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  1. Sorry for not posting everything. thanks for everything guys, can you tell me how to upgrade my processor?
  2. Thanks guys and sorry for not posting everything that was needed I dont really know comps that well.. can you tell me how to upgrade the procesor or what ever it is that I need.
  3. what does that mean? I dont know how to compare these things someone help me out plz
  4. Gimmie afew minutes Ill get back to you. ---------- Post added at 10:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:44 PM ---------- System type-x64based Processor-Intel®core 2 Duo cpu T5800 @ 2.00 GHz 2000 MHz 2 core(s) 2 log... Installed physical Memory 4.00 GB Total physical memory 3.93GB Availibal physical memory 2.45GB total virtual memory 8.07GB availibal virtual memory 6.34GB If you need to know about somthing else then explain to me how to get there and what its called so I can tell you I have know Idea about this stuff
  5. iv done that and its still Skippy and not real clear the speech is broken and the text pops in and out.
  6. Well if minimal means minimal then I have minimal because if i didnt have minimal it would not even install.
  7. Ok so After searching all over Fl for this game I finally found it I have the minimal requirments on my Comp. But the game is laggy and not put together is it buggy or is my computer just not good enough?:depressed::depressed::depressed: