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    CAA1 public release

    I have a problem with building textuers not loading in Sarhani please look at the screen shot and let me know what any one thinks on how to resolve this ---------- Post added at 07:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:11 PM ---------- nevermind i found what i did wrong and now this map and all the rest from arma1 work perfect in arma2....flawless...thanks again standing in the same spot look at the difference its amazing what i did wrong was install caa1 addons to arma2/addons instead of my mod/addons folder for anyone with the same problem i hope this helps.
  2. Sgt.Slaughter

    DSU Mod Nuke (Finally Vers. 1.0)

    i get error message at start up of game "Addon Extended_EventHandlers requires version 1.08 of application" i know i download the correct file it has utes sample mission... im dwnld caa1 maybe that will fix...if u know a solution please let me know thanks
  3. any way to get this great addon to work with F-16 Fighting Falcon by Myke and others like it such as PMC Apache, etc.
  4. Sgt.Slaughter

    raise water level

    Is there any way to raise the water level on a map with the editor?