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  1. Hey so I did a quick scroll through the comref and didnt see anything that might give me what Im after, although im not great with scripts so I probably wouldent have known anyway. Id like to have a trigger that supplies the player with the approximate location by grid reference of the target. This way it provides a clue but itsnt a marker and so still somewhat a challenge. Id imagine this is possible since somwhere in a script your AI tell you their griid ref. Thanks
  2. Hey all. I have a logic with this setdir 1 in the init. I have waypoints from this logic to wear I want pawn units to head. They however do not. How do I make the AI in this DAC Zone ONLY use the waypoints I have given them? Thanks
  3. Wow this one has been rough. Does anyone have another method? Simpler perhaps?
  4. Awseome! It worked as NEO suggested. It gave me the grid reference box of 3 characters. Zoomed in this shows exact location. Is there anyway I can reduce the grid value? So instead of X 104, Y 064 I get X 10, Y 06? Might be trying to squeeze a dry orange here but figured id ask
  5. Cool. So after much research this is the way I went. Unfortunately I receive Any as my hint... any suggestions?
  6. I actulley started to notice more action from my team after reeinstalling GL4? Coincidence perhaps. Either way still not perfect but better. You said something about a medic module sickboy? Are you refering to ace wounds module? And on a side question I am trying to create a mine field with DAC and get a "bad objects" with the ACE_BBetty etc and other mines. Is there another classname for already activated mines? Thanks
  7. Ok I got something. The above issues with AI not following my custom Dac_behaviour stemed from zeus. Weird. Anyway my next question is as follows can someone critique my script call for a mine field using ACE objects. I feel like I got everything right but they just aren't spawning. Thanks in advance And the script call The only thing I see missing from my script is a valid object array but I didnt see any cooresponding object names in the config in the readme examples so I took this as not neccesary. I guess Ill try just putting one in there. EDIT- WOW I always seem to figure things out right after I post a question making me look retarded. It needs the array. I dont know what the object names mean but there it is. Let this be a lesson for someone having the same issue in the future. EDIT2-Wow, im talking to myself now. But I was VERY dissapointed to learn ACE objects cannot be generated by DAC. Strange since its bundled with ace but both mines were "bad objects" :(
  8. All the documentation in the world doesent seem to explain how to get medics effective in single player. I have the ace wounds set up and a medic stuffed to the brim with bandages, epi, and morphine and he still does not apply anything to anyone. Just stands there. I usually have to end up grabbin supplies of him and do it myself and that takes away from shots i, as the designated marksman can put downrange. On top of this, if i do go back to the field hospital the medic still does nothing while i am able to heal them fully. I know there is a way to get the ai to use this stuff. Theres gotta be.
  9. CombatComm

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Hi yall. When I have the lastest zeus should my AI be starting i danger mode everytime? They just spawn and are constantly in danger mode. It breaks my mission one and just dosent seem like it should be. Please advise thank you.
  10. Ok so on top of my UAV issue as posted above it seems none of my static groups garrison anymore or get into static weapons. Usercconfigs look good. Im stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions or no of any mods that break GL4? Ace 1.8 RC1 is the only substantial mod I have in addition.
  11. CombatComm

    RWS - Real Warfare Soundmod

    I like the plops and deeper sounds a lot but the high pitch snaps just seem to blend together and become noise.
  12. I have the UAV module placed in my mission with the following init and this on my player unit init This works fine and I get an action to go to UAV cam. However the second after I use the GL4 recruiting action on another unit and he is added to my group, I see the UAV action is gone and never reaapears untill I restart. Can anyone see if they can reproduce this or know of a reason/workaround? Thank you
  13. I will also ask this question in the GL4 thread but thought id start here. I have the UAV module placed in my mission with the following init and this on my player unit init This works fine and I get an action to go to UAV cam. However the second after I use the GL4 recruiting action on another unit and he is added to my group, I see the UAV action is gone and never reaapears untill I restart. Can anyone see if they can reproduce this or know of a reason/workaround? Thank you
  14. You are right I did not. I apologize. THank you VERY much for the info. Now if I edit the the behavior for all cases to only use [limited] would they use limited even if they were shot or under fire i wonder? Again, I jumped the gun. I just needed to read on. It says in the readme that this is how the AI act in there zones before enemy contact. Disregard. But it still does not work for some reason. I still see team leaders running out in the distance. I dont understand. Zeus maybe?
  15. No, I think you misunderstood my question. i am using takistani rebels through the internal logic which works fine. Im just wondering if I can setbehavior to limited speed on them while still using the intern.
  16. So next question here, Im using the intern logic and unfortunately most of the enemy AI are all running at high speed at all times. Is there a way to overide default intern configs for the AI to walk and just be aware? I would use external logic but its been difficult for me to cater it to the units I want. It would be easier to use intern and somehow overide the walk behavior of east side. Any help would be appreicated.
  17. CombatComm

    Simple Support and SOM

    Has anyone came up with a fix for this? Or a workaround I should say. Is there a trick to get these to work together. And seems like such an easy thing for BIS to fix, its beyond me why they havent
  18. Question - Do AI mods like zeus effect AI created by DAC or is the AI run soley based on DAC scripting? Thanks
  19. Hey all wondering why so far there has been no fix to the TOW equipted Humvees not havig any optics. Its near impossible to effectivly aim and guide the missle without at leasat some sort of crosshair or optic. Just wondering about why that hasent been added. Thanks
  20. CombatComm

    RWS - Real Warfare Soundmod

    So far amazing guys. My new favorite. I love danm near every sound. Realistc. Punchy. And modular. I especially love the M16, M240 and Abrams sounds. Keep up the awseome work. I will say the ONLY thing that should be tweaked is the sniper rifles. The echo after they are shot is a littl exagerated and long. Cant wait to hear your javelin, explosions, and East weapons. Also will you be adding cracks and thuds from large caliber weapon? -After some more testing, I would add that the M203 launcher is a bit on the cartoony pluck side. It should have a little more click I think.
  21. Is anyone having problems recruiting the AI? The option never seems to present itself and when it does, rarely, its only from paradropped AI. If I can get this figured out I will be golden. Ill never have to play another mission again. Id like to ultimately be able to recruit from the AI pool, whether it be 30 or 100 AI from flapoles at bases. This would be the ultimate scenario.
  22. I second nubbins request for the ability to recruit up to 5 AI at the the main base. Its hard to search around for AI for your team. And zone I know you got frustrated with people saying retarded and unessecary things but this IS my FAVORITE mission. In fact its the only mission I play as I have trouble getting online. Its perfect for large battles dynamic with objectives. I have ported it to most all Islands I have and tweaked things. I really hope you dont give up on this mission and conitinue to update it. Maybe release a more in depth guide on changing some things like adding ace features and enemies. Is there anyway I could ask you how to remove the animations and and wounding? This way I could implement ACE wounding into my battlefield missions?
  23. CombatComm

    Isla Duala

    Hey ICE! Just recently came back to duala after some good times at lingor. Noticed I dont have any grass....AT ALL on the map. Is this me or did you remove all grass? Looks bare :(
  24. Isit just me and my quadcore 2.4 GhZ processor, or does this misson get unbearably laggy after a while from script an AI lag? I have been a fan since you released your first Battlefields to Chern and Utes and have played them since but this has always been an issue for me. The longer the mission goes the less FPS. Either way always fun