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  1. Carl, the whole realism thing is pretty much how I play. However, when I have maybe 15 minutes to play, fun for me is not having to reload the mission 'cus we got wiped out at the start by a group of T-72's. Thus, the quickie cheat mission. (I only play as infantry with a smaller than 'normal' rifle squad.) Anywho, my ammo mess came about because I was actually trying to use TWO event handler lines. That's why I was getting the extra rounds, like the 127mm. I did not want to carry a launcher at all. So, I would carry a HEAT in the 12 slot area, and a STINGER or 47 round in a pack. When I could/would retrieve a launcher from a downed squad member, I wanted at least TWO rounds. Thus, the cheat lines/s. Which brings me back to, egads, the '84'. While testing, I dropped my launcher and saw a 127mm round with an 84mm round. When posting, that was stuck in my head. You get it now. :) That's the main reason I said 84(mm). (Before I figured out what was happening, I'm like, WTHell, an 84(mm) AND a 127(mm) round, but I have the MAAWS!) The above is why I asked for a weapon specific code line. EDIT: Oh, and thank you! :) I will try that out.
  2. First, this is something I just did for a 'quick' SP mission I use when I have just a little time to jump in-game and play (as infantry on patrol). I usually let my AI AT handle armor, but, hey, sometimes I just have to jump in to keep from being annihilated. Well, I cannot call it a bug (because it is a 'cheat'), but, yes, the line I use is suppose to give me a reload of one round after I fire. However, I was getting many, many rounds after firing. I tried to figure a way to alleviate that, but, no go. Again, this is just for a 'quick' SP mission. Also, thanks, but I have had plenty of gunnery training! :p - BTW, what's with the magical and powerful statement? This is just a game (and I did say, "fun")! Huh? If you are saying what I think you are saying, you obviously are not as old as me (lucky you, heh). Are you referring to me saying, "84"? Do you know how long the 84, MAAWS, (whatever) has been around? Anyway, I guess where a person is from, and their experience, will have something to do with how they refer to the 'MAAWS'. EDIT: BTW, '84' came to my mind because while I was testing, sometimes I would drop the weapon, and there would be a 127mm round, also. Funny, huh. -- Also, sorry, that last sentence in my OP was not very clear. ---------- Post added at 05:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:54 PM ---------- OK, I think I know what is happening, sooo... I need an addeventhandler for just the MAAWS wep, exclusively. How would that be 'written'?
  3. May need a FUNCTION module. EDIT: Actually, if I am following you right, you just need to put down marker/s, and start off marker name with BIS_ACM_1 (then BIS_ACM_2, BIS_ACM_3, etc). You do not need 'that' in the init.
  4. Yes! :p When a (new) person knows pretty much nothing, about nothing, which is usually the case in here. (No insult intended to anyone, 'cus I still know nothing, myself!) And, sorry, TacKLed, I have been so busy trying to figure out some probs I was having, I forgot about this thread. (I know I am seeing RED from searching today, sheeesh!) And, please, be a little more clear on what you want in regards to an artillery bombardment. Scenario? EDIT: BTW, _William, I answered him as I did about the helo because it seemed as though he just wanted (or, could use) an editor solution. About STEALTH, that will not work as good as CARELESS. And for night, and about lights, yeah, there is really no good way to get the chopper to unload troops and keep the lights off without scripting of some sort.
  5. All I really know is, "there is no easy way", as stated by DnA, a BIS Developer (and another deveoloper, I did not find the post) . If someone had the coding knowledge and time, and here is another assumption, I assume it can be done. Actually, I know it can be done, if a developer says he will look into it for a patch. In regards to a patch 'fixing' this, well, (not trying to be bad), this game (just Arma) has been waiting for years for patches to fix some things. So again, don't hold your breath. IMO, this is one of those things that should not have required a patch to begin with. 'It' should have already been implemented with the release of OA! :mad: (Not really mad, but you 'feel me'.)
  6. No. Set the waypoint behavior to careless. - IMO, the best way to use a transport chopper is to set one up as empty, put in a pilot, put in gunners grouped to each other, but not grouped to the pilot. Put this in the pilots init box... this setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; You can also put this in the pilot init box, if you want... this setBehaviour = "CARELESS"; Put this in the gunners iinit box... this setCombatMode = "RED"; this setBehaviour = "COMBAT";
  7. Then you know what 'paint' means, dummy! :p But seriously, you really did not get this... "in this game, ...laser designator, ...target moving vehicles" paint can = mark, designate, target etc, etc, etc. :) You have to continue to 'paint' a MOVING target.
