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    [SP] Operation Poseidon

    Just finished the mission and had some fun I think there are a few things to pump things up a bit. We have to assume that the pirates are not just ragdags but a bit sophisticated and well equipped. There fore, a bit more set up for possible invasions.
  2. Kommiekat

    [Campaign] Operation Aegean Spear

    I already trust this will be a fun and enjoyable mission because I have played your A2 missions before. If you are going to enter the MANW, you may want to put yourself into the role (shoes) of BIS judges and think of what they want to see. I don't know for sure but I will assume that they want to see all aspects of what Arma has to offer, in vanilla format. Perhaps using land, armor, sea and air vehicles, Arma scripts, Arma music. Just a few things to keep in mind. But who really knows what BIS is thinking, right?
  3. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Poseidon

    Downloading now. Is the GRU/OMON using Russian voices btw?
  4. I highly suggest you use Arma3 Sync http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 IN the options menu, you can enable SHOW SCRIPT ERRORS. Best way to start missions if you've got mods going.
  5. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    Yes, what he said. The players load out should be ready and locked in. I seriously doubt people serving the military have a choice on what weapons to use. Using VAS is only appeasing the pimply faced 13 year olds who load up on sniper rifles AND AT weapons strapped to their backs. Ridiculous. You also have the downed chopper that could be used a a side mission as I mentioned before, regardless if its Opfor for Blufor.
  6. THAT'S IT, Tom3b!! Now your bragging! You get to change the classnames for ALL the missions when 2.6 comes out!
  7. Hi, I am having the same problem. The folders are labeled with @AOv31.Atlis/Takistan They are shown in the Scenarios but will not "Play".
  8. Kommiekat

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Maybe something like:"Well, everything is working on my side, so it seems to be something on your side. Did you do this and that and that and this and blah blah? I hope that helps you troubleshoot your problem.":stuck: So, by telling the person that all is well on your side, then it has to be on his side. We then shift the blame or problem on their side. Also, giving a few pointers or steps to help them troubleshoot the problem is a very kind gesture so as they don't lose interest in you and your mission. It shows that you have some genuine concern. cheers
  9. ^^^ OK, well, I was not complaining. Just thought I'd report it to you. I'm still making my way through. At the very least, it does save some tasks that you already finished. That's good because I don't have to start all over again. Cheers
  10. Kommiekat

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Basically, one is shifting the blame upon themselves, to be polite, but actually asking "Is it on your side or mine?"
  11. Hi, I'm a bit confused about the saves and updates. I played last version before this update, about 3 hours, saved with 000, then this new update comes in, so I tried to start from my last save, but cannot. Seems to have another Helo insertion near the same area, but I lost my camp, although one task (contact civilians) was saved. Is this the correct method? You tasks are saved, but you have to start a new camp each time? Cheers, BTW< you've come a long long ways from when you first started. So so much better now. Great voice acting. I hope you and Bardosy hook up and do a MANW campaign together. That would be great. EDIT....................... Sorry, I can see on the Map that my camp is still there. The insertion took me about 1000 meters away. I'll finish off a task of saving a civilian hostage, then get back camp to see if it is there.
  12. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    Relax guy, I'm just teasing you. I respect your comments. Perhaps I made myself misunderstood. I have a habit of doing that.:icon_hug:
  13. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    Well, if you wanted to, you could send me a video of you and your girlfriend "Doing the Nasty" and then I could give criticism for you? I could even give you some pointers if you like! <------that's me at your window watching you two going at it.
  14. Kommiekat

    [WIP] True Story of Infection

    Please consider doing SP version. You'll miss half the players on here if you leave us out.:cryy:
  15. I have a surprise for you Mathias...............nettrucker and I have a 9 mission UNSUNG campaign coming out and nettrucker has an mission he made using AA features. As soon as 2.6 is released, we'll be pumping that bad boy out. @tom3kb That reminds me tom, we have to do classname changes for units as soon as 2.6 comes out....will need your help on that...............
  16. Another idea if I may?: I needed NVG for the rescue mission, yet it was day time, therefore not needed. Another mission I need Police baret and Kevlar. I'm under the impression that I really don't need these to do the missions, what I would do if I could, is to MAKE the player purchase these items before they can be done. Missions are locked and can be unlocked when necessary items are purchased. If player does not have enough $, fine, they can do more missions and earn more $ to finally unlock the locked missions. Just a thought.
  17. Kommiekat

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hello, my last play through, perhaps I got lucky and found my "brother" in about two hours of play. He was in a city that I had started out very close to. Now, with these options coming up in the updates to pay for more information and get more information from placed objects and so forth, could in effect, make things a bit easier (nothing bad with that btw). That being the case, if you are going to implement such things like getting info from PC's, Phones and Civies, you may want to think about spawning brother a hell of long ways from insertion. Just a thought, I think. Hmmmm........I think I know what I am saying. I hope somebody gets it as well.
  18. Hi, could someone kindly upload a pic with HUD feature working using FRAPS? I am completely lost and went back to around page 120 and read up to now. Still have no idea what's going on and how to implement it. Cheers
  19. I have a great idea for you: Stop all work on it now. Upload that bad boy now as is so we can play it. In the meantime, between now and MANW entry compition deadline, you can enter your mod that will have one massive update from work you've done on it. Will surprise people to the max AND you've got a chance to win some gold.
  20. Hi, I understand your frustrations. As a mission maker, when you notice your mission has been downloaded 50 times or more but nothing much is mentioned in the release thread. You have to wonder if you're not wasting your time. Modders and mission makers need feed back. We need to know the "good" and the "bad". Anyways, with the PDF, does this relate to the missions that are LOCKED and how I can unlock them? Cheers
  21. Not me, dammit! I'm a junky! :eek:
  22. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    @Brianbug You didn't mention the camp fire at the base. Why would there be a camp fire at the base. And because of post #5, I gave up on the mission. @Tomz I suggest reading Brainbugs suggestions. He is quite good at giving information about missions. I hope one day he makes one as well. :D
  23. Dude, again, I saw you playing Elder Scrolls. Just two day ago! :bounce3:
  24. Absolutely. One of the best I've played so far. You use new editing techniques that are awesome. On the bad side, I have no chance of doing missions for A3 at this quality. Looks like I'll have to sit back an enjoy others works. Cheers