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  1. lol you mad bro? 7 motnh tour in afghanistan, 2011 with SOCCENT. 3rd HERD before that. Assigned to 571st MSAS right now. Look it up. You a cook in the army? Something tells me you arent in the military at all. If you were you'd have a little bit of respect for your fellow military brothers. And you'd know that it dosent matter what branch your in, what matters is your mission, if you wana get gungho, iv shot more people than you blah blah on me. Go play COD. Oh and uh DO YOU SEE A two point sling on the player model!? Fake ass mofo.
  2. CombatComm

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Does BIS have a reputation for promising things and saying theyll optimize just to get the loyal fans to buy and than give one excuse after another or something?
  3. Can someone a little smarter than me explain the benefits and or what render to texture is at all in lamens terms? I love the progression of graphics/physics/tech in games but I am not well versed in the technicalities.
  4. Hey guys! I underestimated what ARMA could look like by miles. I have EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING cranked up. VD, object VD, everything ultra, and finnaly 3D resolution at 200%. Looks stunning. I am OC my GTX 680 (im inexpirienced at this and running only stock cooling, so hopefully I dont F it up) I am getting AT LEAST 30+ in most cases. I was just curious to see if someone could explain to me why I saw an obvious difference in frame rate increase when I went from 6000 to fill 1200. Any technical gurus out there? Maybe this will help others using similar cards?
  5. CombatComm

    Arma 3 first impressions

    Agreed! WTF BIS? New sound engine? With reverb? another confirmed feature you set aside through laziness? Let's get with the 21st century please.
  6. CombatComm

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    The more a game hypes features like TOH FM, and yes it was confirmed by a dev on this forum, and dosent deliver the less I trust them. It just seems sooo lazy. I understand there are a lot of technical things I dont understand that have to be worked around but as I play ARMA 3 I cant help but feel without some of these promised things it feels a lot like Arma 2.5. TOH was a biig new feature. Hope to see full implementation.
  7. CombatComm

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    I stand corrected on the radio chatter! Welcome improvement.
  8. CombatComm

    Arma 3 first impressions

    The good: -Love some of the details in the animations I've seen. The little detail in the check inventory animation is great! -Recoil feels good and strong with the camera shudder adding to the affect. Very fun to shoot! -Texture quality is top notch on characters. - Clouds look great! -Controls have deffinately entered the 21st century. - Runs amazingly! GTX 680 I7 2700K - Voice acting is a welcome improvement. The bad (bugs-I know its alpha): -Has anyone here ever carried even a light rifle with one hand, your wrist quirked like the animation shows? Your wrist would be cramped in seconds! It looks ridiculous. No one teaches any military on this earth to hold a rifle like that. They look like gorillas! Not to mention when the whole squad is walking around IN THE SAME animation it kills immersion. Please change the animation so that they are holding rifles correctly. Everything else looks good animation wise. - Side arm dosent show when holstered. - Disappointed at the lack of TOH FM. By far the most anticipated new feature and since it was CONFIRMED to take it out seems all wrong. Would love to see rudder pedal animations added. Simple little things that seem like a no brainer. -Terrain map resolution is pretty pathetic. Arma 2.5 - Weapons, distance sounds.....bleh
  9. CombatComm

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    For something as extensive and neglected in the past by BIS as good sound, very. Hell in any case, BIS wont know what to work on if we don't say it so. Yah, sound sucks BIS. I shudder to think what the voice acting is going to be like. (again, there is plenty I like, I just find the sound design or lack thereof, lazy.)
  10. CombatComm

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    I'm confused, you get banned here for saying something negative about ARMA? Everyone can give their positive opinions but negative criticism is ban-able? Comon. I hope the moderators are more adult than that. I love the game don't get me wrong, a lot looks good, but a lot looks the same as well. When it comes to sound, you should never cut corners. Ragdoll is an amazing stretch forward towards immersion. I hope you're right about the place holders, however unlikely.
  11. CombatComm

    Render to texture benefits?

    Cool story bro! You're late. Maybe first response. Thanks to everyone else with constructive info.
  12. CombatComm

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    -_- Would it kill BIS to hire someone that actually knows a thing or two about sound design. I mean my god, they even toted a new sound engine as a "new feature". Sound is incredibly important for immersion. I hear recycled Arma 2 sounds and wow. Pretty lazy. Explosions have those trademark highs and the sonic "cracks" sound more like clicks than snaps. I am not trolling. I am a serious fan of the series but enough is enough. They made money this year. Give back with a little extra polish. Especially when you've made sound a "new feature" along with TOH FM (also not 100% in) I hope to god JSRS 1.5 gets ported, and quick. BF 3 for all it's shortcomings in the realism department has extravagant sound. Some would say Hollywood, I say immersive. Distance attenuation is done amazingly in BF3. And yes I know it's alpha, but let's be serious. Sound design is not something BIS is going to focus on in the time between now and the full launch. What we are hearing is (unfortunately) what we are probably getting. (for the most part) Can I get an amen? An F you works too.
  13. CombatComm

    Render to texture benefits?

