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    [SP/@] Dirty War (RWO)

    Just finished it. Have to agree a lot with Valkan. Intro I hate doing them. I suck at them. Anyways, mine went crazy, spinning around crazy when going from one camPOS to another camPos. Nice story line to go with it. Start Same about ammo. So I had all my units RELOAD using F keys for units then 6 key----> Reload. I think you need to load up ammo first in the script/unit init box then weapon, yes? Actually not a big deal. Could be realistic as in "Lock and Load!". It was not bad to have the weapons catches, but same time, could be good to delete them. Too many choices. Not sure of the time period but perhaps Iron sights would fit better then having things like scopes and SD muzzels? Battle I think like Valdren said, Player leads the battle then call in Alpha and Beta with radio. It was a WW2 battle. Incredible! Very nice choice of map. First time to play it. Again, very nice mission. Enjoyed it much. I'm inspired to do a mini Campaign about the Contra Wars with A2. Will need time and man power for it. Keep them coming! BTW, I learned about this little MOD: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id...ht=MODUL_ANIMS Will help you make some cool pics for your briefings and threads. I learned this from cimalex. I think h34dup uses it as well. I've just recently started. Only need FRAPS with it and almost the same about of time you take to do the shot you did. In other words, not much time needed to make cool poser pics.
  2. Kommiekat

    [SP/@] Dirty War (RWO)

    Hi, so to be clear, just need these files from Duala?: You'll need IBR_Plants.pbo, IBR_Dtown.pbo and BRG_Africa.pbo
  3. Kommiekat

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    Nice vid. Was just like a movie! Hey guy, if you need someone that can fart, burp, belch or vomit voice acting.......I'm your guy!:bounce3:
  4. @poudjik I'm sure h34dup will be happy to see this and respond on his own time. Glad to see all this work of yours. By all means, open up another thread sponsering your missions. If you want them to be RWO release, just take a look at the other releases by others and myself to see how it is simply done. Basically, 1. Have the thread name to reflect it as RWO Example: [sP/@] East Ukraine war Part1 Preview (RWO) 2. Have link, for example Wiki, to reflect it as being a real event in history within the briefing and first post of thread 3. Have the RWO stamp on an in-game picture of the first post of the thread Thread Example, latest: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176557-SP-East-Ukraine-war-Part1-Preview-(RWO) If you need help, just PM me and I'll do what I can for you. There is also Mathia, Nettrucker, Cimalex, Texkaz, h34dup. Some of us are using Modul_Animations Mod for the in-game pics found here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8711&highlight=MODUL_ANIMS Good luck!
  5. Nice mission! Enjoyed the heavy fighting. Fun.
  6. Kommiekat

    RH Aks Pack ver 1.2

    Sorry to bump this thread: Relevant questions to follow......... Does anybody know, using this pack, if any of the rifles comes stocked with flashlight? Secondly, Are there any scopes in the pack for night time use? Lastly, Is it possible to get a SD muzzle on the Groza-1? Sorry to ask, but it's easier then testing this out in editor and having to go through 30+ riles RH made for this mod. Thanks!
  7. The base battle was great. Loved it. As for the medic script: I told my Medic to Move There so he wont get hurt. Then, he came up to me and healed me, automatically. I was surprised and wondered "what the hell are you doing here!?" then I forgot the Healing is turned ON. So, I think this is very good script. Player can turn on and off. If I am leading and doing stealth, I may have it OFF. But in big fight situation, I'll turn on. So, you did good job. No need to take it out and use others scripts................good job........... Now, please consider doing RWO mission for us?? hehe ;)
  8. Kommiekat

    [SP/CAMP/CO] Real-World Operations (RWO)

    Hey Mathias! Nice to see RWO on A3! Also, congrats on the first A3 RWO release! Looks like now with AIA, people can play RWO A2 mission in A3. I'll have to give that a go myself..........what the hell, kommiekat. What'cha wayten fur?
  9. Kommiekat

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    @Valken, Again, thanks for that. Question for you about the darkness: How are the towns? Too dark? I've got most all of the fire-fights taking place in towns and bases. Are they still too dark? I know the roads on the way to the objectives are dark, so player can use LIGHTS ON for the transports, which is only a short time. Do you think if I light up the towns more with lights placing more objects on the map with codes in the inits, it will work OK and still not have to use NVG goggles? Honestly, those goggles make the Gas Mask units look stupid and this is a Hazardous Materials mission. Another question or two? 1. Know of any Russian weapons using Flash lights? I searched and searched. I know A3 has them. If I can get flash lights on Russian weapons the next thing is.......... 2. How to get them (flash lights) ON. I think I came across a code that I can place in the units INIT and also using way-points on with CARELESS or SAFE (not sure). 3. What would you say if I changed the times? Mission One at 5:00 am, M2 at 6:00am, M3 at 7am and M4 at 8am? Maybe won't need flashlights or NVG's. 4. If I have to use NVG's, then I can give them to SpecOps, increase the amount of Opfhor units and give the Team Leader only NVG of each patrol group. 5. How about keeping the missions as they are an make a note to play the campaign in a darken room or night time only? Your thoughts? Again, thanks so much for your input on this............!!
  10. Hello, I know this is A3 section, but................ I need a code like this to work for A2, opfor patrols _x enableGunLights "forceon"; If anybody is wondering, does not work in A2
  11. Kommiekat

