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  1. WOW, again! Thanks. You will not believe this, but I have been up all night still playing with this. I am suppose to be waking up in a little while. :eek: CYA
  2. goliath86, Seems as though it is doing exactly what it is designed to do. Thank you very much for the medic. Unfortunately, I still do not have a mobile, helo medic. I have to find out how to submit requests to the devs. This should be something, at least in my opinion, that a person should be able to do from the editor. And for anyone's sake, just to be clear, I am just trying to take the basic, waypoint support function... and finish it... like it should have been done to begin with. But, from all the time I have spent with the basic tools available to a newbie, like me, I guess it just can not be done (by a newbie like me). Oh, well... Бить баклуши. That's OK. I might (might) give up editing, but I am still going to get into the game! :)
  3. Hi. WOW! Thank you. I was having lunch and decided to check the forum. <chomp chomp> I will try this out later. Yes, I would very much like to have the animation. I like the animations in the game, even the trigger pull. With scripts, if I made a script folder in the (user) missions directory, would it be, in the unit initialization box... "\folder\Heal","\folder\healer.sqf" ...? And is a script folder even recommended? Annnd, if I save the mission to (SP) Scenarios would I then have to move the script to the folder (and change the initialization line)? Man, even until late last night I was up trying to find some way to get the default editor 'things' to do what I wanted (using support, triggers, radio, code, etc). I have been wanting to play for days but have been messing around with this. So, really, your help is very much appreciated! I just wanted a d a r n Corpsman to get out of a chopper, come heal us, and then get him out of there! I have a hard time believing, after doing much research, that since OFP, this is not implemented. I am trying not to knock the game, believe me. The other night, I took every single game off my comp but Arma II and IL-2. (I have been flying IL-2 since 2000, and will till I die!) I thought maybe I could get into Arma II like I have IL-2, but really, don't know how I will have time for both. I have already wasted a lot of time just trying to get simple things done that I want. Anyway, again, thanks! :) ---------- Post added at 03:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:34 PM ---------- EDIT: Oh, yeah, I will report back later. I am guessing with the first aid modules the animations will work.
  4. If you have 2 objectives to complete, would it simply be: "2" objstatus "DONE"; obj2 = true and the triggers would be named?
  5. cyop

    Removing trigger

    No. But till someone tells you, or you figure it out, just set about 3 burning camp fires right next to each other and set the tire heap on top. :)
  6. OK. I surrender. I know nothing about scripting, and after days of this I am blue in the face and red in the _ _ _. Sooo... [["transport"], player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; SOM setVariable ["TSS_vehicle_custom", MH_60S_1]; with a radio trigger, put that back to default. To clarify, I use the above till it is shot down (or crashes, sheeesh), then I go back to default, so I don't have to walk klick after klick after klick! TIA Also, what is the best free place to host a mission for people to DL? Once I get the above sorted, I can offer a demo mission (for people like me who cannot script). NOTE: It will only be a viable alternative for use on big maps, like Chernarus. FYI: If you are using the default transport setup through a radio call, you can call multiple transports. It's 'clunky' and dangerous, because you have to micro-manage or they may crash into each other. I can use 2 with little problem, but it is a pain. - I am hoping in the next patch there is an option to choose a transport. Really, helicopter transport, one of the most basic and necessary elements of battle and war, so severely over-looked. Shame! :p ---------- Post added at 01:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 AM ---------- BTW, the mission will simply be 4 MH-60HS. For the sake of 'showing', it will be on the stock map of Chernarus. One each will be located just outside the map AOO, North, East, South and West. If all of those are lost, or you find your self down to six Troops, then (when the above is answered) you can just use the default UH-1Y. ---------- Post added at 02:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 AM ---------- Well, how about that. I guess I really do not surrender so 'easily' after all. (If you can call days of torture easy?) I have a line that's working for default. I am testing now. I do not know if it is actually correct, but seems to be OK. Heh. I just guessed and got lucky.
  7. Is there a way to respawn the custom transport? I have been working on this for a couple of days (yeah, that long, 'cus I know nothing) and I have a few different ways to have a dynamic transport, but the simplest way is the custom variable. However, once that is shot down, I'm screwed. Also, I have found it is bugged (or something). It will, most of the time, not return to its original position. Even when it does, it stops one or more times on the way back, for some reason, sometimes hovering for a long time (which makes it even easier to get destroyed).
  8. cyop

    How do you create a new fireteam?

