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  1. nettrucker, I misplaced your home address. Could you PM or Gmail it to me again? I'm ready to send the gifty I promised you............

  2. Hi Jeza, I was teasing you, but honestly, this was the first time I saw the AH sig in your sig....keep up the good work, pls ck RWO thread in User Missions from time to time because we have a release coming soon.

  3. Tex, whad up? Where the hell are you and where the hell is your CAMP??@!!

  4. Hey man, you still at it, or are you taking a ARMA break for a while, like me. How's that back going?

  5. Hey dude, how's it going on the CAMP?

    Anyways, that dude, Snafu....I'd contact him if I were you. He seems military to me. I think he might be good for Voice acting and maybe giving you some military input....just guessing of course.

  6. Hey dude, you need some friends in here :p

  7. Dude, I see not post in here. Where are your friends?

    Hey man, how's it going?

    I've got another mission out.


    Short and sweat, maybe 40 min play. Custom music.

    I think you will like what I did with the DESERT map. I've seen no other mission makers use it before.

    Hope you check it out and leave a comment in the thread?



  8. Hey, Professore........I'm uploading the Wakhan mission now. I'll make any updates as they are needed.

    Worked on the OUTRO and am satisfied. As I learn more, I'll update those as well.........thanks, teacher!

  9. Hey Tom, uploading the Wakhan mission here and over at www.chinavme.com

    Then, it's back to work on your CAMP Harvest....

  10. Hi Mark,

    You did check out my mission, yes? Also that link I sent you about your island/my mission on chinavme?

    Congrats on the update.

  11. Hey man, you have no visitor messages nor friends. What happened? You stole someone's girlfriend away or something?

  12. Hey man, what happened to your head in that avatar of yours? I mean, I don't want to be too straight forward and say the wrong thing, but looks like Uncle Albert dropped you or something?

  13. Just added you today! Thanks for that INTRO, cool daddy!

  14. Hey man!~

    I made a thread and maybe you can check it out and add your opinion?



  15. Hey Jason,

    You still there?

    The wife and I are thinking of heading your way for the Expo, but not until the last 2 weeks when the crowds die down and people learn some public common sense manners (will never happen in China!!).

    Will update you when the time nears....



  16. Hi Jason,

    The wife and I just got back from Huinan provence, the one North of Guangzhou, to see the mountain rock formations.

    It was a long bus trip (package tour) but a good one.

    I always knew some areas were backwards in China, but to see it with your eyes!!

    These country folks are about 40 years behind the times.......

    We are thinking of North Vietnam next. I want to take the wife backpacking this time.

    She is timid about it but she has a friend who does it all the time. The friend and I shall brainwash the wife that backpacking is lots of fun....

    Talk to you later,