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    Thanks for your help. Your ideas about flashlights and such are quite reasonable and doable. For some reason, on my rig, I had plenty of light coming from a Full moon and such. It's interesting how missions show up from one rig to another. AEG won't work for this map. It is constrained to a limited amount of maps by the mod maker himself. In the scripts section, I did mention about using TPW lighting which brought more light to towns and houses. I also placed down Game Logics in various locations with a code to bring in more light. And about XEH and CBA errors, just nothing I can do about those as you are already aware of. Great ideas of yours. Now, It looks like I've got to dive back into the editor. Thanks again!
  12. @EMSI Have you thought about updating this SP Campaign of yours with CSLA MOD? Ante Portas - Arma 2 SP campaign by EMSI Could work well with this mod......was a very nice campaign to play. I wonder if tom3kb remembers this campaign.
  13. Kommiekat

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    Thanks for playing. I left out NVG's because I felt it unfair for the enemy (not having any). I also felt, that with NVG's costing about US$10,000 or more for just one, it would be unrealistic to pass them all out to all units on the map. I tried to create a lighten up an environment as I could by using clear skies, TPW script and placed a few Logics on the map with codes to light up some buildings. Anyways, please report anything else like bugs and any good ideas you may have...........Thanks again !!
  14. Kommiekat

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    Sorry, I know nothing about Co-op but you are more than welcome to give it a shot. If you do manage to get it working, send me a link so others can enjoy it as well. The idea came from the fact that Proxy wars are a fact and that the CIA/USA has been involved in them. Not sure if this is fact, but there is belief the USA is now in the Ukraine, stirring up trouble. This mission is an extreme method of starting a war, purely my imagination (Thank god, I hope). Purposefully poisoning a population of civilians is never a good thing. ---------- Post added at 03:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:26 PM ---------- Hey guy, not using Russians units except for the Project Alpha guys. I needed units in gas masks and Stagler's units (although cool as hell) has some strange buggy glitch in the mask. Seems to be the only unit in his mod. I hope he can do something about it. It's behind the glass at the units face. Download it and check it out yourself. I think he knows about it, though not sure. Anyways, never seen Project Alpha used in a mission, so I wanted to give it a chance and let other people know its out there, wanting some love and hugs.
  15. Hello, I just finished a campaign featuring Moschnyi Island. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176695-SP-Campaign-Proxy-Wars-Moschnyi No bugs to report. Really enjoyed the hard work you put into it. Thanks!!
  16. Sorry for bumping an old thread. I have a campaign featuring this mod: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176695-SP-Campaign-Proxy-Wars-Moschnyi The textures and features are still holding up. Well done guys! Thanks for the hard work.
  17. Kommiekat

    Hazmat Units (OA)

    I have a campaign featuring these units here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176695-SP-Campaign-Proxy-Wars-Moschnyi I too, get that bug. Not sure but I think the addon maker only needs to fix the picture (maybe it's a patch on the uniform).
  18. Kommiekat

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    Campaign now released! Please leave feed back. Thanks.
  19. Hello, I want to have barrels, as many as I can, put into the back of an open ural or truck. I'm going to use the red barrels and/or green barrels. In other words, the truck is loaded and ready to go with these barrels. I don't need addaction or anything like that. This truck will be transported to a destination later in the mission.
  20. Hi Rube, gren? grep? grepWin? Grope? You trying to grope me, Rube? :bounce3: Let me spend some time with it. If I don't get it working, I'll find a way to pass on it, like having the barrels already in place at the locations and told so in the story briefing. Be better if the player can drag them around, though.
  21. Kommiekat

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    It's 0430 now and I'm still at this! :butbut:
  22. Hello, I was wondering if this could be done and how. I need to attache, say, a red smoke grenade to a red barrel and then have it activate when either bluefor or opfor is present in the trigger area. Reason why: To mimic a container like a barrel that is full of toxic poisonous gas and is leaking it out. So green smoke for green barrel and red smoke for red barrel. Thank you for your help.
  23. It worked!! Thanks so much for that! Getting a script to work is.......................is better than an Orgasm! Yes, it is! Admit it, it is!!
  24. That was a bit of a pain. Because I'm in Hong Kong, the page font is converted to Chinese characters. I hope too, that someone can mirror it. Downloading now. Thanks for that link.
  25. Hi Harzach, Could you kindly make an example with trigger activation from a unit walking into it for downloading? That would greatly help me out mucho. I'm on mission 3. One more to go before release. ---------- Post added at 03:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:42 PM ---------- That should not matter, but what the heck, I'll try it out anyways.