take off vertically, therefore Arma 3 switches them to STOVL mode (no vertical takeoff). It appears that with this setting (1) Arma 3 really won't let you take off vertically (set autohover on and you go nowhere). You need to get some forward momentum before switching to autohover on and then executing a short take off. You can of course take off conventionally. vtol = 2 Arma 3 actually uses this setting if it calculates a VTOL aircraft cannot take off vertically (STOVL). However, if set in config and you invoke a takeoff using autohover on, you will execute a very short take off, but not quite vertical. You can of course take off conventionally. vtol = 3 Will force Arma 3 to "boost" the thrust of any aircraft so that it can take off vertically no matter what (VTOL). Any aircraft on land has it thrust vector set so thrust is applied vertically, increase thrust and you will execute slow short take off. Attempt to take off with auto hover on and you will indeed vertically take off. The general thrust of an aircraft with setting 3 seems to be greatly increased to ensure the aircraft gets airborne. "Conventional" take off isn't really possible as thrust vector is fixed downwards when landed. For the F35-B, i guess setting 3 is what should be used, but it just didn't feel right. The overboosted easy VTOL, fixed downward nozzle and the clumsy short take off felt wrong. By implementing a vertical takeoff function with vtol = 2 setting, allows an aircraft to take off vertically, short take off or conventional take-off. No engine induced BOOST, so vertical take off is difficult. This felt right for the F35B.
  18. I stand corrected. You can do VTOL and STOL with vanilla aircraft - but the half vertical/half STOL is nowhere near as nice as a conventional STO we now have :)
  19. No :) Ok then. Yes. Yes it will. Kudos to Chairborne, Varanon, Al Warren, Kllrt, NeoArmageddon and the rest of the staff for doing an awesome job getting momentum behind what is a pretty big effort!
  20. In a word, yes. Also, this... VTOL and STOL on a single aircraft, not achievable in Vanilla (particularly from LHD).
  21. Also working on vertical takeoff from LHD.
  22. New models all in good time :)
  23. Who ya gonna call? and IRL