    Hi, I have not played the campaign, so forgive me for even posting, but... if nothing else works in regards to recruiting, I guess you could just assign some troops to a different team color. I am guessing you could just click on any troop of that color and order them. I am assuming you are not given the option to recruit a Fire Team Leader?
  9. cyop

    Control configuration catastrophe

    Hi all. :) Welcome to the forums! :p Just a NOTE: I have remapped almost every key in the game. Other than realizing that some things just cannot be mapped on the same key, I have had little problem. (Translation... no insult intended.) OP = "Attempt to map 'Zoom' to the mouse wheel" From what you describe, your mouse and the game commands are not broken. They are working properly. - The roll/click of the mouse wheel is an increment. That's why, for instance, in your desktop mouse software, you might set the wheel to scoll a line or a page. - In ArmA 2 game settings, you need to think of it the same way. - Zoom In is a tempoary state. When mapped to the wheel, it will be an increment. Since the mouse wheel is designed to work as such, it will not continue to increment without input. But, of course, as you have seen, you will never be able to 'increment' as fast as the game software. As you decribed, it 'stutters. - You can set Zoom Toggle to the wheel and it will work. Again, though, you can only roll the wheel once, or you are causing multiple states/commands(increments). You roll the wheel one increment, it zooms in and holds that state, and the next single increment will release that state. OP = "Keyboard controlled action menu" OP = "Attempting to use 'Ctrl+W-A-S-D' to control the action menu instead of the mouse wheel is difficult. I intended to use 'Ctrl-D' to open the menu, 'Ctrl-W' and 'Ctrl-S' to scroll up and down the menu/respectively. 'Ctrl-D' to select items and 'Ctrl-A' to go back." Now, this is a tuff one. You just have to find combos that actually work, and work for you. You will probably have to use more than one 'intitial' key. Meaning, Ctrl+<something>, or LeftAlt+<something>, or whatever. Since it seems to me you are using, mostly, the default keys, and I do not know what you have changed, I cannot say. I did try your key combos you mentioned, and some would not work at all. I guess that is what you meant by, "difficult"? OP = "There doesn't seem to be any control to actually open the action menu when standing still. Opening it another way by, say, pressing 'Space' to command units works fine. I can scroll up and down the menu, select items and cancel selections using the keys above. As soon as I get into a vehicle, the scroll up/down buttons stop working (meaning I'm stuck with whatever the default choice is in the menu - usually switching seats)." If you have no units to command, any F1 key should open the menu, or whatever key you have set to Back should open the menu, or, if you are a leader or a unit, whatever key corresponds to your position should open the menu. The second comments about entering a vehicle is a game design. You enter a tank, now your primary responsibility is to command, drive, gunner that tank. Thus, the immediate opening of the menu for that vehicle. - I am sure you realize you have an option to set a key for Select All Units, and of course being able to break the units into different groups (by color). When using armor and infantry these two are invaluable. Of course, you still need a 'convenient' bind to open the menu. OP = "Strange, duplicate, conflicting items in the menu" OP = "Modifiers don't block other keys" OP = "Mapping crouch/prone to the same key" For the three above, I tend to think they are not bugs, just limits of implementation. For example C to crouch, then binding Cx2 to stand. Now, this actually works OK by itself, but when you throw Go Prone or Prone into the mix, it breaks. ... You kneel, then prone, then hit C twice to stand... ooops, you have to kneel first... then hit C twice again, THEN you can stand. I played with key combos for these three commands till I was bleeding out of my ears. I finally gave up. It was not a big deal for me, though, because I try to stay out of third person as much as possible. Sooo, I put one key to Prone (not Go Prone), a key to crouch, and a key to stand. No matter what, when in first person, I ALWAYS know what position my character is in, and what to do to change him. I find this is an asset (for me) in helping with situational awareness, because I never have to wonder or guess about the stance of my character (in FP) and can concentrate on other things. Many players would probably just rather have a toggle kneel and a toggle prone bind. That would do away with stand (if coded properly). Me, I actually like 'my' setup. Again, about all, there are just limitations on what can be bound together. Whether it be because of bugs, game or code limitaions, is not completely clear to me. However, I believe I have had good success with key binds, meaning I have a great many keys doubled and even tripled bound. - 'You' should see my config. I know most of you would wonder how in the world I play with it. I am right handed, but my main control keys are on my Num Pad. Anyway, some sample examples of binds I have: (I am sure others have great bind examples that are probably better than mine. Maybe there should be a thread on this.) 3 keys bound to prone, stand, crouch... Walk or run temporary is bound to all the same three keys. For me, I like it. I found that when I was stepping over something, I was usually running up to it, sooo... my forward key + double tap another key gets me over, and the key I am double tapping already has three things bound to it. I discovered I could use the Get Out (one tap), Eject (two taps), and the Switch to handgun all on the same key. One key... Turn out, two taps... Turn in, one tap. Since these are vehicle commands, I can use the same keys for infantry commands, and even helo commands, and they don't comflict (which you all know, of course). For Look, I double tap the Command Mode key and hold. It is just a tiny bit annoying to see the command interface come up for a fraction of a second, but hey, a key saved. The list goes on, but it really does not matter. To each his own. I just combined as much as I could for the way I want my binds to be placed. ---------- Post added at 08:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:41 AM ---------- calo__mir, Let me be clear by stating, I am not contradicting you, especially about the stances. Yes, it would be nice to be able to set a double click command and have it actually work, etc. My main point was just that we have to figure out what combos actually work for what commands. Thus, my comment, "some things just cannot be mapped on the same key", and, "You just have to find combos that actually work". Maybe some of this will be changed/fixed. IMHO, I think the key mapping options, or lack of, is not very well thought out. I believe it could have been a lot better and simpler.