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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Something to try guys!! If you have hyperthreading and an NVIDIA card try using the threaded optimzation toggle in the control panel. I saw insanely extended load times but I believe I saw a slight FPS inscrease. This is with no AI on map. I dont know, maybe its just placebo affects. In any case it was not worth the added load time but something to explore perhaps? Crap, never mind. Upon disabling this I still had increased load times but also this slight FPS increase. I don't know what changed....
  2. CombatComm

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Can someone help me optimize? Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 i7 2700k UEFI BIOS OCd at 3.9ghz (i think) GTX 680 4GB VRAM (does added vram matter or help with Arma?) 16 GB RAM (no pagefile) Windows 8 (Eh) PSU is 600W and I feel like after using a coomputer power calculator im estimated at 504 without any OCs. I am running great, dont get me wrong but I want to squeeze all I can out of the ALPHA build so that when engine optimization hits I will be smooth as butter at 200% resolution everything high. Yes, I want to be greedy but am not very computer savvy.
  3. Can someone explain what this is exactly? Does this mean we are pushed updates and patches as soon as they come out?
  4. I remember seeing in another post that, at least when OCing your GPU, this happens because to the newest Nvidia driver. I have the same issues, mostly when OCing but have no programs that I know of "attached" besides steam.
  5. CombatComm

    HELP Gtx690 :(

    Does MOBO model not matter so much in all this discussion of performance? I never see anyone offer it when describing their system. I have a P8Z68 V Pro/gen 3 and I always worry it's not optimized perfectly with all my other components. CPU/GPU etc
  6. CombatComm

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    SICK! We need a black one please!
  7. Anyone else have a similar setup as me ? I am trying to optimize at every level including possibly upgradeing my PSU? I dont know if that would help with performance but I am around estimated 504 watts draw with a 600 WAT PSU. Game Crashes often when OC the graphics card but no computer crashes. I feel like the 4GB VRAM isnt doing much in helping me establish higher frames at high 200% resolution (yes, I am being greedy. Anyone heard of windows 8 instability for gameing? ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Gen3 Intel core i7-2700K BIOS OC to 3.9ghz GTX680 4 GB 16 GB RAM 600W PSU Windows 8
  8. CombatComm

    Sound Mod?

    Second this! I would love to see what the sound designers think of the "new" sound engine and what can be done with it. I am a bit dissapointed with the vanilla ARMA 3 sounds being the same in distant and sonic cracks.
  9. CombatComm

    Respawn Script?

    Here is a legitimate question, is the respawn functionality fixed for the duration of the mission being that it is in the description.ext? Or could the respawn be turned off dynamically like other traditional triggers as in trigger=false etc? I would like to allow for respawn untill a certain objective has been completed by one side on mp, therefore disabling respawn for one side only dynamically during the mission.
  10. Has anyone here ever carried even a light rifle with one hand, your wrist quirked like the animation shows? Your wrist would be cramped in seconds! It looks ridiculous. No one teaches any military on this earth to hold a rifle like that. They look like gorillas! Not to mention when the whole squad is walking around IN THE SAME animation it kills immersion. Please change the animation so that they are holding rifles correctly. Everything else looks good animation wise.
  11. CombatComm

    Texture quality setting

    2GB is probably more than sufficient. They aren't that HD.
  12. Yup, it's confirmed. He's mad bro. So many people on here love to play war on their LCD monitors. You don't know the first thing about any of the units I've been in or what I did for them big guy. Love your quick google synopsis of them though. You're clearly either confused or something got lost in a cultural translation. I didn't come on here telling people about my service. I was defending against some little shit who mention I was Air Force from my avatar and so I wouldn't know anything about holding a rifle. Which proved his ignorance of the military. Sad you wasted all that energy typing up a story. You're right though droikka, they have a way of sucking you in and jacking the OP topic.
  13. Love the selective quote editing you did up there. Clever. Left out the post I responded to and how I came to the conclusion he probably isn't in the military. Making it look like I came on here with the intent to show off my credentials lol. So impressed with this forum community so far today.
  14. So relieved to see this post here. I thought I was the only one. It happens to me mostly when OCing my 680. At first I thought id f*cked it up. The only way I can get it back to operational after a graphics card driver is a full PC restart. Sucks because I know if I OC my 680 id be getting better frames. Have to wait till this is fixed I guess.
  15. -_- I guess if I have to use my imagination. BTW have you guys seen this post? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147715-ARMA-3-base-terrain-textures-WORSE-than-the-original-Operation-Flashpoint In some peoples opinion (not mine) THAT could be a trivial BS thing to "complain" about. It's just a satmap after all. Everything else terrain wise looks great! But he said something, and good on him for it. Maybe a dev sees that and says o shit they noticed and don't like it. Well we weren't going to work on that but I guess we could up the res on the satmap. Same with walking animation variety, offset, detail. Maybe you guys should do your part to make ARMA a better game instead of "ZOMG he said a bad thing about ARMA get him".
  16. CombatComm

    Better animations?