    OOOOOOh thanks for the clear up. While cool, I didn't think it was so obvious, the results. Will be cool to see what kind of things the mod makers come up with.
  14. CombatComm

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    Im sorry, but I am confused. So TOH flight model is 100% not in alpha and possibly not full game? Isnt that false advertiseing since that was stated as a major upgrade. This and java being taken out as well are just 2 things BI is not delivering on.
  15. I7 2700K at 3.9Ghz GTX 680 4GB VRAM 80 GB SSD for Windows and Arma III 16 GB RAM Windows 8 Which leads me to a question. Which is more powerful? The i5s or the i7s? Also will Arma even benefit from 4GB Vram?
  16. Also, i just wanted to throw in some other thoughts and ideas. To those saying this game has no objective. Depending on how much Rocket puts into the leaderboards and stat tracking on his website that is your ultimate goal. To try and live longer than you did with your previous character! Awsome. If Rocket continues to add more and more survival nessecities and objects it will become harder and harder to survive. I saw he added what looks like a thermostat. Imagine if he incorporates temperature changes and hypothermia and you have to stay warm or heat stroke. All those things will make it more challenging to strive for your best time surviving.
  17. Rocket, amazing game mode. I was wondering what you think about incorporating ACRE or your own radio system and disabling all sidechat. :) This would introduce amazing immersion as well as solve or help to contribute to the solving of problem people have with banding together as a team. Imagine finding a radio and hearing real time radio burst from a survivor camp calling all nearby survivors. Or worse yet, a bandit attracting others with the calls for the same. The elimination of side chat would force people to direct talk more to gain helpful information, tips and such unless they had a radio. People would be much more inclined to band together for information and safety than shoot first. In addition, it would add to the feeling of being alone in the world when sidechat is not around for anyone to ask questions. Radios with realistic dispersion and inteference like ACRE would be great and add to the already amazing survival game you have made. People would be forced to higher ground to transmit and need to loot for batteries. Thanks for considering the idea or at least telling me what you think. Great job, we are truly enjoying this. and Happy Bday!
  18. Hi, I'm new to advanced scripting usually sticking to simple statements in trigger on act sections. I like to use placed units as opposed to createvehicle for realism. IN this case a C-130 on standby for players call for air drop. It turns engines on, gets its waypoints (the players position) and than when it is within 30 meters of player it drops its cargo. Eventually id like to get the script to the point where based on the radio trigger called a different script is called within the script. A goto "Ammo1" goto "ammo2" scenario but I am nowhere close to that level yet. So here is my script, not working at the moment. Please look at it and let me know what im doing right and wrong. This is the best way for me to learn. Correction. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time.
  19. Thank you both for taking the time. Ok so Im sure both of you were confused haha, preatty terrible first attempt. Rydgier, let me explain what I was trying to do with select/goto. I was hoping their was a way to do something like where whether the "then or else" is true than the script skips to a certain block of code, within the same script. Like the goto command I guess?? And than understand the loop system. Which I think I understand a little better from yalls help. The main thing is I wanted to if fog was too heavy the script to exit and the player would be forced to try again later if the fog has cleared up. Thats why I tried to send the script to exit in the "else" statement. I know im probably not making much more sense. I know commands and quite a few statements. I guess my main concern now is, like you said, learning to structure and loop my scripts. I need to be able to effectively and cleanly (not kill me CPU) check for conditions throughout the mission or after certain things happen. And than for more complicated scripts use variables and complicated scripts like attachto. If you all could continue to help me understand the select 0,1,2,3 thing and how or if that is used to select certain blocks of codes based on the output of conditions that would be awesome. :)
  20. Hey all! I just recently mastered the if then else and it rejuvinated my interest in mission making. So I was hoping someone could either point me in the right direction or tell me how to name items such as radios. In order for say applying a script to an item. calling on the radio or NVGs etc in a script. In my mission I want the radio to actulley be vital. playsounds to come from the radio and no sidechat unless the player is within 5 meters of the radio things like that. Thank you in advance for your help.
  21. Excuse me, am I the only one getting a password prompt when pasting this into my addons folder? This is the only mod this has ever happened with. Thanks Never mind. Its red.
  22. CombatComm

    adjusting clutter

    Im not 100 % certain on this but clutter is the amount and distance the game renders grass rocks, twigs etc right? Well if so is there anyway to adjust this locally? I know it helps performance but it kills immersion when I zoom in with a scope and there is nothing but dirt. Also walking and seeing the grass pop up is another annoyance. Thanks
  23. CombatComm

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Ill ask again....When I have the lastest zeus should my AI be starting i danger mode everytime? They just spawn and are constantly in danger mode. It breaks my mission one and just dosent seem like it should be. Please advise thank you.
  24. Sorry to say mini but I had the same issue. After getting rid of zeus they walked around normaly and did exactly what I wanted them to do in the DAC. They didnt even stay in their groups while zeus was enabled. It was bad. It dosent work wih Zeus. not well anyway. It will break your mission.
  25. Can anyone help me with his please? I have a logic with this setdir 1 in the init. I have waypoints from this logic to wear I want pawn units to head. They however do not. How do I make the AI in this DAC Zone ONLY use the waypoints I have given them? Thanks