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    I've got version 1.2.5 updated via Yoma... Is there another version? I'm not running any beta patches for OA either. ---------- Post added at 10:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:14 AM ---------- Weird. I ran the 1.52 patch again and I no longer get the issue with JayArma2Lib. Thanks
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    All, I've got ACRE working with ARMA2 1.07 fine. I try launching ACRE with OA (combined operations) 1.52 and I get the message that JayArma2Lib is incompatible. The game launches but the radio is unavailable and I don't get the squawk/transmitting etc. Is this a known issue or have I done something wrong here? Thanks
  3. tupolov

    Aiming the zsu

    I managed to hit all 3 on my first attempt. You need to aim in front of the jets -about 1/2 cm in front! Most hits occur when the jets are pretty much side on to you. I completed the OA missions very quickly, is there really only the 4 missions?
  4. All, I keep getting a repeating sound whenever I play the game. The sound is someone shouting "Danger! Danger!". Just wondering if anyone has seen this? It keeps repeating over and over and appears to be linked to helicopter activity overhead? Happens on both MP and SP. Cheers, T
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    "danger! Danger!"

    Don't worry all sorted... was the Gigabyte tuner alert message... eesh. Apologies.
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    Windows XP SP3 32-bit Just thought I would share my results... PC: Gigabyte EX58-UD5 i7 920 CPU OC'd to 3.2 (BCLK 160MHz) ATI Radeon HD 4870X2 1GB GPU with ATI Catalyst 9.7 6 gig DDR 3 1600 Corsair Dominator Triple Channel RAM (WinXP 32bit sees 2.75GB RAM) 850 Watt Corsair PSU. HyperThreading - Disabled OS: Clean Build, with game installed patched to version 1.03, no anti-virus etc. ATI Control Panel Settings: Catalyst AI = Advanced AF = Application Controlled Antialiasing = Application Controlled Adaptive Antialiasing = Disabled Midimap Detail = Performance Triple Buffering = OFF Wait for Vertical Refresh = Always OFF arma2.exe -nosplash -world=empty -winxp -maxmem=2047 -cpuCount=4 Test 3 All settings Very High, AA off, 1920x1080, fillrate 100% OFPMark = 3756 (vs ICE-Ravers Vista64 - 3266 and Win7 64 - 4338) No switches = 3515 and default video memory = 3726 Switches and Video Memory selected as Default = 3730 Test 4 All settings Very High, Plus AA High (Very High isn't available?), 1920x1080, fillrate 100% OFPMark = 2770 (vs ICE-Ravers Vista64 - 2750 and Win7 64 - 2815) Test 5 All settings normal, PP High (default setting for Quality preference Normal), AA off, 1920x1080, fillrate 100% OFPMark = 5043 (vs ICE-Ravers Win7 64 - 7192 that was clocked to 4.2) No switches = 5090 and default video memory = 4698 Switches and Video Memory selected as Default = 5080 and PP as Low = 5324 Switches and Very High Video Memory (PP as High) = 5042... The first two results show how, even with increased screen resolution, WinXP 32 bit is beating Vista64. I'm not using two graphics cards either - just the dual GPU 4870X2 card. Also I'm only using 2GB of RAM. The final test is a funny one. Video Memory settings seem to make little difference. Looks better to have it as default in the last test. Clearly I need to upgrade to Win 7 64 bit and overclock the CPU a bit more!
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    ICE-Raver, Can you confirm a couple more settings for me: 1. Have you disabled HT on your BIOS? 2. What switches have you launched arma2.exe with? -maxmem? -winxp? 3. Are your OS's patched to latest from MS? 4. Do you have any CPU or Memory perf stats to see utilization? Cheers, T
  8. With all the questions around whether a PC is fit for ARMA 2, it would be useful to know what BIS are testing this game on and what the optimal settings are. It seems even those with 920 i7s, 6GB RAM, 1GB graphics cards are still not getting FPS greater than 30-40? Yet the optimal specification stated by BIS is below this. Are they using Vista 64? XP 32? RAM? Graphics cards? Do they have any performance data from their testing? It would be extremely useful if BIS published a performance baseline to set people's expectation. Everyone is coming on here asking about what is supported, it would be easier for BIS to publish a couple of their PC specs with expected performance.