    Well then all things considered, they are a marked and welcome improvement.
  17. It was a suggestion. But thanks for your meaningful contribution. You guys get sooo mad. lol And to Katu, while I know that you CAN walk like they do in the anim, UNLESS you had a sling why the hell would you? At least if we are comparing the ARMA anim exactly without a sling model, it would not be comfortable and your wrist would be hurting. Or hell, maybe I just have scrawny weak wrists. And in any case the animations need to AT LEAST be offset. Everyone in the squad walking in complete unison in that particular anim looks ridiculous.
  18. lol me and about 6 others all got into an assault boat today. It looked like a morgue in there. The rear gunner still slideing around the rear deck moving the gun....dead.
  19. You guys are the brats lol. What the hell is the point of this forum? For the fans to give gripe or praise to those that developed a game THEY PAID hard earned money for. This isn't a mod I got for free. No I couldn't do better but I am not a game developer. So enough with the "stop complaining" shit. I've had more agreements to my post then disagreements. You being one of them. So stop crying over the negative feedback of your precious ARMA. I love the United States of America but I don't get upset with people who talk about whats wrong with her and how to improve her. Same with ARMA. So chillax I am on your side. I just like getting my moneys worth. Oh and another thing. Everyone keeps saying it's ALPHA and to stop "complaining". How the hell would the devs know what to change during the ALPHA if people didn't "complain". smh You need to reassess who is acting like the baby here.
  20. One of the things that turned me off greatly when I first started playing in 08 was the lack of public servers. If it hadent been for the editor I probably would not have stuck around with ARMA. Todays release with dozens and dozens of public servers filled to the brim was a welcome sight. While I too was annoyed today by spawn base shenanigans and team killing private servers and the clans that are prerequisites for many of them are a turn off for a lot of people who do play correctly. It's just easier to jump into a public and play as a team with the folks in there than sign up with a million forums and clans till you find one that is right for you. Could you imagine if all the new casual gamers, who despite their tactical shortcomings, are pumping more money to BI, couldent get into games easily. It drives the reputation of the game down and the profits. I pray the game stays popular and public servers stay plentiful. I am considering joining a realism clan however. Anyone know of one that is as realistic as shack-tac, but without the devotion requirement?
  21. Whole-Heartedly agree. Disappointing considering everything else terrain detail wise looks great. It's the only thing we see at distance when the grass LODs are eliminated. I always hated that grass view distance wasn't allowed to go out further. One because when people look through scopes at distance character models camouflage means nothing.
  22. CombatComm

    Better animations?

    Why is it that the ARMA engine has such static animation? From a technical perspective I mean. Grand Theft Auto and many other games today, the AAA titles I guess we call them, have fluid natural animations that blend together well. I understand that ARMA has computations that far exceed any of those games under the hood. ARMA games seem like a bunch of static poses (3D modeled pictures so to speak) that instead of flowing into, we seem to "activate". Is a fluid natural transition from one pose to the next in a realistic time frame too much of a burden for the engine? Would it kill performance terribly? I ask out of ignorance and not judgement. While I am a sucker for the aesthetics, my gripes lie more with lack of new features and disappointing sound engine than the animations. Which are a marked improvement.
  23. I absolutely agree. As far as performance it's much better than Arma 2. So instead of making a new thread maybe someone with much more knoledge than me can fill me in on what REALLY CAN be be changed in ALPHA state. A lot of people like to throw around the old adage "It's alpha" when defending the developers. My understanding and from expirience is that ALPHA BETA are for fixing bugs, optimization. Not adding features. So at what point does the game get "closed" so to speak from a deep engine perspective where core features cannot be added, changed and tweaked? ie sound engine changes, TOH FM, JAVA functionality. I was amazed at how much better AO looked from orignal arma but people had to shell out money for that. Putting out a "half assed" game (not saying ARMA 3 is) and than just saying "oh well the modders will take care of the rest" and laugh your way to the bank is not ok. Let's remember that BI has worked on ARMA 3 for some 3 years now. And when that is consider not THAT MUCH is different. Graphics are a little sharper, HDR, Animations are ALITTLE better but still look like static poses that we "activate" rather than natural human motion like GTA has.
  24. Got to play some today. Love your mission design.
  25. CombatComm

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    LMAO. Yup, dont let us down BI. Fix this stuff. Add what you confirmed would be added ie TOH FM. ARMA 3 is your chance to shine. ARMA 2.5 as of now.