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  1. I must say I do to. I have just recently wrote up in TPW's thread that I am having problems getting it to work in WLA. I works in all other missions I play, but not this one. Well, to be fair, it did up to last week. Both are using LOS (SaOk and TPW) so, could be a conflict. As to whether it's separate or related, I have no idea. Question is, how in earth did you get yours to work? No in-game message on right top of screen: TPW HUD incorrect/no config now exiting.....??? Then stays there through out the game.
  2. I believe he (SaOK) uses LOS in his version/mission. Also, I noticed that the LOS was not active, meaning RED when I first downloaded it. Found that a bit odd. Don't know why that was. Observed that twice actually. I did get it to work with WLA first time I enquired about HUD, but for some reason, not working anymore in latest updates. PLEASE NOTE: It DOES work with other missions. Cheers.
  3. For everybody out there, this was/is the first original mission that generates different localities and missions. This is the Alpha and Omega. The numero uno. The first of its kind. (that should get tomb porting this over);)
  4. Thanks for your help. Still not working. 3 updates ago working. Just downloaded newest, installed TPW addon then put userconfig where it belongs, still getting in-game message: "TWP HUD incorrect/no config exiting"............then it stays like that the whole game play time. Sucks. Have no idea what I am doing wrong. Just to confirm: @TPW_MODS---->addons, docs, Scripts, userconfig, mod.cpp, tpw_mods readme, tpwmod_icon3.paa addons---->tpw_hud, tpw_hud.pbo.tpw.bisign, tpw_mods, tpw_mods.pgo.tpw.bisign, tpw_music, tpw_music.pbo.tpw.bisign, tpw_sounds, tpw_sounds.pbo.tpw.bisign docs--->_changlog, _old_changlog, bleedout, civs, ebs, fall, fog, houselights, hud, los, park, radio, rainfx, streetlights scripts--->tpw_air.sqf, animals, bleedout, boats, cars, civs, core, ebs, fall, fog, hint, houslights, hud, los, park, radio, rainfx, streetlights userconfig--->TPW_MODS--->hudicons_key, TPW Settings, TPW_MODS.hpp Deleted, replaced. Deleted replaced again. And again.................no luck. HELP! I'm crying here!:( EDIT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tested with a few missions and seems to be working. BUT! Does not seem to be working with SaOk's mission WLA. I get this message only with his mission, which is what I am primarily playing at the moment. Hope that helps.
  5. HUD not working. With the latest updates this past week, I am getting screen message: "TPW HUD incorrect/no config error" I know I have put the config files where they belong. userconfig---->TPW_MODS--->hudicons_key, Revert, TPW Settings_TPW_MODS.hpp Not working. Last 3 updates same result, including this one. Not sure what to do. Cheers
  6. Check out TPW's HUD addition before you decide. I think you may like it.
  7. I'm typing this same time I'm playing your mission. Love it. Great job. I hope you understand what I say are only suggestions, not complaints. I also hope you find time to slow down on this and focus on an epic campaign like you are fondly remembered for doing in A2. Cheers!
  8. Just for confirmation: You're trying to say "Just a typing mistake. Of course I meant Zones and not "cones". Yes? Lastly, Is it absolutely necessary to find food, drink and medicine? Will it go against me if I don't? I try to use my imagination and that these guys have Health packs, Food rations and bottled water. If they can get trucks, armor and men to parachute in on order from the WLA menu, surely they could do that for food, drink and medicine? I understand if you wanted to make an apocalyptic mission like STALKER of FALLOUT but I don't think it necessary here. I usually just don't bother with those three. Of course, this is your mission.
  9. Just out of curiosity, I would love to see other players post pics of their camps and how much work they went into them. I'm wondering if maybe I am not doing enough for mine. I even see that you have furniture. I don't bother with that, but would be interested to see what camp set-ups other players have done. Question: There is a mission to "Clear CSAT CONES........................" What do you mean by "cones"? I think there is a 2 km radius that I need to clear of tanks and AA so Greeks can come in, but not sure meaning of "cones". Thanks! Enjoying the new works and full of action. Anybody playing this, I suggest you us TPW's HUD. Makes a world of difference.
  10. Kommiekat

    [SP] Intervention

    This is one hell of an action pack game. I really enjoyed this mission lots. The choppers you choose were great. The only problem, too short. I was enjoying myself too much. Please consider making this a bit more drawn out and longer. Maybe have the action start further away from the last part of the mission and action packed full of stuff as team makes its way to the last standing bad guys going from point to point, zig zagging up. Really nice mission. Congrats!
  11. Kommiekat

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Well, I'll be going on my 4th try or I should say 4th new game. Enjoying. But what I have done is a bit different. Last two games, when I find my brother. I stop and start a new game. I know. Maybe I am cheating or lazy, but I figure once I find him, my imagination tells me I get brother back to boat, then I can quickly start new game at randomized position and conditions. Much faster that way for me.........
  12. Hahahaha!! Sorry, I don't mean to laugh. That one's tom3kb. Oh TOOOOOOOOMM! You're wanted.
  13. Actually the quality check was done properly. Recon mission you only need to follow the other recon squad to the objective (downed Helo). They will stop and go no further. By the time you get to the downed helo with your squad, you should have a little surprise waiting there and also another on it's way as I timed it almost perfectly. Condition is Blufor not present {alive _x} count this list < =2 Which means you don't have to kill all of them. Patrol mission has three villages that have to be cleared. First and third villages are axis A and B at 100 with the second village at axis A and B 200 Condition is Blufor not present {alive _x} count this list < =1 Which means you don't have to kill all of them. If he runs out of the trigger area, then it's a SUCCESS I've tested and works fine. I think the last guy is hiding as Eggbeast suggested. As I said, I'll get back to these as soon as new version of 2.6 is out, replace all units and re-test again. As Eggbeast said, each mission will most likely take an hour to re-do. Please be patient.
  14. Kommiekat

