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  1. Ok. Here is how it works. Officially for anyone that comes through here wanting to know as far as getting the markers seen in game. You must sync a task destination to create task. Ensure everything is synced to objects and not groups. Than place a task description module and in the marker box, type in what you want to show up in game as text over your marker. At this point if you go in game you would not see anything untill you opened the map/tasks/and set one of them as a current task. In order to see the floating marker the minute you get in game you have to ise the setstate module to assigned. Preatty awesome. Just wish you could have to objectives assigned at the time time.
  2. Hey Riouken, can you help me out? This works brilliantly in the editor, LAN and singleplayer but it dosent work on the network for some reason. Is their something I am forgetting? Do I need server gamelogic? The script works, but only once. Upon mission init I get my set amount of weapons in the crate and than thats it. No loop. The only think I did was add a titletext string between the weapon and sleep timer. And Also changed the sleep timer but I cant imagine that would mess it up. plus again, it works in LAN/singleplayer. ///////// MP Ammo Box script ///////// By: Riouken ///////// For Arma 3 if (! isServer) exitWith {}; _crate = _this select 0; while {alive _crate} do { clearMagazineCargo _crate; clearWeaponCargo _crate; clearItemCargoGlobal _crate; /////Explosives//// _crate addMagazineCargoGlobal ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", 2]; sleep 120; }; Thanks a bunch.
  3. CombatComm

    MP Mission: Bomb Da Base TVT16,32

    Think I got most of the major kinks out! Still looking for people that wants to play and give me feedback. Will be hosting game now, 530PM PST. Search for Bomb Da Base TVT16,24,32. Join in and talk to me on global.
  4. Yah, what I would like is the in world floating marker with distance to objective if possible.
  5. This is great! Thanks Zipper5 for the implementation as I hate messing with code. However, everything works EXCEPT for visible floating marker in game. I have the settaskdestination module synced to createtask and object, is that sufficient?
  6. As above? Trying to access ammo crate at the bottom of the ocean. Thanks!
  7. CombatComm

    7.4 mb update?

    last one ended with 571.
  8. CombatComm

    Anyone want to help me test out my new mission?

    Absolutely. Friend request sent.
  9. CombatComm

    Zone restriction

    How would you get the above trigger to work in MP? You couldn't use player as the variable right?
  10. Riouken thanks for the script! Do you mind if we edit it for missions etc?
  11. I don't know what I did or what happened but all of a sudden I have 40+ frames in most areas with everything maxed, 150% 3D res, 1080p on a 42 inch LCD and VYSNC on! I'm happy but at the same time I wish I knew what changed. A noticeable negative of whatever changed is my load times have skyrocketed and I have ugly texture load and lag the first 5 seconds in the editor. Was there a push for those enrolled in beta build updating? Edit: The only thing I did was add ARMA 3 into my nvidia control panel but all settings remain defaulted.
  12. As above, or I just don't understand how this command works. I am trying to set the health of a weapons cache to a level so that ONLY a satchel charge or explosive can destroy it. However when I try setting this value to vehicle player setVehicleArmor 1 it dosent get any stronger. Bullets still destroy it. Can anyone please assist? Thank you.
  13. Should the clipboard come up on screen or do I have to find it in Arma directory. In any case, even with the clipboard script the cache simply is invisible. I assume the clipboard script event handler dosent care WHAT destroys the cache, it is just suppose to tell me what destroyed it, right? EDIT---- Hey bud thanks so much for your help got it to work! Like you said just a case of mistaken classname. Satchelcharge ammo. Thanks again!
  14. This seems like it could be a cool way to get a smoother spectator thing going for after someone dies in MP. Will be watching this.
  15. CLOSE! Bullets dont damage it but now niether does the charge lol. Could it have something to do with global vs local variables etc? I have the cache named in the editor. Thanks again
  16. I am trying to delve into a mission id love to see completed but my skills in editing have never taken off despite 3 years of ARMA 2. I would like a satchel charge picked up in a crate to be assigned a global variable so that it's position can be tracked as well as knoledge of whether it has been set or destroyed. Addactions to it like I would a unit etc. Is this possible? Thanks.
  17. CombatComm

    ArmA 3 is a Beacon of Light

    And only going to get better!
  18. If it can be done in real warfare and IS done in real warfare as this uniform thing is, than uhh, it can be in a simulator.
  19. CombatComm

    Arma 3 Constructive Critiques

    I certainly agree with the context sensitive vault and I would love to see more context sensitive animation in general. Lowering the gun against walls, putting your hand against buildings etc, but I dont think this is remotely possible with the core RV engine. They just don't have the framework for the player model to know what is in front of it.
  20. CombatComm

    Did BI push an update?

    I do have an SSD but...I always had ARMA 3 on SSD soo....hmm well in any case I am much happier with the game. I did however end up sticking with 150% 3d res instead of 200. Why would 50% make such a huge difference on a 4GB VRAM card? I did have better FPS at 200% however so that is not the sole cause of my better frames. Also just so noone mistakens Dwarden, he means defragging HDD, you should never Defrag SSDs.
  21. So, dont get me wrong, although I have been a heavy voice on features promised or showcased and than removed the game is brilliant and I am sure will get better. However, this is yet ANOTHER feature that is showcased toted as revolutionary in terms of new engine features (TOH FM, Java, sound engine attenuation) not being included (yes I know it's alpha but some of these things are rumored of never being in at all) Like someone said earlier this ganeva convention thing sound more like lazyness on the part of BI than a legit defense. While I certainly can never see conventional western ground forces breaking this LOAC, CIA, special forces and naughty eastern militaries can and do. Speacial forces are sometimes given a lot of leeway in this regard. US SOCOM allowed use of hollow points for example come to mind.
  22. Kju, think you would ever include a bomb the base type defend mission in your pvp packs? Would love to see one. One spawn for attackers one base to defend. Or a centralized bomb location and both teams have to defend and attack? Maybe a no respawn option.
  23. CombatComm

    Did BI push an update?

    Something had to have. Server sync has been markedly improved. Very little server lag that I have seen, that may just be good servers or netcode optimization. I don't know why they wouldn't want us to know. The game really does show it's awesomeness at high fidelity high FPS. Even the animations look better now. Whatever has happened whether BI or local to my computer I am thankful.
  24. Yes, I CAN certainly disable SMAA or FXAA but turning off the MSAA? the one that has X4 X8 etc is a notable hit in fidelity. I do however like SMAA on because it adds a certain shading to things that other wise isnt there? In any case the FPS difference is negligible.