  8. For a short thread, this one is confusing. From the OP, my whole train of thought was about him not being able to get the leader to work when switching, not disabling the switching. Hell, to disable the switching, you would just not make the other unit playable, and add switchable, or... just the opposite for COOP. Make the unit playable and then removeSwitchableUnit, which is what he finally did. I missed that he kind of changed direction midstream. Had the OP read... mission, 2 units, in SP be able to switch to unit 2, but in MP show both units, that would have sunk in a little better. :) Sorry I did not 'get you, Thats_Life 2.0. (I should have come in at the rear of this thread, like AZ.) EDIT: D A R N... we got each other again while editing. LOL :D Delete my 'other' quote! :p ---------- Post added at 04:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:48 PM ---------- (Sorry, but I thought he might be editing again.) The leader not working while switching has been around forever. No fixing that. From what I can tell, you did about all you could do to get close to what you wanted, with out making multiple files. This thread is embarrasing for me. I need a nap!
  9. Thank you for being clear about your mission requirements. Since I do not have 3 of the items... would someone that has all that installed be so kind as to take a look at the mission?
  10. Nemorz is correct. You do not need that last comma. Also, you can just put one of the following in the SOM init box: this setVariable ["settings", [["ambush", "attack_location", "destroy", "escort", "patrol", "rescue", "trap"], "true", ["Razor", ["Razor"], "H.Q.", ["HQ"]], "30", "true", "300", "0.4", [5000, 10000]]];" If you want to name the SOM, and the name is BIS_SOM: BIS_SOM setVariable ["settings", [["ambush", "attack_location", "destroy", "escort", "patrol", "rescue", "trap"], "true", ["Razor", ["Razor"], "H.Q.", ["HQ"]], "30", "true", "300", "0.4", [5000, 10000]]];" 5000 to 10000 on the spawn distance will put you off the valid map grid. EDIT: Ooops, forgot something. ... Yes! The answers to your questions are in the SOM thread. Another one of them being, NO, you cannot change the spawning factions.
  11. Have you actually saved the mission as MP (COOP) and then played it? Anyway, to accomplish what you want, you may need to save the game as two dif missions, with player, player slots, as you want. For instance, for MP (COOP), have both units playable.
  12. I guess his main endeavor it to see what it takes to choke his comp. So, as stated, just put opposing armies in the editor, meeting by waypoints, and keep adding, equally, on both sides, till you comp goes belly-up. Keep in mind the game group limit.
  13. I do not think this is a bug, in the 'true sense'. It appears to be design that has never been improved upon. I don't know if a ticket has ever been written on this. Maybe it is a bug? Anyway... For the mission described in the OP, a single human player has to either start out in the # 2 position, and stay there, OR, start out as 'the leader', and know that is where he will play from, for the most part. If I have a mission like that, as leader, I will only switch to playable to get a unit unstuck, or to rearm, etc. Then, go back to leader, and issue, as stated, regroup (or whatever). So, no, I do not beilieve there is anything you can do to correct this problem. EDIT: Clarification (somewhat).
  14. OK, OK, enough. You guys quit being mean to your self. :) As stated, things get over looked sometimes. ray243, you came back in, and did not bother to tell us if you got your convoy setup (like you wanted).
  15. You did not mention, so I will guess you have Combined Op. transport ... gunship_run I forget if request_units is valid. Even if it is not, you can setup the SOM to reinforce with OA units. EDIT: BTW, nothing solely relies on the laser designator. When CAS is called, where your 'cursor' is, in map or in the 3D world, will determine where the 'target' is (supposedly) located. Yes, a laser designator can be used if you 'paint' before the air asset has committed to a firing solution. The main reason, to me, in this game, for having a laser designator, is to target moving vehicles, so air assets are not wasted. - Did you know you can 'paint' an air asset? :)
  16. No, smarty :p, but that one was waaay to obvious. Also, which I did not tell about, but was running through my mind, was a real life incident that was funny as heck (you had to be there, probably). I am still laughing thinking about it. :D Maybe I shoulf PM you. You really would be ROTFLYAO!
  17. I second that! :p (JK) And W0lle, I couldn't help but laughing at your first sentence. :) (I guess a civi would not get 'it'.) ray243, is this convoy in your group? If not, and since it is just 3 vehicles, you can set each vehicle (and units in it) as separate groups, with their own waypoints. This will help them move along a little more precisely. Also, about the waypoints, for the very first one for each vehicle, you can set it immediately in front of the vehicles/s (while zoomed in). Set a delay of a couple or more seconds (added) to each vehicle following the lead vehicle. This will help keep them off each others rear, at least for a little while. If you do the above... at a turn, you can set the lead WP a little past the turn, #2 in the middle of the turn, and #3 a little behind that. That helps, too. Yes, it's all more 'work', but may be worth it to you. - Bare in mind, the AI is not known for its driving ability. Whether one set of WPs for all, or separate, if you get them moving along to their destination reasonably well, just be satisfied, and don't frustrate yourself. :) EDIT: Oh, yeah, if you want to try separate waypoints, you can do one complete route for one vehicle, then copy and paste. If nothing is named, you drag the paste close as possible, then do a 'lil 'fine tuning'. If vehicles are dif types, you can group what you want to the 'original', then delete the 'original', and the waypoint will be attached to the new vehicle.
  18. cyop