    [Campaign] Operation Aegean Spear

    Your bases! Don't forget to include your base templates you've been working on. Now is the time to show-piece them in the missions.
  15. Thank you Eggbeast for your kindness! We'll get on it asap. Much appreciated! Not to worry, it'll get done sooner or later.
  16. tom3kb, can you please verify this problem for me? I tried it out and seems ok with me. If you have same problem as Mathias, I've got to go back and figure out what the heck is going on. Should only take you about 30 mins or less for this problem to occur again. Thx!
  17. Something tells me nettrucker has an Italian babe doing a banana lap dance on him now.
  18. tom3kb and I will get an update out just as soon as 2.6 is released. There is not much we can do now until the release, otherwise, we will be wasting valuable time doing it now for the old version. I promise we'll get it done asap after the release. We'll also get the names of the missions into the ReadMe. That's a very good idea. Cheers!
  19. What if the comrade were to enter the role as Over-watch in missions. Not sure how this could be done, but as player gets close to mission sector, the comrade could disembark ( if approached by vehicle ) or simply Un-join the player and walk/run towards a trigger area that keeps him safe, but somewhat still part of the action. Player does have the opportunity to purchase help, so comrade is not necessary to join in close up fire fights. Instead, can keep to the rear of the action and be there in case of enemy flanking or covering the player "six". Just an idea. Don't know how you can pull it though.
  20. Kommiekat

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Playing 1.8c, again. I have a suggestion, but it will require a complete overhaul of what you are doing now. Possibly could be done, but release date around summer, depending on how much time you put into it. Suggestion: 1. Get rid of the ammo/weapons caches/boxes. Just not realistic. 2. Replace the boxes with Pawn/Bar shops selling weapons and ammo (black market) in various towns, or just one town. 3. Have a character named "The Contact". He is the guy who contacts Alex by phone to do side missions to gain money/credits for buying information and ammo/weapons and hitchhiking. So, Alex needs money/points. How does he get them? Buy running side missions or just missions for "The Contact" Contact calls Alex by phone to give Alex a list of missions to do or just that one mission, one at a time. Some harder than others, therefore more reward in money/points. 4. Or, just have the Pawn Shop owner or Bar Keep guy to give Alex missions. Missions themselves: 1. Take over a camp 2. Steal an armor vehicle 3. Get info from a camp 4 Assassinate high ranking officer 5. Clear area of bad guys so new pawn shop/bar can open up in town 6. Dive to a sunken ship and retrieve something 7. Clear mines in a mined enemy bay list goes on and on and on...................... You can include Air and Sea missions as well, not just land/infantry/stealth stuff. Use what arma has offered you. Alex can head on over to a local Pawn Shop and purchase ammo/weapons and Information. Think about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series. Remember "The Bar" and the bunker? Something like that. Can go there to purchase and trade. Also, Alex can still recover weapons and ammo from dead units. Bars/Pawn shops can be heavily defended zones that NO enemy can get into. A place where Alex and rest and shop. Or, they can be mildly defended and he has to sneak his way in........ Again, like STALKER. This suggestion of mine is a bit more realistic then having boxes all over the map. Don't know how you can do this and how much time to make it, but perhaps if you ask some of the players in this thread, they can make and donate a few missions for you, saving you time while you script them up into a working method. Don't even need "The Contact". Just have Bar Keep give missions out. Also, this will eliminate this whole phone thing system you have going. Actually, without sounding too bad, this phone system is a bit useless. "The Contact" gives it some use or game functionality. Just my ideas. As I said, playing this for the 3rd time.............
  21. Kommiekat

    [SP] Insurgency generator

    Nice mission indeed and agree with Brainbug and Dark. Need more missions and the task objectives a bit more spaced. I usually end up running through a town that is an objective to get to the SatPhone for my objectives. Should be an easy run to the satphone, get objectives, then do objectives.........hopefully more than 3 of the same ones that repeat over and over. Variety is the key here.
  22. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Poseidon

    Lastly, are you going to take my suggestion seriously or pass them over. Otherwise, I may have to call the BIS police on your ass.
  23. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Poseidon

    I liked your insertion. Don't experience that much in missions. Bardosy used helo's in his A2 mission as well. I liked also how once I disembarked, I got the other units out and then and not until THEN, the APC joinedSilent. Very good job. I was wondering if you could make that a few more seconds longer? It joins quite fast and I loose control of it. It ends up running a few of my guys over. I need to access the situation and get my guys set up away from it(APC). Now, for purpose of engagement, that I know nothing about, should the APC be kept in the back for safety or follow from the back or lead the way in front with dudes behind?
  24. About Required mods: Are you sure about all in that list? Seems some are required and some are not. For example, needed mods: BWA3 CAF CBA The other ones not so sure are needed but more like optional. For example BlastCore and Taskforce radio. Lastly, is this MP:mad: or SP?:)
  25. Kommiekat

    [SP] Operation Poseidon

    Well, that is true but on the other hand, this mission is up and running, the other one is still on the drawing table, therefore you could go back to it anytime. With this mission already uploaded and some suggestions I mentioned, the objects could easily be placed on the map, repacked and re-uploaded within an hour. Nike commercial says: Do eeeet! I also think Mr. Bardosy could learn something from this particular insertion method you used. His are usually helo (but nothing wrong with that of course).