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    A fix for Full Axis throttle mapping

    You must have a huge deadzone in either Arma settings or Your saitek software, I'd reset both to default and start again
  2. Rebooted the server and it works fine, its default mission on our server for the evening. We should be on later http://www.hlsw.org/gameserver/
  3. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/323972
  4. No, just Fallujah and Lingor
  5. JW, Your mission is borked badly, it won't launch on our dedi server, it gets stuck in a loop trying to launch it
  6. I can try, Here's what You should've done. Hopefully You have full rdp access. Install apache, open port 80 in the firewall rules and get Your server setup as a webserver. Make sure You can access the webserver and get the apache "it works" html page. Make a repo input folder C:\YASRepoinput And a Repo output folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\YASRepo The autoconfig url is written as a url with all forward slashes "/" file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs/YASRepo/yasrepo.7z Follow the instuctions in the Yoma help section using the above, copy a few mods into C:\YASRepoinput and see if it works.
  7. Got the repo sorted, works great when You get all the kinks ironed out. Amazing tool Yoma, makes it so much easier for newcomers to get mods matching the server installed. BTW, anonymous is spelt anonymous, check the Teamspeak tab for a typo :D Launching Mumble doesn't work, it launches the old 1.1 version of Mumble when our server runs 1.2
  8. Thanks, now it builds the repo fine, but doesn't create the auto config url. I didn't bother with FTP as I have remove access, I'm sure this is the problem.
  9. I'm trying to setup a repo with Yoma but get as far as building it, the options are greyed out, see pic http://pix.sparky-s.ie/5961b.jpg Can anyone figure whats going on here? Everything else seemed to work smoothly
  10. PogMoThoin

    Coop-06 Battle of Marjah

    We tried, it didn't work. I ended up getting My friend to shoot Me in the head as he couldn't heal Me. Maybe You could use the full Norrin revive with a limited number of lives
  11. PogMoThoin

    Coop-06 Battle of Marjah

    Good mission. Tried this with a friend for a while earlier and although We couldn't read the briefing We got the idea. It played well and the objectives completed (didn't finish, only played for a while). Starting with a Mk16 was annoying, it takes too many hits to kill. Maybe You could add an ammobox or even add some better weapons to the vehicles. I had to rob a Pkm off a dead enemy as it had more stopping power than the Mk16 as it gets pretty hot at times. The mission needs Norrins revive script, we got injured quite often and had to bleed out or click respawn, would have been better if I could be revived
  12. I voted No, I detest those overpriced pieces of shit. Don't have one, don't want one. My pc components are better, didn't cost the earth and don't tie Me down. I would however like if BIS developed a linux version, then I'd have an excuse to drop Windows and be completely free
  13. PogMoThoin

    CO8 Easy Pickings [PMC]

    Great mission, 2 of us cleared this earlier. All objectives worked and the mission completed perfectly. I was a little disappointed at the lack of resistance at the airfield, getting to extraction was far too easy as well, We just took a Uaz and made a dash for extraction. Maybe make it harder after the first objective.
  14. No, the lite versions are all thats required and these are released in patches, make sure its patched up to 1.56
  15. PogMoThoin

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    BAF was amazing, so I didn't hesitate to buy this, I'm sad that I was an early adopter cos if I'd held back and read these reports I definitely wouldn't have bought it. Its got no content, I don't care for campaigns, I don't want to host coops as we have a dedicated server for that. So looking at it what did We actually get? - A few weapons we already had, Xm8 is already in A2 and the optics on the one You start the campaign with are terrible - a chopper and a crappy Uav, ok, the chopper is lovely, Uav is nothing special - an Suv with a gun, doesn't really excite Me - a campaign thats released free in the patch - a tiny map thats too small for any real combat. Icebreaker makes maps 50 times bigger for free, maybe we should just donate to the community content makers, they make much better stuff. Its definitely not worth paying for
  16. I bought it more than once, I bought it for my son and for my brother and even told them how great it was going to be
  17. Free :o I got anally raped paying €8.99 for a dlc pack with that same "free" content. My arse is sore. Not happy BIS :mad: This Dlc is a blatent rip-off, its got no content. I want My money back
  18. As a seasoned Arma player I'm well pissed with this rip-off Dlc, its got no content. I enjoyed the BAF, it has lots of content, it had great scenarios, this one has too little. Campaign is unplayable in coop, it lags. Mp armoury doesn't work either, started one twice with one of the guys, We just spawned at Razman, nothing happened after 10 mins. Map is tiny and isn't made up of anything new, all buildings have been seen before. I want my cash back, not happy.
  19. PogMoThoin

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74858

    Since the new beta isn't playable online with older server versions I'm gonna be out of the beta patch testing loop until an official patch comes, hopefully soon. I can't update to the beta our server (I never have run the beta on our server) as it would kick the random public that we need so badly.
  20. PogMoThoin

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74630

    You have been able to force v-sync off in the ArmA2OA.cfg with the vsync=0; parameter in the last few beta's, no need for forcing with Ati Tray Tools anymore
  21. PogMoThoin

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74630

    Aspect ratio is set to 16:10 as it should be for 1920x1200. Will You consider the positions of the console and team messages and the bottom server control buttons in a future update, will I open a ticket? Maybe its just a problem at some resolutions.
  22. PogMoThoin

    A fix for Full Axis throttle mapping

    ^^ Which isn't the way it is be IRL, this fix makes it behave like the way it does in a real chopper. You'll have the full use of the throttle for uplift, not start at a neutral position in the middle
  23. PogMoThoin

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74630

    New multiplayer browser is nice, but needs to be in better resolution and in better colours, looks terrible at 1920x1200. Also the Server Control button obscures the messages from console online, maybe move it up a bit to leave space for a message or 2 http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp279/PogMoTho1n/arma2oa2010-10-2721-24-51-68.jpg
  24. PogMoThoin

    A fix for Full Axis throttle mapping

    This isn't the way a real chopper works, its not like a jet, there should be no decrease thrust at all. As You stand 0-50% thrust in a chopper does absolutely nothing for You in game without this fix. Being at 1% is the same as being at 49%. The increase thrust should be mapped to the full scope of the throttle 0-100%, not just the top 50-100%