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  1. Hey mando. Love the mod but to be honest not a big fan of the effects for some missles so I am at odds. Is there any PBO i can disable or any config to disable missle trails so I can use WARFX? THank you
  2. CombatComm

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    GREAT island Ice. I just bought a new 1 gig video card and it was soo worth it. It looks great and runs great running it on all high and very high on a 47 inch monitor at 88% res. Pop an enviromental module on there and its heaven out of a vietnam movie. I second the request by RH. Monkeys in the pines at utes dosent fit. I also would like to offer a suggestion. Im not a zoologist by any means and im sure there are probably some birds that sing at night but I think if it were just the eerie noise of crickets alone it would feel more right. Also the sounds of the river are loud and sound like they belong more near a running stream in the mountains than a slow moving "amazon" type river. Love the monkeys tho ;)
  3. CombatComm

    Lingor Jungle SF - Rhodesy

    I dont usually download weapon addons or units nor comment on them but I just had to say you did an amazing job editing your pictures. That last one on the first post danm near looks like a real photo. Great job. And since the tiger stripes remind me of my own Air Force ABU's i think ill grab these
  4. Hey mando. Love the mod but to be honest not a big fan of the effects for some missles so I am at odds. Is there any PBO i can disable or any config to disable missle trails so I can use WARFX? THank you
  5. CombatComm

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Hey guys. I am a little confused as to what zeus I should have in the folder and if I have too many. I am running combined assault thru steam and have I think every zeus file ever. Zeus regular, Zeus OA and zeus ACE. Im wondering if these are conflicting and If I have too many zeueses in my mod folder. I havent noticed much of a difference. Especially with AI peeking around corners. What should I have?
  6. I fixed everything that squint told me to fix and yet it still does not work. Is this even able to work with OA? Do I need to edit another script file OTHER THAN the units config to get this to work? Thanks
  7. Hey can someone please help me with the setup? First time using DAC with OA and this is my trigger call. It says DAC v3.0 initializing in the right hand corner but If I fly around to look for takistani militia I dont think any have spawned because im not fired upon. I want 35 groups of Takistani militia to spawn. So I have 8 as the case number i that last array. I have the external DAC logic places and the stock DAC folder in my mission folder. The only thing that has been edited is the Config_units.sqf which is below. Can anyone tell me if they see something suspect. Thank you
  8. CombatComm

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Hey everyone. Does this mod render AI pilots in attack helicopters retarded? They dont seem to use their hellfires or even main gun for that matter. Playing trial by fire they dont shoot at the BMPs at all and are destroyed. I did a test where I placed a helicopter and BMP in UTES. The Cobra didnt fire at all untill it was shot down. Without zeus it imediately fires. Your thoughts on this please?
  9. You said that variable is in km? Holy moly no wonder they keep coming thats the whole map right? If it was meters it makes more sense. This is in meters or km? And also for the reinforcments to take place does any module have to be placed and does it use preplaced AI groups for renforcement or is it creating groups? I read the readme but was kind of confused on that one. And while I have you here, I am getting an invalid variable or something when trying to set up patrol in the leaders init field. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey I have a mission with randomly patrolling AI groups. I wouldent mind if they call for reinforcements but I dont want every AI unit across the map coming to a single battle. So My question is this. Does the AI request loop go on indefinately to where the AI that was called to help themselves call AI and vice versa. And can I set the distance in which the request support?
  11. Does anyone know of any system/mod or website that keeps score of wins losses statistics etc? Its nice to have them saved. gives the game something more to strive too. Fun ass game but Id like to have my kill/death and stuff saved somwehre.
  12. Awseome mission. Dont know if this has been mentioned. Perhaps give the ability to call in support based on how many kills the player has? Mortars at 10. Arty at 20, air strike at 30 and than repeat would be great. Maybe even make the support random to go with the theme of the mission. Would love to see some support added for those tight spots you can find yourself in this misssion. Anyone else? (also maybe add aircraft to starting player types?) just some ideas
  13. Hey so I have a problem now. I know this is what everyone is discussing. I cant load arma II:OA with mods. Can someone help me? I cant do it thru the launcher obviously cuz of the directory issue. Than I cant even load them using the shortcut target method because for whatever reason I dont have that in Windows 7. Any suggestions?
  14. Hey guys, my free trial for the last 2 programs expired. Anyone know one that is 100 percent free and not just a trial? Thanks
  15. Hey guys, so I have a trigger. condition is !alive test. Test being some russian guy just for, well testing purposes. On activation null=execVM "casav.sqf" casav=createTrigger["emptydetector",position player"]; casav setTriggerArea [0, 0, 0, true]; casav setTriggerActivation ["WEST", "Bravo", true]; casav setTriggerStatements ["this", "GroupA10 = CreateGroup West; A10CAS = createVehicle ["A10", [(getMarkerPos "A10Spawn") select 0,(getMarkerPos "A10Spawn") select 1,100], [], 0, "FLY"]; A10Pilot = GroupA10 createUnit ["USMC_Soldier_Pilot", [0,0,1], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; A10Pilot moveInDriver A10CAS; wp1 = GroupA10 addWaypoint [(getpos player), 0]; wp1 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; wp1 setWaypointType "SAD";=true"]; casav setTriggerText "A10 Close Air Support"; The radio bravo is not added to radio menu as it should be. I already tested the spawn part and thats fine. I just need the bravo added is all. What is the deal with my script guys? Thanks.
  16. hEY ALL. lOVE THIS vts. I usually play alone and just mess around unfortunatey cuz noone ever plays this on servers I see. It would be amazing if you all either created a single player version with no differences OR the ability to save your work and mission to play later. In essnce this is a GREAT (the best) mission editing tool out there. Save convert to a mission SQM, add more scripts and your set. Is this possible?
  17. For some reason the sound is strange or distorted for me. Anyone else? 105 mm sounds like clicks.
  18. WOW VERY IMPRESSED! Thank you for sharing. And if the script maker is hanging around thease forums amazing job dude. Would love to see the camera steadied just a bit and the aiming is a bit off but that may be the more realistic thing considering azimuth range angle etc but the 40 mm bofors are fun as hell!
  19. CombatComm

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    EXCELENT BRO! The trees and frame rate was the only thing holding this back. Will check it out after work.
  20. I need to add some strength to a certain ammo crate so that it will not be destroyed with one tank round. Is this possible? Thank you.
  21. maybe if AAS allowed ACE or more mods id play it. The action is certainlymore consistant than that of a dom game. As well as new missions for the new islands like namalsk, thirsk, duala etc.
  22. Hey im looking to get into some projects. Preferably campaigns and missions with long well thought out scripts. Iv had many people PM me to voice act for them only to never send me the scripts. I recently did a small role in Ejays mission operation caldera and if youd like to see what I can offer than check that mission out. Thanks.
  23. CombatComm

    Domination ports by Bsilenced

    Hey on a side note, have u ever thought about adding voice acting to certain things? Like when sidemission come up or the standard artillery observers have been spotted? Just a little detail that I thought Id throw out. Also volunteering hah.
  24. CombatComm

    [SP] Operation Caldera

    Haha yah like I said ejay you should deff let people know in the mission brief to get weapons at the brief and that you have to eliminate the troops at base.
  25. CombatComm

    Namalsk island, v1.10

    What is the deal with Namalsk lately? I was preatty sure the campaign u were working on was suppose to come out febuary?