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  1. Ok, first post here, but not first forum so I know to search before I post. Everything about this deals with soldiers units and ground vehicles. I have tried putting in syntax such as this stop true, disable AI "move" etc. But everytime, the osprey moves even though I have set condition to move only untill something is dead. So i put condition as !alive unitname and on activation enableai "move". Something just isnt clicking. Frustration is getting the better of me, so I would greatly appeciate some help on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. yah I just need some gunfire that sdound realistc at distances. Trails off as you get further away. With VOP right now even if they are 300 meters away their is no echo or noise trail off. The best thing right now is your A-10 mod. The GAU makes me cream my pants a little when it goes off. We have A-10s here at Osan AB in Korea and I have to say the whine of that engine is spot on to your mod. Tight work. If you havent seen this video you shoud. http://www.apacheclips.com/media/2317/A-10-Close-Call/
  3. CombatComm

    Car Radio

    ahh, where the hell does the config file go? What folder exactly. Keep getting a config file not found error than arma closes
  4. Clay just released a radio for vehicles. Just get some radio chatter Mp3s and put them on the appropriate channel track for diff vehicles. Theres your radio chatter. Great stuff
  5. CombatComm

    The USMC needs a physical fitness program...

    Yah waay to many guys that havent even got out of their living rooms let alone been in full IPE gear running around talking about what is and isnt realistic. Try running up 4 flights of stairs in full gear, M-16 AND chem suit with mask on. Thats a bitch. They should collapse after 1000 meters full sprint
  6. CombatComm

    Car Radio

    Hey for everyone that wanted a radio chatter mod this can act as one for vehicles at least. Get radio chatter tracks for convoys for humvees, aircraft for aircraft etc. Preatty sweet stuff.
  7. Yes, and maybe a little less constant radio static. Just when the talk is being held.
  8. hey ok thanks alot! Lets say I just wanted these aircraft to spawn at that trigger instead. Say I have them flying in the air already with guys in them and just want them to spawn however many seconds and fly after the trigger is activated? That probably gets more complicated huh?