    ACM safe zone

    I have never needed to, or tried to temporarily disable the ACM (with a trigger, I guess), but I am assuming it can be done. I have setup a base as you described, and never had any trouble 'maintaining' it using a small amount of defensive units, and the 'anti-ACM' markers. Say, as you mentioned, an ACM spawn of 200 to 400. Simply set an 'anti-ACM' with a radius of, I don't know, 1000 meters (or more). Then when in the base, the chance of enemy encounters would be small. The defenses can take care of enemy that wind up near your base. HINT: At least 1 AA will help a lot. EDIT: I am guessing the base is a 'depot', sort of, to rearm, repair, etc?
  19. cyop

    ACM safe zone

    Yes, but note name... BIS_ACM_1, etc, not BIS_ACM1. What I described will prevent ALL units from spawning in the area marked. It will not prevent, say, enemy units from attacking your base, or "wandering" into your base that spawn around it. - For instance, if the ACM is synched to you, and you are in the base, and the enemy spawns 200 meters from you, it is more than likely they will spot you and attack. If you need a completely 'off-limits' area in and around the base, you can set, yes, a trigger that will kill any enemy entering the triggered area. Can you clarify, please? You have a base that you want absolutely no AI to be able to go into? Before 'we' get that clarification from you, you can consider using the 'anti-ACM' markers (heh, 'anti-ACM'), and putting one or more (short range) defenses with ' setDamage false '. Or, surround it with bags or barriers. The AI (not in your squad) will prob not go through those. How big is the base? EDIT: Are you using the SOM? I ask because, when using the SOM and 'anti-ACM' markers, the SOM will spawn missions inside the marked areas. - BTW, you can do both the 'anti-ACM' markers and the kill trigger.
  20. cyop

    ACM safe zone

    Or... use a marker, or markers if you have more than one area you do not want ACM spawning. Name/s starts with BIS_ACM_1, then BIS_ACM_2, BIS_ACM_3, etc, depending on how many you need. Around a static base, this is prob the best way. Also, you can set the area as rectangle, round, square or ellipse, and the distance. NOTE: If you ever edit a mission that has, say, three 'anti-ACM' markers, and you delete BIS_ACM_2, make sure you change the name of BIS_ACM_3, to BIS_ACM_2.
  21. I still have the mission. I was waiting to see exactly what I needed. Just British Armed Forces? (I actually wanted to at least see the intro he was so proud of. :))
  22. YAY! I wasted time and a great deal of effort (:p) dl'ing your mission, just to find out that I could not play it! I forgive you, though. :) In the future, you may want to mention that your mission requires content that has to be downloaded and installed, and what that content is. EDIT: You should also mention if it is Arma 2, A2 and OA, or just OA. Just a heads-up.